Spirit Medium Gordon Smith Discovered Psychic Gift Due To Traumatic Childhood Experiences

Even though psychic medium Gordon Smith has written 13 books, made numerous television appearances, is a loyal confidant of celebrities- including Shirley MacLaine- and provided thousands of grieving families with closure around the world during his tours, his life wasn’t always this charmed.

His childhood was, in his words “turbulent” and “difficult”. There are things he can never tell his fans or speak about publicly because it would hurt his mother Lizzy. He even had to omit some personal information in his best-selling memoir because of this.

It wasn’t until his mother passed away that Smith was finally able to open up about his personal life as a child. He wrote a book titled “Best Of Both Worlds” about a year after her death in which he speaks in depth about the abuse and poverty he experienced while growing up in Glasgow in the 70’s.

The Gorbals area in the city of Glasgow was a very bad area in the 70’s, full of gangs, violence, and poverty everywhere you looked. Not the best recipe for a child to be psychic but the place where the now 52-year-old Smith was raised regardless.

Even though his Irish mother and seven brothers and sisters did the best they could to protect him from the violence, it didn’t seem to work.

“I was six when a gang broke into our house in the middle of the night and broke every single window,” says Smith.

“I remember being pulled out of bed to terror and screaming.”

As if this atmosphere wasn’t bad enough, Smith also experienced sexual abuse by a man in his town during this same time period.

“I look back and think I was a child of seven, it wasn’t my fault but I had to quietly learn to get over it. At the time I blocked it out, it only surfaced when I practiced meditation years later.”

“I believe these things arise when you’re ready to accept and handle them so there’s the ongoing process of working through things and building on them. Now I always talk to people who have encountered abuse,” he says.

Gordon eventually learned that he could get away from the situation whenever he experienced his traumatic encounters by leaving his body and entering a new spiritual realm.

His gift only took off from there; “I started seeing dead people,” he says.

“That doesn’t happen so much these days but as a child you’re not tainted with preconceptions, you’re more receptive.”

Thankfully, due to the fact that this was the only way of life he knew, the abuse and violence in his childhood never felt difficult.

“It was only when I’d travel to London to stay with my aunt Sylvia and uncle Michael in their big house in the peaceful suburbs that I realized life could be different,” Smith says.

It was during these visits that he became really close friends with his cousin Stephen, his aunt and uncles’ only child.

“Stephen was a little boy who should have had everything,” Smith says.

“But one day out of nowhere when we were eight or nine he had an accident and fell off a swing. He hurt his stomach and when he was operated on doctors discovered that he had cancer. It was the saddest thing I remember as a child, knowing that he was ill. Despite my age I learnt to read the atmosphere and knew he was dying even before he did.”

Stephen passed away one day when he was 11 years old and his Smith’s aunt Sylvia asked him to stay in London with them.

“I saw him after he died,” he says.

“My aunt wanted to keep me with her and quite often I would feel Stephen’s presence in the room and I would close my eyes and he was there and I’d be playing with him. It wasn’t until my aunt Sylvia was dying many years later that she told me she used to stand outside the playroom and listen to me and if she closed her eyes Stephen was alive. That was a beautiful thing to her.”

Gordon didn’t really pay much attention to his gift growing up though. When he was old enough he became a barber and did that for a living. Then when he was 17 years old, he met a girl who lived in Glasgow near his grandmother named Kate.

Their relationship wasn’t always an easy one but they found themselves extremely drawn to each other and she got pregnant after about 2 years of knowing each other.

“We got married because that was the done thing and we were in love,” Gordon says.

For the next ten years he lived a seemingly normal life. He had a wife, two kids, and a career as a hairdresser.

Despite the calmness in his life, he eventually encountered another spirit.

“It was my colleague Chrissie’s brother standing in my bedroom in a tartan shirt and tight blue jeans with his arms folded,” he said.

“Ten minutes later the police knocked on my door. They had come to deliver the salon keys as Chrissie had been in a house fire. It was only the following day that I found out her brother had died.”

His colleague Chrissie asked Gordon to please go with her to visit a spirit medium, in an effort to communicate with her deceased brother. Gordon obliged but when they showed up, the medium had a message for Gordon instead.

“She told me, ‘You are a medium yourself. ‘You’ll be on the stage doing this within five years.’ And then she proceeded to tell me all about my grandmother who’d died at the age of 42.”

Realizing this created a ripple effect on his life.

After being married to his wife for almost ten years, Gordon realized that he was gay. He was 29-years-old.

“It hadn’t really occurred to me but when I delved back into my childhood I realized I did have desires when I was about 13 or 14 that I must have brushed under the carpet,” Gordon says.

“But really Kate and I fell out of love and that was the catalyst,” he adds.

Despite this surprising discovery of himself, he was able to keep a good relationship with both of his children, and for that, he is thankful.



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