Psychic Who Scammed Lovelorn Man Out Of $550,000 Released From Jail

This is an update to a story we reported on earlier, Scamming Psychics From Palm Beach Arrested In New York City

As soon as the fraudulent ex-psychic was declared a free woman, a police officer took off her handcuffs and she wiped at the tears coming down her face, relived to be leaving the court a free woman.

“I’m very sorry for what happened,” the scamming psychic, Priscilla Kelly Delmaro, told to the judge.

This last sentencing phase was the result of a long-standing deception that Delmaro used on her victim. The victim is a 33-year-old online entrepreneur named Niall Rice. Rice ended up paying 26-year-old Delmaro over $550,000 based on promises she made to him of being able to reunite him with the woman he loved. Delmaro kept up the ploy even after they found out that the woman in question had passed away.

When Delmaro walked out of jail yesterday, she had been in there for eight months. She agreed to a plea agreement and was sentenced to four years of probation. The fact that her victim’s credibility had been called into question helped her sentencing tremendously.

Rice returned to his home in London last year after Delmaro’s arrest and was not present at the hearing. He did however write a victim-impact letter to Justice Larry Stephen at the State Supreme Court in which he argued against the plea agreement terms, which stated that Delmaro would not have to pay restitution. She could however, should the court choose it, be forced to give any future earnings to Rice.

“Think of a person going through difficult times. Perhaps it’s a death in the family, addiction, they could have just been let go from their job, even an illness or physical injury. Each one of those people you are thinking of has the potential to be a future victim of this crime,” he wrote in his letter.

This case has garnered a lot of attention because of the large amount of money she bilked from him. Combined with a different psychic that Rice had met before Delmaro, he ended up paying about $713,975 for psychic services and promises that were improbable to fulfill.

After Rice met the first psychic and became dissatisfied with her, he proceeded to go to Delmaro’s psychic shop in Times Square in 2013. He was seeking help because he was upset that a woman named Michelle who he had met in Arizona in a rehab center and had fallen in love with did not have the same feelings for him. Delmaro assured him that with the use of special crystals, an 80-mile bridge made out of gold, and a time machine she would be able to bring the two together as lovers.

When Rice learned that Michelle had passed away, Delmaro promised him that she had the ability to reincarnate her spirit into a different woman’s body. She even took it as far as telling him that the woman he was currently seeing in California was actually the woman he loved, Michelle.

All through the scam, Delmaro had Rice believing that because of helping him, she was now financially broke and in danger. He told the court in his statement that he “believed Ms.Delmaro had sacrificed her business, home, car, was in $100,000 of credit card debt, and had been living in a church for the last six months, all to help me.”

The court heard about how on one occasion, Rice and Delmaro slept together and this change from business relationship to intimate relationship could have hurt Rice’s credibility as a witness in the case because now the money given to her seemed more like gifts and less like payments.

“Delmaro will have profited $71,125 a month, tax free, for each month she was required to spend in jail,” wrote Rice. He criticized the prosecutor in the case on his statement for not looking for more victims. He feels this could have been done if they had received a search warrant for her cellphone and seized it as evidence. Along with his statement, he also submitted accounts of a video that claims to show Delmaro’s partner, a man named Bobby Evans, bragging about how he was a “millionaire” and that “Kelly did it”- Kelly being Delmaro’s middle name.

Another blow to the victim was that his statements were never read out loud in court. Nabilah Hossain, an assistant district attorney quietly entered his statement into the record without every saying anything about it. Even when asked questions after the hearing about his statement, she refused to answer them.

Rice believes that her victims are ashamed and embarrassed and that this was keeping them from coming forward with their experiences. “For those that do, like myself, they face instant criticism, are judged as a sucker- an idiot,” he wrote.

Before leaving court, Delmaro stopped for a quick interview in which she said; “I’m happy that I’m going to be home to my three kids,” ages 8, 6, and 4. “I’ve been through so much.”

In a telephone interview with Rice after Delmaro was released he said, “I’m rebuilding.” He stated that he had plans to start a website that exposes psychic scams.



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