Psychic Operating In New York City Arrested For Scamming $77,000 From Maryland Woman

A woman who calls herself a psychic failed to predict that she would get arrested this week on fraud charges. The warrant was issued in Rockville, Maryland but the woman was operating in New York City at the time of the arrest.

The 35-year-old named Erica Ufie was arrested near her psychic office called Sunnyside Psychic in Queens, New York. She will have a hearing in New York for extradition back to Maryland to face these charges.

Bob Nygaard is the man responsible for the arrest. He is a private investigator whose specialty is the identification and arrest of fraudulent psychics.and was hired by a victim of Ufie’s. The 53-year-old victim from Rockville, Maryland states that Ufie scammed her out of over $77,000 and Nygaard tracked her down.

“I sent in an operative into the location to verify she was there,” says Nygaard.

Once they were positive that the woman inside the psychic office building was Ufie, he followed her to a $0.99 store and contacted the police. He had been looking for her for about seven months.

“To be honest, the New York City Police Department- I had a rough time getting them to make the arrest,” recalls Nygaard. He also states that he stayed on the phone with Rockville police the whole time he was following Ufie around.

The police finally agreed to arrest Ufie and she was apprehended inside the store in Queens. Nygaard recorded the entire arrest.

“You go in to do some shopping and you come out with silver bracelets from the NYPD on your wrists. It’s not paradise,” he says.

Nygaard believes that scamming psychics are a nationwide problem that is growing.

“It’s an epidemic all across this country,” he says. “People are being emotionally abused and financially decimated at alarming rates, and the loss is astronomical.”

Nygaard retired from the police force and is a current member of the National Association of Bunco Investigators. He has been working on psychic cases since his retirement and has worked on psychics who have scammed people out of up to $900,000!


Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Also operating in Maryland is New York psychic ‘Kourtney’ who scammed $ 5,000.00 from victim in Annapolis by promising to lift curse placed on wife. Kourtney, photo included, used high pressure tactics to lure merchant into believing that a curse had been placed on his wife and then repeatedly asked for money with nothing to show. May have left the Maryland area but operates in New York. You have been warned. Email me for photo and M.O.

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