Psychic Who Was Born Blind Says She Is Thankful For Her Impairment Because It Helps Her Communicate With Spirits

Louise Eaton was just six years old when she began hearing strange footsteps and voices. In a recent interview she talked about ‘paranormal experiences’ that caused her to discover her ability of making contact with spirits.

The 47-year-old has since turned her unique ability into a career and has been working as a psychic medium.

Louise is unique in that she is completely blind. She feels that this is more of a gift than a curse because it gives her readings some much-needed authenticity in a field full of frauds. She is unable to pick up body language or visual cues from her clients during a reading and therefore doesn’t rely on those things to assist her. She is also unable to pick out certain people in a large audience based off of what they look like. She does all her work from the ground up.

The psychic has been conducting live demonstrations for the last 13 years.

“I think my blindness has definitely helped me be a medium. People trust me more because there’s no way I can pick up on body language and clues like that,” says Louise.

“Because one thing has been taken away, some of my other senses have been heightened, so I think it’s made me better at picking up on atmospheres and how people are feeling,” she adds.

The psychic has been blind ever since birth so has had a lot of time to develop her other senses. She trained to bring out her inner medium for about seven years after she realized that she could really do something with her gift.

She was born three months premature and it is believed that she was blinded due to an abnormal build up of blood vessels in her eyes from being on and off oxygen so much as a preemie, and this caused her retinas to scar beyond repair.

As stated at the beginning, she was merely six years of age when she first started experiencing paranormal activities.

“It sounds really weird. I’d hear people talking and I’d know they were real voices. It wasn’t in my imagination,” says the psychic.

“I’d also hear footsteps and have dreams and premonitions. I just knew I was different, but as a child, it was really scary.”

“I tried to tell my parents but they weren’t sure what to do. They were a bit nervous about it, but they thought I might just be hearing things from next door.”

“Then when I’d start hearing the voices at school, I knew it wasn’t just that house- it was me.”

Louise now hosts live demonstrations and private readings for clients. Like any good psychic, she realizes there are people who criticize her field of work.

“Surely there’s something more out there than just our physical bodies. And at the end of the day, all I’m trying to do is bring comfort,” says Louise.



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  1. This Article was very informative about this person, I have so called received a free not so free Psychic reading by the extraordinary Chris, well I can never open any of his links, so that would force me to have to pay for the full reading which is not cheap. Is this guy a fraud or what I do not know because I have never been to a psychic?

    • Hi Tracey,

      I haven’t personally had a reading with Chris but I have seen his advertisements. Anytime someone promises a “free” reading you should be leary. A common scam is to provide a free psychic reading and in that reading they tell you something bad is about to happen and you should pay for a more in depth reading. I always run from offers like this.

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