Psychic shop owner tells everyone that the previous “Psychic” occupant was a fraud

Fort Lauderdale, FL– If you drive by a psychic shop in Fort Lauderdale, on SW Fourth Avenue, you will see a large banner in the front stating that you were defrauded if you paid for their services before March 2012. The banner reads as follows:

Persons who have given this psychic money, before March 2012, you have been defrauded. Would you like your money back?

Call 713-256-3867

Out of curiosity, a phone call was made to this number to see what this is all about. “The lady was doing fraud over here, and so we put up a sign,” said the person who answered, a man named Dewey Evans.

Evans stated that the previous owner whom he and his nephew Mitchell bought the business from for $10,000 did not tell him that they were three months behind on rent and that the building was actually being foreclosed on. Evans and Mitchell bought the building with the intention of continuing to operate a psychic shop in it.

Somebody knowingly sold Evans the business without making him aware of the rent that was behind or the foreclosure it was facing. In county property records, a Deutsche Bank trust is listed as being the owner. The phone number connected to this account is for a person who goes by the name “Psychic Ava”. She still operates a psychic business over the phone and online.

When a call was placed to the number for “Psychic Ava” a woman answered. She never officially said that yes, she is Psychic Ava but she also never denied being her which seems strange. She claimed to have no information about what was going on and said “Good luck tracking them down,” perhaps referring to the primary people that sold the business to Evans.

Evan says, “If they ripped us off, I’m sure they ripped off other people.” That is what prompted him to have a banner made and hang it up for display in front of his building. He states that he is looking for complaints so that he can file criminal charges, not to file a civil suit as one would think.

Even though some people may believe that all psychics are in one way or another frauds, Evans disagrees. In his opinion; “they’re supposed to be a counselor for people who have problems. To calm them down, like a psychologist.”

This is a good example of someone who was ripped off and did something about it instead of hiding it out of embarrassment. If you suspect your Psychic is a fraud, let people know!

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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