Venus Stewart’s mother to appear on Dr. Phil with famed Psychic

Colon, MI- Dr. Phil is going to have Therese McComb and her psychic on his show to talk about her missing daughter, Venus Stewart. Stewart disappeared in 210 and it is believed that her husband, who she had been separated from, abducted and murdered her.

Stewart was at her parents’ house since her and her husband, a man named Doug Stewart, were having marital issues. Authorities have concluded that Stewart was taken from her parents’ front yard on April 26th2010, possibly after checking the mail. Drag marks from her feet were found in the yard and later her blood was found in her estranged husband’s truck- along with receipts for a shovel, gloves, and a tarp. Almost a year later, in March of 2011, Doug Stewart was convicted of first-degree premeditated murder and is currently serving a life sentence.

Next week, McComb will fly to Los Angeles so that she can tape the show; the show is to be aired sometime in November.

Widely known psychic John Edward will be accompanying McComb to the show. They are hoping that he can make contact with Stewart’s spirit so that they can maybe get more details about where her body is located. McComb knows that her daughter is no longer alive but wants to have her body back so that she can give her a proper burial.

“I’m desperate to find her body and have closure. This is about a desperate mother. That’s what it is,” says McCombs.

Venus Stewart

Venus Stewart

The Stewart’s had two daughters, 5 and 7, who now live with the Therese McComb.

“They’re doing great, they’re both in school now. They’re getting along pretty good and they’re content and happy,” says McComb of the children.

McComb didn’t want to keep the children in the dark about what was going on so she decided to let them know about the show, “ I told them it’s about mommy,” she told them, but didn’t get too detailed about it either.

She feels that she will know if Psychic Edward is successful in reaching out to Stewart’s spirit. “I’ll know,” she says.

McCombs almost decided against going to Los Angeles to appear on the Dr. Phil show when they invited her, “ I was hesitant because I hate to fly.”

Ultimately, she decided to go through with it though since she didn’t want to pass up the opportunity of Edward helping her find her daughter’s body and getting some closure once and for all.

Even though McComb doesn’t normally believe in psychics and is unsure of them, she really wants to keep an open mind about it. She says, “This is my last chance at finding Venus. If John Edward can’t do it, it’s probably not going to happen.” She does not dismiss the power of psychics in their ability to provide valuable information in situations such as these.

“Hopefully, I can just get some answers. I can’t let this go,”

I feel terrible for Venus Stewart’s mother and cannot even imagine what she must be going through. I really hope she gets the closure that she deserves!


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  1. Wife had dementia. She had a diamond wedding set, a large opal ring, and an occassional ring that she wore and removed frequently, usually placing them on a clear glass ring post. She was wheelchair bound and did not go outside the house House is a 4-2-2-2 + formal. On 3 occassions she hid the rings together and they were found. The 4 th time they were missed was March 2010. We have looked many times for them in vain. She passed away after being bedridden for 11 months on October 3, 2012. We would like to isolate their location to a specific room (or better).

  2. All Therese McComb, (Venus’ mom), needed was to hear Venus was at peace now, she has passed over, she loves you very much, just know she is always with you. Therese didn’t get any of that from John Edwards. Shame on Dr. Phil for making Therese uncomfortable in an impossible situation. I know, I was with Therese. I am Venus’ Aunt Mary, Venus’ father is my brother. Therese has been broken by this nothingness from Edwards. If anyone could get hold of John Edwards, please tell him all Therese needs is assurance Venus is in a good place.

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