Woman Calls On Psychic To Help Find Stolen Bonsai Tree Containing Human Ashes

Sydney, AU. – A nursery located in the Gold Coast was robbed last week and is now seeking help from a professional psychic in hopes of recovering at least one of several bonsai plants that were stolen. This particular bonsai plant is special to nursery owner Carole Waller because it contained human ashes.

The bonsai plant (also known as a small leaf fig tree) is a very valuable plant and it was stolen from a Waller’s nursery in Mudgeeraba, Queensland. There were other bonsai trees stolen at the time as well.

Waller realized she had been robbed on Saturday morning. Amongst the various bonsais that were stolen, several of them were more than 40 years old, and Waller’s late husband even took care of one of them for over 20 years.

The stolen bonsai that really caused the most distress to her however was a bonsai that held a client’s best friends’ ashes in it.

The client took the small leaf fig plant to Waller’s nursery for regular maintenance before the disappearance.

“I was just devastated, I knew it had ashes in there and how important it was to my client,” said Mrs. Waller.

Waller’s client did not want his identity to be known, but Waller didn’t feel like she should just sit back and not do anything about the theft on her own. She decided to call a psychic because she wanted nothing more than to discover the location of the special plant.

“Police are investigating, but I’ve also spoken to a leading psychic,” she said. “You probably think I’m mad, but I thought there’s a link to the after-world in that plant so it was worth asking for some help.”

In an attempt to get the thieves to return the stolen bonsais, she decided to appeal to their conscience by making the following statement:

 “They don’t have to turn themselves in, they can just put the plant back on the property and we would leave it at that. We’d be so grateful.”


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