Authorities Reach Out To Psychic For Help With Flight MH370

World-renown psychic Uri Geller reports that a “substantial Malaysian figure” has asked for his assistance locating Malaysia Airline Flight MH370. The jet completely disappeared from the sky about a week ago.

Geller is widely known for his psychic gifts, as well as his spoon-bending and remote viewing abilities. He used remote viewing to get as much information as possible about what may have happened to the vanished jet.

The Mirror states that Geller has previously commented that he believes there was a fire onboard that overcame the pilots.

Geller spoke about how the CIA has been using remote viewing for decades, so it’s nothing new. Remote viewing is the act of sending your mind to different dimensions of space and time to “see” things.

However, Geller is not opposed to getting help on this matter. He’s asked his Facebook and Twitter fans to help him unravel the mystery by sharing their “hunch” with him.

Geller stated that he used his and his followers’ intuition to conclude that something went wrong inside the plane’s cockpit.

His report states that he believes either someone forced the pilot to reroute the flight, or he did it willingly for whatever reason.

Flight MH370, which had 239 people on board, was last seen on Saturday 03/08/14 taking off from Kuala Lumpur. It then cut off all communication with air traffic controllers and just vanished about 40 minutes after it took off.

Searchers have found no trace of the flight despite over a week of international search efforts.

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  1. Wasn’t Uri Geller proven to be a fraud years ago? I remember watching him on the Johnny Carson show when he couldn’t show his psychic abilities because his props were changed.

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