The College Of Policing Set Guidelines For Law Enforcement Regarding Psychic Tip-Offs and Clues, Determine They Must Be Considered During Investigations

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According to new draft guidelines for police officers in the U.K, they are no longer allowed to ignore tips and help from psychics and clairvoyants during missing person’s cases.

In the past, officers may have been prone to dismiss tip offs from anyone who claimed to be psychic but they are now being asked to look into any tips they receive from them. They are having being advised to take anything they hear with caution and to take it with a grain of salt, just in case.

The training academy that police officers use in England called the College of Policing advises officers to evaluate any information or tips received from psychics and mediums in the context of the case.

It also suggests that they investigate whether that particular informant has had previous success in solving other cases and to record any methods they use to come up with their information and then make a judgment call based on those things.

The training documents also state that the information given by a psychic should not become a ‘distraction’ if they find it is not helping the investigation at all.

It is likely that veteran detectives who in the past have mostly ignored tip-offs from psychics and clairvoyants will meet these new guidelines with a lot of criticism and skepticism.

One of the concerns that critics have is that they feel psychics might give false hope to families who are desperate. Another is that there is not enough evidence that proves psychics can successfully solve cases.

Police officers across the country have been asked for their comments and opinions on these guidelines by this month. The College of Policing writes; ‘High-profile missing person investigations nearly always attract the interest of psychics and others, such as witches and clairvoyants. Any information received from psychics should be evaluated in the context of the case, and should never become a distraction…unless it can be verified.’

‘The motive of the individual should always be ascertained, especially where financial gain is included. The person’s methods should be asked for, including the circumstances in which they received the information.’



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