Psychic Realtors? Psychics Say Homeowners Are Using Their Services To Sell Their Homes

Usually when a house is haunted, the homeowner does not want word of that getting out to anyone since it makes a difference when it comes to real estate prices.

However, according to paranormal activity experts, most hauntings are located in private residential suburban houses.

Because of this, more and more homeowners (as well as buyers) are turning to psychics for assistance in removing these spirits and for lifting the energy of a house.

Psychics everywhere are reporting that their services are being highly sought after by homeowners before putting their house up for sale. Psychics have been performing more “cleansings” on homes than ever before.

Homebuyers are also seeking psychic assistance once they move in and discover that “something just doesn’t feel right”, according to Barry Gray, the South Australian man named Psychic of the Year 2013.

He says that it’s usually the younger family members, such as children, who tell their parents or an older family member “I saw a woman in my room” soon after the family gets settled into the new home.

“Other times, its people saying they feel like they are being watched or a room feels cold or just not right,” he adds.

Jim Warwood is a medium who runs the New Age Spiritualist Mission in Adelaide and he believes that spirits, as well as residual and negative energy, can really affect the happiness and comfort level a person feels in their own house.

“It has become a lot more common for people, especially after a house purchase, to seek help when they move in and something feels not quite right,” said Warwood. Aside from being a medium, Warwood is also a dowser so he is familiar with other energy’s besides spirits.

He has a client named Heidi Janosi who was unable to sell her house located in one of Adelaide’s premier neighborhoods last year until she found Warwood and had it cleansed by him.

“It’s a beautiful 1880s bluestone two-story villa but I took it off the market after six months- it just wasn’t selling,” said Janosi. “Jim came- he was so prepared, had researched the home and had plans for the layout of the house. He used a dowser and walked from room to room. He told us what areas to avoid and placed gemstones in areas of each room. He found the spirit of an old lady who had passed away and also removed areas of bad energy. Within a week I got a call from the agent with a couple who were interested, even though we hadn’t yet put it back on the market. They fell in love with the place and bought it.”

Elisabeth Jensen, the vice-president of the Australian Psychic Association said that the demand to “move on spirits or a lost soul in homes” has significantly increased.

“With shows like Ghost Whisperer and Medium, people are more aware of spirits and how they can affect us,” she says. Aside from being the vice-president of the association, Jensen is also a psychic medium, healer, and medical intuitive.

She says that potential homebuyers have also been asking her advice for the best locations and house numbers to live in.

“They’ll ask where would be the best place for them to buy a house, the location and number- people want to know about numerology.

Justin Peters is a realtor employed by LJ Hooker Mile End and he states that he was the agent for a house that had three sales contracts fall through during the “cooling-off period”.

That all changed though once the sellers hired a spiritual cleanser to come and cleanse the house. “Long story short; the spiritual cleanser gave the explanation that the owner’s four-year-old child’s energy was very attached to the home. As crazy as it sounds, the house sold at the second inspection after this,” said Peters.



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