Psychic Source Predicts Broncos To Win Super Bowl 2014

When predicting the winner of Super Bowl XL VII, there are a number of elements to take into consideration, such as; 1) Will this years best offensive team be able to defeat the best defensive lineup of the season? 2) Will the harsh, freezing winter temperatures forecasted for the 2nd in New Jersey influence the way each team plays? 3) Will Payton Manning receive yet another Super Bowl victory and possibly even a second MVP title?

In an attempt to get answers to these questions, people may look into previous statistics, trends, and past football history, or they could call on the intuition of over a hundred seasoned psychics from Psychic Source. Psychic Source has been the most respected psychic service since 1989.

Recently, 104 professional psychics from Psychic Source were asked these questions and about 60% of them predicted that the Broncos would be the victors in this years Super Bowl. 58% of them felt that Manning would indeed win the Super Bowl MVP title, for the second time. Almost all of the psychics surveyed predicted that the game was definitely going to be a close one, and that the spread would range from about 3 to a maximum of 14 points the entire time.

So what exactly did these psychics base their predictions on? “I don’t think I have ever watched a full football game in my life,” says Agnes, a psychic who participated in the survey. “I’m relying on my psychic gifts to get the answers.” Psychic Sofia states that all of her answers were based purely from her intuition, and that she’s “not a football fan and never watched a Super Bowl.”

A different psychic surveyed named Mark has more specific reasons for basing his prediction off of. He states that  “according to Mayan energies, the resonating colors are blue and gold, which means that the Broncos have an advantage over the Seahawks due their team colors.” Mark also took into consideration that since this year is the Chinese Year of the Horse, it naturally favors the Broncos as well.

As noted above however, not all of the psychics surveyed predicted a win for the Broncos. About 40% of them stated that their money would be bet on the Seahawks over the Broncos. A psychic named Karin Marie predicts that the Seahawks will trump the Broncos by 3-7 points, and feels that the “psychic energy” of the Seattle fans “will be a huge factor in the Super Bowl.”



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