Psychic’s Visions Led Police To Terry DeWayne Smith Jr.’s Body, Detective Says

Los Angeles, CA.- John Powers, a Riverside County Sheriff’s Detective, told KFI-AM radio last week that the missing 11-year-old named Terry Smith was found thanks to the psychic named Pam Ragland. Ragland heard the description of Terry when he first went missing and then had a psychic vision in which the body matched the description of him given by the authorities. After Terry’s body was discovered, his 16-year-old half brother became the murder suspect and has been arrested. Terry Smith

Powers states that Ragland called the tip line and told them about her vision; they then asked her to accompany them on the search.

In an interview with CBS Los Angeles, Ragland said that she knew where to look for his body; “I saw him like under a tree, kind of laying down- like he was sleeping. I saw the city was far away and there was a dirt road.”

Powers states that he had already searched the location where Ragland found his body and had had no luck. Ragland (accompanied by her children) arrived at a house unaware that it was where Terry had been living, walked onto the property, and went straight to the body, which was partially buried.

After Ragland discovered the body she was asked to go to the police station so that they could ask her some questions and was later let go. The police station reports state on them that Terry’s body was indeed discovered by Ragland and not by a police or search member.

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