Scamming Psychic Nancy Marks Files Complaint Against The State For Civil Rights Violations While In Prison

A self-proclaimed psychic named Nancy Marks swindled $300,000 from customers of her fortunetelling business in Lafayette Louisiana and was convicted of fraud last year. Now Marks is stating that the only reason she is still in prison is because she is disabled and requires the use of a wheelchair. She is accusing the court of violating her civil rights and on 06/04/14 she filed a complaint against them.

The scamming psychic was found guilty of 14 charges and is currently serving a five-year sentence for this. Her victims allege that Marks lied to them and scared them into giving her money by telling them that she needed to “draw out bad energy” from them. She convinced them to give her their credit card numbers under the pretense that she needed to see how many times the number ‘6’ came up in their accounts.

After her customers asked for their money back, Marks refused to return it to them, and then proceeded to purchase items at several different department stores using their credit card information.

The complaint that she filed back in 2012 states that thanks to her “exceptionally good behavior” she was able to get transferred from prison to a community corrections program located in Jefferson County which has a residential-style living environment, similar to a halfway house.

The complaint states that only two weeks into living at this new location, Marks fell in the bathroom of her new ‘home’ which was more than likely because she has a condition called spinal stenosis. Her gripe is that because this fall worsened her condition and made her unable to do any work, they removed her from the home and sent her back to prison, which she is not happy about at all.

“You can’t discriminate against people based on their disability,” says David Lane, her attorney. “Prison is far more difficult and horrible than living in a halfway house. The one reason she’s back in prison is because of her disability. That should trouble everybody.”

The claim states that Marks’ doctors recommended she apply for disability benefits and that when she did so, the Intervention Community Corrections Services gave her a letter that stated that her “medical condition no longer makes her appropriate to remain in the ICCS residential program” and they sent her back to prison.

“Take home lesson- if you have a disability, you get to experience all of the joys of a maximum security prison. If you’re not disabled, you can participate in the government programs available in the community corrections/residential setting,” Lane said in a news release.



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