Undercover Investigators Arrest Psychic For Scamming $30,000 From Victim

Issaquah, WA. – Psychic Paula Ann Adams of Issaquah pleaded “not guilty” on May 30th to charges of felony theft. Authorities are accusing Adams of scamming almost $30,000 from a single customer. Prosecutors in King County allege that she convinced one of her customers to give her thousands of dollars worth of Nordstrom gift cards and $24,000 in cash. Surveillance cameras show Adams spending these gift cards just hours after acquiring them.

Records indicate that 36-year-old Adams played a very common trick on the customer who came to her searching for spiritual guidance. The scam is as follows: First, a vulnerable and naïve victim seeks the assistance of a psychic fortune-teller because they are experiencing relationship problems. Second, during a simple reading, the scammer will tell the victim that their money is the cause of all their problems.

They convince them their money is dirty and evil and needs “cleansing.” The victim is usually in a vulnerable state of mind and believes the con artist genuinely wants to help them. Therefore, they withdraw their money from their bank accounts and give it to the fake psychic. They hand it over, believing the psychic will return it once the process is complete. Lastly, the psychic takes it and performs some “rituals and cleansings” on the cash to rid it of evil energy and never gives it back.

Ideally, anyone looking to improve their life with a psychic reading will research to find a trustworthy and genuine one online. Unfortunately, most seekers go with their local psychic shop, where the fake psychics make their kills. A phony psychic will generally charge a reasonable fee for the first session, but the problem is what happens after.

The Phony Psychic Wasted No Time Spending The Victim’s Money

In February 2013, Adam’s victim reported her to the Bellevue police for scamming her out of $29,000. Police began investigating her at that time. The woman told police that when she sought the reading, she was experiencing a divorce and looking for spiritual guidance. The divorce process was hard on her and drove her to look for someone who could help.

The charging papers state the victim went to Adams’ shop 12 times. She paid her hundreds of dollars every time she visited. She also handed her $25,000 in cash and $4,000 worth of Nordstrom gift cards so that Adams could cleanse them. Once investigators started looking into Adams, they noticed she didn’t waste any time cashing the gift cards.

She went on a massive shopping spree only a few days after receiving the funds. Six of the eight cards valued at $500 were spent the night the victim left them in her care. The woman became suspicious of Adams and sent her several text messages demanding she returns the cash and gift cards. Unfortunately, all attempts to reach her were unsuccessful.

She contacted investigators, and they began watching her undercover. After the investigation, they had enough information to charge her with one count of first-degree theft and five counts of second-degree robbery. Adams pleaded not guilty to them on June 30th at the King County Superior Court.

Stories like this are why I only trust psychic companies that have been around much longer and have great reviews as trustworthy and legit instead of local fly-by-night psychic shops!

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