Yahoo! Movies Consults A Psychic For Academy Awards Predictions

According to Juanita Paladino, a professional spiritual coach, Daniel Day-Lewis is not a lock for the 2013 Academy Awards for his role in “Lincoln”. The New Jersey resident has been predicting the Academy Awards winners by tapping into her psychic intuition. She believes that the movie “Argo” will beat out “Lincoln” because Argo director Ben Affleck has always been an underdog, but now that he has superstar George Clooney producing his movie, she feels that luck will be on Affleck’s side. Below are Paladino’s 2013 Academy Awards predictions:

Best Picture: Paladino states that “Ben Affleck has all the buzz now,” which is why she predicts that Argo will win this title. “The buzz was created by his not getting the best-director Oscar nomination. Argo wasn’t my favorite movie. To me, “Silver Linings Playbook” should sweep the Oscars, but it’s not going to,” she says.

Best Director: Paladino states, “Lee’s work is superior, superb, and deserves to be recognized. His personality is a plus, too, absolutely. He’s happy for anyone that wins, and that’s when abundance comes to you.” This is why she predicts Ang Lee will win the title of best director this year.

Best Actor: Paladino is predicting that Hugh Jackman will win the award for best actor for his role in “Les Miserables”. “I had a psychic hit when they put that camera on Jackman’s face, and he sang “Look Down” in the water. That’s the one I’m most positive about, but I’m not God,” she says.

Best Actress: For her role in Silver Linings Playbook, Paladino is predicting that Jennifer Lawrence will win the award for best actress. Paladino says, “She did the best job of all the actresses nominated because her character was so complex and she pulled it off.”

Best Supporting Actor: “De Niro deserves an Oscar. His character is so true to life. You could see the man felt the pain for his son. He got that out to the audience, the pain for his son’s pain. Even though he was a degenerate gambler, although he couldn’t control his gambling, he brought his son into that world so he could take care of both,” Paladino said. For this reason, she predicts that Robert De Niro will take home the award for best supporting actor this year.

Best Supporting Actress: Paladino predicts that for her role in Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway will win the title of best supporting actress. “Anne did a great death scene. She had a difficult role, and I know she’s gotten some criticisms, but I think she did the best that any actress can do in that role. As for her off-camera personality, I think she’s a better actress than a true-life person. The real Anne Hathaway come out in her real-life acting,” she said.

Paladino concluded the interview by offering an alternative to her prediction; “If I’m wrong, and Daniel Day-Lewis gets best actor, then all bets are off and ‘Lincoln” will sweep, carrying best director and best supporting actress too.”

The results are in! Juanita got 4 out of 6 predictions right. Congratulations Juanita.


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