Well Known Psychic Makes Accurate Predictions In Missing Persons Case

Whistler, BC Canada- Katherine Grefner from Vancouver sought assistance in locating her missing brother, Mike Grefner, from renowned Calgary-based clairvoyant Kim Dennis. Mike was a popular DJ who was residing in Whistler when he disappeared last year.

When news got out of his disappearance, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and his friends began a search for him but were unsuccessful, so Katherine contacted Dennis along with several other psychics in a desperate attempt to get any possible information about his whereabouts. Of all the psychics Katherine had helping her, it was Kim Dennis who was able to provide her with the most helpful and most importantly, accurate information.

Initially, Katherine chose to go with Dennis because the other psychics she reached out to wanted payment (in the range of several hundred dollars) for generic and hazy information that was never helpful in the search and which required further costly visits. Once she spoke to Dennis, Katherine discovered that she gives readings to families of missing persons at no cost. She also provides assistance to law enforcement personnel with missing persons and cold cases free of charge.

The second impressive difference that Katherine found between Dennis and the other psychics she had contacted was the fact that Dennis provided a much-needed sense of calm to the case, as well as the fact that she absolutely refused to hear what the other psychics had come up with, she did not want to follow anything they went off and taint what her feelings were trying to tell her.

We learned that this is the way Dennis prefers to work. She recently spoke of the case and said; “Anytime I do one of these types of readings, I always find something or validate something. I tap into the information that is out there and pass along the messages that I’m receiving.”

Unfortunately, in Mike Grefner’s case, Dennis did not have good news to relay. She advised Katherine that her brother was no longer alive, but Katherine would not accept that as the end so she continued forward with other psychics who kept her hope alive telling her that Mike was still living. Two months into the search however, a couple of hikers found Mike’s deceased body.

Even though Katherine was extremely distraught, she still managed to go through the files of the case that had been gathered and compared them to all of the information that Dennis had given her and came to the realization that what she had told her was correct all along.

She states that she is extremely happy that she discovered Kim. She said “Kim is a very kind, caring, and gifted psychic/medium who I feel comes from a ‘good place’, and I can feel her wanting to work toward a ‘higher good’. She definitely has vision to look ‘beyond the veil’ and to see things that others cannot in this script of life,” she said.

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  1. Kim is the best, we have seen her a few times now since we lost our son. Would highly recommend Kim 😇

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