Woman Claims Fraudulent Psychic Scammed Her Out Of Nearly $200,000! Psychic Still Operating!

Westmoreland, TN.- When Virginia Morris decided to consult a psychic in 2007, she was in the darkest time of her life. She visited a psychic in the city of Gallatin hoping to get some answers. Unfortunately, all she got was scammed out of $180,000.

Morris knew that she just wanted a short and simple psychic reading from the get-go. She was only seeking a little bit of guidance during the lowest point in her life. She chose to consult with a woman claiming to be a psychic named Evonna Pebble Williams. However, her simple reading turned into a four-year relationship with Williams.

“She wanted me to keep coming back because she felt she could help me,” Morris says.

She states that Williams asked her for money so that she can do work at her church. She told Morris that the work that she was going to do at the church with her money would bring much needed tranquility and joy into Morris’ life.

Morris told a reporter for News Channel 5 that even though Williams claimed to be a psychic, the sessions with her were never psychic related; instead they always revolved around Morris’ faith in God.

“She would put her hands over mine and she would pray,” Morris recalls.

Morris traveled from Westmoreland to Gallatin for more than four years so that she could sit and pray with Williams. On nearly every visit, she would give Williams thousands of dollars in cash, along with credit card convenience checks. Williams would tell her that all of the money was being held at the local church, and that it was being used for the work that Williams was doing there.

Morris’ visits with Williams were an absolute secret; no one who knew Morris was aware that she was doing business with a so-called psychic.

“I was sworn in secrecy. Just me, her, and God,” said Morris.

One day, Morris decided that she no longer wanted to utilize Williams’ “services” and she let her know that she wanted to stop. Williams however quickly dismissed that notion and would not allow Morris to discontinue their visits.

Morris says that the reason for this was “because she had made her vow into church and we could not back out, we could only go forward.”

Williams was incredibly persuasive, and she managed to convince Morris to carry on with their sessions on a frequent basis.

Morris says of Williams; “She don’t need to scam people. She could go to Hollywood and make her money, legally, because she can cry on cue. She’s the best actress you have ever seen.”

By 2011, Morris’ financial situation was grave, and she was unsure of what she could do to convince Williams that she really needed to stop the sessions. Her savings account was totally empty and she had completely maxed out her credit cards. However, she decided to still keep it a secret from her loved ones.

Virginia Morris

Virginia Morris

She recalls what she was feeling at the time; “I was just so brainwashed. Then later on, I was just so afraid. I was so afraid it was going to break my home up.”

She was especially worried about having to inform her husband, with whom she had been married for forty years, of her visits with Williams. He was completely clueless to the situation.

“It was really bad when he found out because he didn’t know anything about it. This was the money we were to retire on,” she says.

When her husband found out what had been happening between Morris and Williams, he immediately contacted the Gallatin Police. Detectives quickly began investing the accusations.

In 2009, the Gallatin Police did arrest Williams, but it was for scamming $45,000 from a different woman- not for Morris’ situation. Williams was able to settle that case.

Unfortunately, Williams is still doing business as a psychic in the city of Nashville. All attempts from reporters to reach her have been unsuccessful.

Morris is hoping that anyone else who gave William money will come forward to authorities so that she can be stopped.

“I would say to them not to be afraid because I was afraid, I was so afraid for a long time. Not to be afraid to come forward,” she says.

At the present time, the Sumner County District Attorney’s Office is still investigating Morris’ case.


Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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