Torture Victims’ Mother Claims Psychic Medium Told Her That Psycho’s Mutilated Her Daughters Body

The mother of a vanished daughter consulted a psychic in hopes of getting clues as to what happened to her, and left the consultation with spot-on information- she just didn’t know that at the time. Turns out, the woman’s daughter had been kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by a group of men and the psychic was able to know this information before anyone else.

A man named Colin Coats murdered Patricia Spence’s daughter, Lynda Spence. Before he killed her though, he tortured her, mutilated her, and ultimately decapitated her.

27-year-old Lynda worked as an unregistered financial advisor, and had already had a track record of shady and unethical deals. She went missing in April of 2011 after she crossed the wrong person. Her and Coats made a deal where he would give her £85,000 for an illegal land deal, but then Spence took his money and attempted to disappear with it.

Upon learning that his money had vanished, Coats recruited an accomplice named Phillip Wade to track her down and abduct her. They took her to a flat and taped her to a chair, then began torturing her in an effort to get the money back.

Perhaps Lynda would not cooperate and tell them where the money was, or perhaps she no longer had it because they ended up cutting off one of her thumbs and her pinkie fingertip, crushing her toes with garden loppers, burning her hands with an iron, repeatedly battering her, and smashing her knees with a golf club.

Her body is yet to be discovered.

The police were not very helpful to Patricia, even telling her that she was more than likely dead, so she decided to get some help from a psychic. One of the very first questions the psychic asked Patricia upon entering the room was, “Who’s been murdered?”,  much to Patricia’s surprise.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, the psychic then proceeded to astonish Patricia when she gave her a number of horrific clues about her daughter’s disappearance, torture, and murder which unfortunately, turned out to be 100% accurate.

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought she was talking a lot of nonsense, but she was spot on. She was brilliant,” says 57-year-old Patricia.

“All she knew in advance was my first name,” she adds.

Patricia describes how the psychic went into a trance of some sort and strange phrases were coming out of her. She was saying things such as “Severed body, nutcases, psychopath, drugs, police looking in wrong direction, Ayrshire police involved.”

Even though none of it made any sense to her at the time, Patricia listened closely and wrote it all down in hopes that it would be helpful to her. Turned out the psychic was making a lot of sense and now when Patricia looks at her notes, it makes her blood chill.

So what could all of the phrases coming from the psychic have meant?? “Severed body” more than likely refers to the fact that Lynda’s body was dismembered by Coats after he murdered her.

The word “nutcases” is probably describing Coats and his accomplice Wade. Wade is currently serving life in prison with minimum terms equaling 63 years.

During the trial, attendees heard tons of evidence that demonstrated Coats’ psychopathic tendencies.

When she said “drugs”, this could have referred to the fact that Wade used to sell cocaine, or it could refer to the drug habits that Coats had.

“Ayrshire police involved” is a totally accurate statement because it was a known fact to Patricia that they were investigating the disappearance of her daughter. During the investigation, police discovered Lynda’s cell phone in a dumpster in Kilbirnie. They later found out that Coats and Wade were keeping Lynda in a flat in West Kilbride and were torturing her the whole time.

The psychic had a lot of information for Patricia; she told her that there were four people involved in this but that three of them were terrified the whole time. Though it didn’t make sense to her at the time, she later learned during the trial about how Wade and the other two people helping were afraid of Coats and that is why they went along with him- they were afraid of making him angry.

One of the last things the psychic told Patricia was actually a question, she asked her “Who’s Paul?”

Patricia did not have an answer for her because she had no idea. The psychic assured Patricia that she would know who he is before the month of October was over.

On October 31st, all four of the suspects were arrested. One of those suspects was named Paul Smith.

The trial heard about how Coats hired Smith along with another man named David Parker to “babysit” Lynda at the flat while he was gone. The murder charges they were facing were dropped and both of them testified against Coats and Wade.

The psychic also predicted this, according to Patricia. She asked her “Who turned Queen’s evidence?” at one point during the reading.

Patricia was so amazed by this incredible psychic that she decided to tell her story to the Daily Record.

She disclosed the fact that she was dying of cancer, and begged Coats and/or Wade to please tell her where they disposed of her daughter’s body so that she can give her a proper burial or funeral before she runs out of time.

Though the psychic was not able to give Patricia the location of her daughter’s remains, she did give her some clues.

She made mention of her body being in water, and said something about a dirt track road. During the trial, the court heard about how Coats and Wade attempted to borrow a boat after they killed Lynda.

Patricia tried to share the information that the psychic gave her with the police but when interviewed by them, the psychic told them that she could not remember what all she said because she was in a trance-like state.

Wade was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years and Coats was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 33 years. Smith and Parker admitted to assault and were sentenced to 11 years in prison each.

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