Scamming Psychics From Palm Beach Arrested In New York City

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The world is a vast place and because of it’s enormity, it is no surprise that scamming “psychics” go from one place to another when they are about to be found out or have already been busted… Such is the case with Priscilla Kelly Delmaro and her husband, Bobby Evans. Delmaro and Evans are originally from South Florida, where they had previously faced criminal charges for psychic scams. They left Florida and moved to New York City to leave those charges behind (or so they thought) and begin their swindling ways again. It is very common for scammers to go back and forth between New York City and South Florida. Delmaro and Evans’ previous charges took place four years ago and after settling it all out, they made the move to New York City to try their luck at scamming people again with psychic falsehoods. Their luck ran out last week when they were arrested in Manhattan for yet another psychic scam.

South Florida private investigator Bob Nygaard is the man responsible for both of their arrests. It is his opinion that if Palm Beach County hadn’t let them off so easy last time, in 2011, then they wouldn’t have been trying these schemes again and their current victim would never had to have gone through such an emotional and costly ordeal.

“What really bothers me about this current case in NYC is that quite possibly this young man might never have been defrauded had the Palm Beach State Attorney’s Office handled the prosecution of Priscilla Kelly Delamaro legally and properly back in 2011,” Nygaard told New Times.

The previous 2011 charge that Nygaard is referring to involved a woman from Palm Beach County who eventually ended up getting tricked out of more than $30,000 by them. Delmaro used the same tactics then that she used this time; subtle threats, slow psychological pressure, scare tactics and always on a person who was emotionally weak and vulnerable at the time.

Once the victim realized what was going on and that she was being taken advantage of, she hired private investigator Nygaard to bring criminal charges against the fraudulent psychic. Nygaard then worked with the police and they brought her in.

Delmaro however was able to avoid any actual jail time for the charge, which was grand theft, because she made a plea agreement with the State Attorney’s Office of Palm Beach. Nygaard states that Delmaro wasn’t even legally entitled to make this plea agreement though, because of the nature and level of her alleged offense. Regardless, she made that deal and in the end only ended up paying the victim $2,500 out of the $30,000 she took from her.

Two years later, Delmaro was back at it and had a new victim. The victim this time was a male in his 30’s from Brooklyn. Allegedly, Delmaro used the man’s emotional time of need against him and was able to con him out of $718,000.

Nygaard states that it began with Delamaro promising the victim she could clear out the negativity and evil spirits from his life that he had been collecting on himself and on a previous love interest by performing supernatural work on them. The man was even more under Delamaro’s control when the previous love interest died all of a sudden.

“Delmaro convinced the victim, while he was in a very vulnerable state, that although his ex love interest had died, she (Delmaro) could “fix the problem” by reincarnating the victim’s ex love interest in the body of another woman who would be the same age and have the same name as his ex love interest previously had,” says Nygaard. Delmaro had such power over the victim that she even managed to convince him to move to Los Angeles because that would be where he was going to meet his new, reincarnated lover.

During the course of the scam, Delmaro would take luxury items from him here and there, at one point convincing him to hand over a rose gold colored Rolex worth $30,000, stating that she needed it temporarily so that she could go back in time and “cleanse” the victim for every year he has been alive, then she would return it to him. She also tricked the victim into giving her a Tiffany’s diamond engagement ring that was worth about $40,000. She told him that she needed to take the ring to her church for cleansing, and then she would give it back to him and he could give it to his reincarnated love interest when they meet.

Unsurprisingly, Delmaro never returned any of the items to him. The victim finally realized that he was being scammed and he contacted Nygaard. Nygaard worked with the New York Police Department’s Midtown South Detective Squad and together they built a case against Delmaro and her husband. It all came to an end for the couple when Nygaard followed the husband and wife into a fancy Manhattan steakhouse last week and then called the police to tell them where they were. The NYPD arrived at the location and arrested both of them.

According to the New York City court records, both Delmaro and Evans are facing 1st degree felony grand larceny charges. Delmaro is being held on $200,000 bail and Evans on $100,000 bail.


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