Successful Wall Street Traders Turn To Psychic For Market Predictions

Wall Street stock traders are branching out from their tried-and-true stock market predictors. Their new form of stock market analysis is a New York City tarot card reader named Hae Jun Jeon. Dozens of wealthy stock traders have received indispensable advice from the up-and-coming psychic.

Wall Street Psychic Hae Jun Jeon
Wall Street Psychic Hae Jun Jeon

These businessmen seek her out on a daily basis to discover what their next investment should look like.

“I’ve had many instances where I’ve told traders, ‘Be more open-minded today’ because I pulled a Capricorn card, which means big business, or a chariot card, which means getting lucky,” Jeon said during an interview with The New York Post.

“Then they put in a trade that they normally wouldn’t have and make bank.”

Hae Jun Jeon, Wallstreet Psychic

The 30-year-old has been offering sessions at investment banks for about six years. The Post was able to verify with these financial firms that they did in fact hire Jeon. Due to liability reasons, they asked to remain unnamed. Jeon states that her accurate predictions have happened a lot since she began.

Her predictions aren’t always about helping these white-collar traders make money though. Sometimes they come in the form of financial warnings.

“I told a VC [venture capital] investor that he was going to experience a financial loss soon, and within a few weeks one of his portfolio companies went belly up,” said Jeon.

“I pulled an eight of swords, which shows a woman blindfolded with swords around her and signifies loss. This card came up in the ‘past’ position which means he had already made the decision, but he didn’t know it was a bad idea.”

Jeon doesn’t just help businessmen in the finance industry become more profitable with her predictions. She also gives people from the tech industry her psychic insight. One of her clients switched careers from Wall Street to tech and has been consulting Jeon for the past three years.

“There was a time where she saw me working for a man even though I had a female manager at the time,” the client says. “She said, ‘By September you’ll have a new manager’ and, lo and behold, I got a new job and my manager was a man.”

Jeon, who prefers to be called an energy reader, didn’t always know what her own future would look like. Before going full-time as an intuitive, she herself used to work on Wall Street as a strategist and data analyst for JP Morgan.

Following that she worked at a private hedge fund. She would always give her friends readings on the side but never thought of it as a career.

“I thought I could just have two lives at the same time,” she says.

Jeon, who was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Berlin, Germany sensed her psychic abilities early on as a child.

“When I was 5, I told my mom, ‘I think there’s a language that everybody speaks, but it’s not verbal,’” she says.

She began reading tarot cards at 19 and became a major part of her life. It wasn’t until 2019 that she decided to step away from her six-figure career in finance.

“I had an ‘aha moment’ when I was talking to a CEO. His life was not where he wanted it to be,” she shares. “I got a vision of him swimming in dark water and I told him, ‘Hey, did you ever consider going swimming out in the ocean at night time?’

He got spooked, like, ‘How did you know that this is one of my secret passions?’ It turned out that he likes to go on lavish trips in the tropics and go swimming at night as a form of meditation.”

This experience reinforced the belief that she is in fact gifted with psychic abilities. Knowing that she has a true gift gave her the confidence she needed to go full time as an energy reader. That same year she quit her high paying job and started her own practice called Pheydrus.

Her clients pay around $225 for individual readings. The readings usually take place in the boardroom, but she’ll also give them at restaurants, bars or at the client’s residence when needed. Since going full-time, Jeon has been hired by magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Allure to conduct employee workshops.

Don’t think that big-time Wall Street traders are only interested in money though. There’s always something else on their mind when they talk to Jeon.

“One thing they all have in common is they want to talk about their love life. Because they’re so rational, they need help making sense of what they can’t capture on a spreadsheet.”

Wall Street Psychic Hae Jun Jeon
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