Toronto Man Tricked Out Of Thousands By Fake Psychic. Too Embarrassed To Go To The Police

Toronto, CA.- Originally “Rick” had gone to consult with Angel because he wanted to locate his ex-girlfriend.

He saw an ad from a psychic who calls himself the “Angel of Love”. The ad seemed promising, so he replied to it.

Aside from hoping to locate his ex-girlfriend, he also wanted his band to become well known, locally and internationally, so he kept going back to visit Angel.

As of this date, the ex-girlfriend is still nowhere to be found, his band remains unknown, and he is about $11,000 poorer.

“Rick” is not really his real name but he wanted to remain anonymous because he is incredibly embarrassed that this happened to him. Especially since he works for the Canadian government and considers himself to be an intelligent man.

Unfortunately, as we all know, Rick’s case is all too common. Several weeks ago, Toronto police charged a man with fraud for claiming to be witchdoctor and swindling money from several clients. This past Wednesday, the same police department warned the public about a trio of women who target Chinese women and claim to be psychics. They befriend the women first and then they trick them out of their money.

Although these people give authentic psychics a bad reputation, it is important to note that there is a difference between psychics who break the law and those abide by it.

Constable Tony Vella from the Toronto Police Department states that it is not illegal for a psychic to accept payment for a reading; it only becomes illegal when a psychic (or someone pretending to be a psychic) scares someone on purpose so that they can give them money.

He also adds that it is illegal to pretend to be a witch doctor, but it is not illegal if you believe that you are offering a real and authentic psychic reading.

In Rick’s case, what was done to him was completely illegal because Angel scared Rick into believing that there was an evil spirit who was responsible for his problems and that with payment, the spirit could be removed.

After Rick replied to the “Angel of Love’s” ad, he was told to meet him in his office at Dufferin and Eglington West in Toronto. When Rick showed up, it was just Angel and a female assistant.

“To start off it’s going to be $900. So I went and I took $900 from… my Visa… and gave it to Angel,” says Rick.

After giving payment, he was told to drink some liquid from a cup he was given.

“I started barfing. I started barfing right in a cup. I said it’s too much. He said it’s just the start.”

Rick continued seeing Angel several times following that first visit.

During those following visits, Rick spent another $3,000 with them. Eventually, he was told to call a man named “Juan” who lives in Miami and is Angel’s leader. Juan told Rick that he needed $11,000 because Rick’s evil spirit was in “the netherworld” and would only obey Juan’s command; this would come with a large price, hence the $11,000. Juan assured Rick that once the money was paid and the evil spirit was taken care of, Angel would show the evil spirit to Rick in person.

“I took out $8,000 more. It was the most I could get,” Rick says. “I started crying, man. He said ‘OK, enough, we’ll work on it for you.”’

Looking back now, Rick realizes that he was definitely scammed.

However, he is so embarrassed that he does not want to report this to the authorities. He doesn’t even want his coworkers to know about it.

“You could go to the police and all they’d do is laugh,” he says. “What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do now? That’s money I don’t even have. I’m paying that back.”

Of course, no evil spirit was ever “captured” or presented to Rick.

“It never happened, never happened,” he laments. “My money’s gone though. They’re happy about it. They’re laughing. Probably got a new car. Oh f***, it’s beyond me now.”

You would think that after what Rick went through, he would be untrusting of psychics now. However, he states that he hasn’t given up on them. His uncle once told him as a child that one psychic in a million is the real deal and ever since his childhood, he has been searching for that one that could change his life.

Rick should report these fake psychics to the police, no matter how embarrassed he might be. Once you’ve been scammed by a fake psychic, the police are the only ones that can help you.


Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. BEWARE OF THIS PROFESSIONAL SCAMMER, Psychic Rose of Markham Road
    This fake psychic woman seems old and sweet, but she is a professional scammer out to defraud you of money. The daughter seems so sweet, loving and caring, but she is evil, money crazy con artist. This is a well organized group of con men and women of different ages to lure victims, male and female to scam them of thousand of dollars. they have elaborate websites, newspaper ads, on-line ads, flyers to get victims. Have different ever changing phone numbers (ends with 431-4409, 4315, 0544, 3025, names, addresses, and nationalities. They put fake profiles on singles websites to trap victims. They are computer experts and goes on-line and writes good reviews.

    They have lived in other places and did the same thing and had to move. Police is investigating them,

    She tells everyone the same, that they are cursed and cannot get ahead in life and she can remove the curse and set your life straight. She promises work, jobs, lots of business, good life partners, good health for huge sums of money. Many people fell for this scam and lost thousand of dollars, including myself.
    One of the woman (daughter?), who said that she was divorced(lie), known as shireen, dina, olivia, rose (all fake name) came on to me, called, e-mailed and text me. Made me feel good, wanted and loved. Made many promises to me. My computer, cell phone were heacked into and contents of the e-mails, texts, changed for blacmailing purposes. I lost everything. I lost my health, my home, my family, my confidence and now suffers from extreme depression.

    • This terrible to hear Pamela. Be sure to file a report with the police. I know it won’t get back what you lost but hopefully it provides the police with more clues and evidence to lock these people up for a long time when they are caught.

  2. This person is not a “Psychic” but a complete Con Artist- everyone who seen her, she will tell you that you are cursed and that you will never have anything in life, unless you give her $1000 or more to remove a “curse”, which is a complete lie. I’ve had my friends see her and she told them all the exact same things. Pure fraud. And don’t believe any of the “positive reviews” that people have written about her on other sites, they’re all written by herself and her daughter to appear as though she’s a genuine! Be smart and do your research, and trust your gut instincts- if someone asks you for a ridiculous amount of money to remove a “curse”, get away fast from them. This is such a well organized money making scam. don’t throw your money away. I’m so shocked she hasn’t been arrested or in jail. Many phones numbers are used to con people.

  3. They are all scam artists w lots of tricks to take your money. There is this psycho woman on dundas square in toronto by name giovanna who has hurt alot of people.She is bad spirited and extermeky vengfull once her customers catch on to her and walk out the door. She plays pathetic mind games w them and thinks that she will not be noticed ever or caught ever . She is deluded and is an evil crazy woman ! She even uses the track a cell phone app to follow her clients and ex clients, definetly breaking the law.Her spanish husband uses his spanish friends to terrorizes her ex clients . What a sick pathetic person a low life in deed (better yet a dog)!!!! People shouldReport her to the police

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