Renowned Psychic Predicts Plane Crash, Airline Changes Flight Just In Case

A major airline changed one of their flight numbers after being told by a highly esteemed and well-known Brazilian psychic named Jucelino Nobrega da Luz that he had a psychic vision which involved the plane going down on one of their flights.

TAM airlines recognized Jucelino’s name because he has been known for making some very accurate predictions in the past, so when they heard of his scary prediction, they decided to pay attention to it.

In the psychic’s vision, Sao Paulo to Brasilia flight number JJ3720 developed engine trouble, and then went down soon afterwards. In an effort to shake the bad omen, they decided to give that flight a whole new flight number; JJ4732.

According to the airline, passenger security is their number one priority so when they were notified of this important information, they decided they needed to take heed and do something about it.

Jucelino’s psychic abilities have impressed many for years, but he hasn’t always been 100% accurate in the past on all things.

Even though he has predicted some high profile events, such as Princess Diana and local presidential candidate Eduardo Campos’ deaths, he was wrong about there being an AIDS cure discovered in the year 2008, as well as his inaccurate 2006 Brazilian election predictions.

It seems like the airline didn’t want to take any chances with the safety of their passengers and decided it was a good enough lead to be proactive and do something about it, just in case, which isn’t a bad thing.



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