Scientific Study Shows Psychedelic Drugs May Enhance Psychic Ability

Although a very small number of people know this, scientists have been performing several, very carefully controlled experiments pertaining to psychokinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, as well as various other types of phenomena in the psychic field.

Certain scientists have been gathering scientific evidence for these psychic phenomena for over a century, but even then, a majority of scientists are not even aware of the amount of evidence that has been discovered.

Psi researchers had to continuously redesign hundreds of studies and experiments when they received comments and feedback from critics, but even then their results produced small yet significant effects for psi phenomena such as precognition, psychokinesis, and telepathy.

Dean Radin, a psychologist, states that a meta-analysis performed on this research revealed that the positive results obtained from these experiments are significant, with the odds in the range of many billions to one.

Respectable institutions such as Duke University, Princeton University, the Institute of Noetic Science, the Stanford Research Institute, as well as the U.S. and Russian governments have also been researching these phenomena for years. Conventional science has been unable to explain the results of the findings.

Radin has summarized all of the research in a book titled The Conscious Universe. Along with Radin’s book, the research findings have been published over the past century in a number of peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The controversy that surrounds psychic phenomena is almost as fascinating as the actual research itself

psychic controversy

It appears that people have no problem sharing their own personal experiences with psychic events that have happened to them. For example, when someone experiences an extraordinary coincidence, supernatural premonitions, communications that seemed telepathic, or clairvoyant-type dreams they are usually very eager to talk about it.

The scientific studies help to confirm the life experiences that some people have claimed to have. Since the mechanism for these types of experiences are not yet understood, most scientists are not convinced and doubt that psychic phenomena can actually exist.

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Despite the doubtfulness surrounding the subject, British biologist Rupert Sheldrake conducted studies that showed about 78% of the population has at one point or another had “psychic” experiences that were not explainable.

unexplainable psychic experiences

The results of the scientists who researched these psychic phenomena now help to validate these experiences. Aside from the unexplainable psychic experiences some people have had, many people have also reported that they have experienced psychic experiences that felt very meaningful when under the influence of psychedelic drugs, along with other paranormal events, and these are very difficult to explain using conventional reasoning.

Of 150 experienced marijuana users, 76% of them believed in ESP (extrasensory perception) and also reported having experienced “psychic” feelings while under the influence of the drug. This was revealed thanks to a questionnaire study performed by Charles Tart, a psychologist.

Due to the experiences reported by users of psychedelic drugs, psychiatrist Stanislav and psychologist Stanley Krippner worked together to collect a large number of examples of psychic phenomena. They conducted several smaller scale scientific studies to learn how LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline may affect telepathy and remote viewing.

One of these small scientific studies was done in 1997 by students at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, according to psychologist Jean Millay. She states that the students conducted research to find out if the use of psilocybin could in fact induce or influence remote viewing.

There were only 12 test subjects so this is considered a small experiment, however, the results of this study revealed that the subjects that took psilocybin reached a success rate of 58.3 percent, which statistically is considered significant.

In 2010, a new edition was published of the book ESP Experiments With LSD-25 and Psilocybin: A Methodological Approach that was written in 1964. Charles Tart prefaced this new republished edition. Tart states in his introduction “this study remains as important today as when it was first published, and will hopefully guide a new generation of researchers to finding the knowledge we need!”

The Spring 2011 MAPS Bulletin about psychedelics and the mind/body connection features a magnificent review article by Krippner and psychologist David Luke which combines all of the psychic phenomena research as well as all of the psychedelic research that has been done. You can find the article here.

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Another phenomena that science cannot explain is The Sense of Being Stared At

being started at sense

There was an experiment done on this that consisted of blindfolding subjects and finding out if they could sense that someone behind them was staring at them. This California based experiment was performed for Rupert Sheldrake’s book.

Through this experiment, it was discovered that one test subject in particular was correct when sensing that he was being stared at from behind a whole lot more than the others, and he was under the influence of MDMA. It would be interesting to conduct an entire study solely on subjects with using MDMA to find out if the drug makes them more aware of the fact that they are being stared at.

A very potent hallucinogenic juice from the Amazon called ayahuasca has been found to be especially potent in inducing telepathy, remote viewing, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, and precognition in users. The main chemical component that induces these feelings was actually almost named “telepathine” because of the juice’s strong association with telepathy as a matter of fact, but it was named “harmaline” instead.

Ayahuasca is an area that could really use more exploration and in depth research conducted on it due to these psychic feelings that it exerts but unfortunately, there have only been a handful of studies done it that show it’s health benefits.

If more studies were performed on it, we could learn more about it’s ability to stimulate psychic phenomena and better use it to our advantage in this realm. By continuing to dose subjects with different psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs/plants, we can expand on the studies that have already been conducted and which have already generated positive results.

It would be interesting to see which drugs or plants would score higher or improve the current test scores. It would be an exciting achievement if we could open our mind into new and previously unimagined possibilities. Accessing clairvoyant abilities and harnessing telepathic powers would be an amazing feat unlike any other we have experienced.

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