“Psychic To The Stars” Kenny Kingston Dies At Age 87

Kenny Kingston, known as the psychic to the stars, has passed away at the age of 87. He fought a long battle with cardiovascular disease.

Kingston was known for having high-profile clients, including but not limited to, Greta Garbo, John Wayne, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Marilyn Monroe, and Lucille Ball. His death occurred on 06/30/14.

The beloved psychic was the very first ever to be featured on primetime television shows in the United States. He appeared on The Flip Wilson Show and was also a regular guest on several different shows hosted by Merv Griffin, Steve Allen, and Mike Douglas.

Kingston eventually even had his very own radio show online that ran until 2011, as well as having a successful hotline that helped his fans get advice on their love and career life called the Kenny Kingston Psychic Hotline.

As if that weren’t enough, Kingston also authored five books all related to the spiritual realm. He would constantly be asked by news agencies for insights from his previous clients that are now deceased, such as Marilyn Monroe, who he helped while she was alive but who became a spirit guide for him after her death.

His partner named Valerie Porter who he was with for about 35 years survives the psychic.

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