Three Acclaimed Psychics Predict Gloomy Future For Facebook

On May 25th 2012, one week after Facebook began public stock trading, the Amazing Kreskin gave a public release to thousands of journalists predicting that the future of Mark Zuckerberg and the social network he founded are not looking so good for the future.

In fact, a lot of psychics agree that Facebook will not be the same as it currently is today. The whole image that it has been giving and that has lured millions of users to join is going to change dynamics. It will more than likely be affected in a negative way. If somehow it does manage to keep it’s momentum going, it is believed that it will look and act completely differently than how we currently know it to be. It will become less popular and less recognized as an important part of our lives. It has also been predicted that one or two other key figures will enter into a partnership with the company but it is not known who that may be at this time.

It appears that this information caught the attention of several journalists who took an interest in the news and have been reporting similar stories. Kreskin’s prediction is looking absolutely spot-on four months later, seeing how a lot of critics are being more outspoken about their dislike for all of the changes that Facebook has undergone, as well as the fact that it’s stock has dropped 46% from when it was first traded. Kreskin’s public representatives have sent a message to at least a thousand journalists to remind them all of how true his prediction has been. They wrote the following:

“The disaster that has ensued still has the potential of repeating itself in another guise, consequently growing the disillusionment. It will not disappear and it will reach a point that the present head of Facebook will be forced to have another figure overseeing him as the key CEO of the company. It’s destined to change its face.”

We agree that they may be correct about Facebook having to change it’s guise, but we don’t agree with them basically saying that Zuckerberg will resign and let someone else take his position in the company. In order to see if other psychics agree with this, a couple of them were contacted, so that we could get a broader opinion.

Self proclaimed “mind power trainer” and the author of “Your Mind Knows More Than You Do”- Sidney Friedman- was asked for his prediction. Friedman has worked with hundreds of clients including John Hancock, Merck, and McDonald (of the McDonald’s franchise). He also famously and accurately predicted where Hurrican Floyd would land, as well as predicting Barack Obama’s victory four years ago, and predicting that Tim Tebow’s fame and popularity would soon burn out. He has a verified prediction accuracy rate of 71% over fourteen years, and a 100% accuracy rate when predicting Oscar winners. When asked about Facebook’s future, he had a different prediction about the price of Facebooks stock, but he believes that this may be because the networking site will undergo a major redesign. Below is his prediction:

“With fits and starts, the Facebook stock will rise over the next three years, and climb above the initial offering price. The Facebook product will continue as an impactful and important part of human connection through this decade. The timeline concept on each page will remain but will undergo a bold redesign in the next six months. Expect a jerger with another major Internet entity over the next 18 months. And of some note, a Zuckerberg family member joins the Facebook staff. Also, the letter B and the numbers 12 and 14 have some significance.”

Nobody has really been able to figure out what the “B”, “12”, and “14” could be referring to.

Judy Hevenly is another psychic that was contacted and asked for a prediction via email. Her prediction is a lot like Kreskin’s in some areas, specifically in the idea that there will be a company merger somewhere in it’s future. However, she sees good things for the social networking site due to the 900 million plus users that have posted photographs and various other forms of art onto their walls since the time that Facebook started. She thinks that this is helping and will continue to help the site remain relevant and may even result in a major source of income for them.

She says, “Facebook will merge into other entities, and social networking on line will be a thing of the past. Mark Zuckerberg will cash out in the very near future within a year, resign from Facebook, have a baby, and do more charitable work like Bill Gates. Facebook is going to be part of world time line photography exhibit. Getty could possibly buy this photography exhibit.” 


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