Are You In A Healthy Relationship? 5 Ways To Tell

Every single relationship, whether it’s that of a couple, a parent and child, a brother and sister, or of best friends, requires nurturing in order to keep it strong and to make it last a lifetime.

Patience, care, understanding in a relationshipEven if you’re already “relationship goals” for your friends and family, and everyone knows you and your partner as the most loving couple they know, there will still be times when you drive each other crazy and get on each other’s nerves- no couple is immune to that honestly.

There is not a single relationship out there that doesn’t require love, care, patience, and understanding to not only survive but to thrive as well. The moment a relationship stops having this love and care is the moment it goes from a healthy one to an unhealthy one. What usually happens at that point is it either becomes a one-sided relationship or it just fizzles away and dies.

It’s always a good idea to check in throughout the course of your relationship to make sure it’s still a healthy one. If you’re not sure whether your relationship is healthy or leaning towards unhealthy, here are 5 signs that you can use as a guideline to make sure your relationship is on the right track.

You Respect Each Other At All Times

Respect is such an important part of any type relationship, but especially so in a romantic one. Healthy relationships and respect for one another go hand in hand, and where there’s one, there’s usually the other.

Respect in a relationship means so many things, and ranges anywhere from respecting each others’ differing point of views on certain Respect in a relationshipsubjects, respecting each others’ privacy, personal space and personal items, to respecting each others’ religious, spiritual, and political views. Refraining from calling each other ugly names and getting physical or violent during arguments is another form of respect.

Respect should always be given and never be taken advantage of. If you find yourself thinking ill of your partner, or calling them names in your head (such as thinking he or she is “stupid” when they don’t know something, feeling that they’re “an idiot” when they forget something important, or believing that they are “weak” when they show their sensitive side to you), this is a sign that you no longer respect your partner and you need to either get to the root of that and change it, or move on.

You Actively Listen To Each Other

Listening to each other in a relationshipAnother important part of a healthy relationship is the presence of active listening. Actively listening to your partner and giving them your full and undivided attention when they’re speaking to you is a sign of respect, and is incredibly important. When your relationship is a healthy one, actively listening to your partner should come easy and should feel like second-nature to you.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to keep your attention on their words, or be counting the seconds until they’re done talking, as these are signs that you’re in an unhealthy relationship. Relationships that include active listening are not only healthier, but also have increased chances of lasting a lifetime.

If you feel bored to death when they’re talking to you, or find yourself paying more attention to your phone rather than your partner during conversations, this is another sign that your relationship needs to be reevaluated.

You Look Forward To Spending Time With Each Other

A healthy relationship should never feel like work, a duty, or a job. It should be easy and you should enjoy being in it. You should love seeing your partner and enjoy spending time with them. Maybe not all of the time of course- after all, you’re only human and it’s ok to have “off” days or days when they’re getting on your nerves.Spending time together in relationship

For the most part though, healthy relationships are those where you look forward to being with your loved one and where you feel safe and comfortable near them. They should be your happy place, your escape from the world, your own private sanctuary where you know you won’t be judged and where you enjoy being.

If you were to sit and people watch, it would be easy to spot healthy relationships between best friends, newlyweds, siblings, or parent and child by the way they communicate, laugh together, and look truly happy to be together.

If the thought of seeing your partner after work causes you dread instead of excitement, or if find yourself wishing you could spend your free time doing anything besides spending it with your partner, they are probably not be the one for you.

You Handle Arguments And Disagreements With Care And Respect 

It’s almost impossible to never disagree or argue in any type of relationship. This is because you have two totally unique individuals, with their own opinions, viewpoints, ethics, ideas, morals, beliefs, etc. who are making a choice to be together and be united as one. It’s only logical that they’re going to butt heads and not see things from the other persons’ perspective every single time.Fighting fair during an argument

For this reason, you shouldn’t be afraid if you and your partner argue every now and then, in fact, it’s actually part of a healthy relationship. When arguing, you get the chance to let your point-of-view be known and get certain things off your chest. You’re also able to create and discover a greater level of communication and understanding with your partner- IF you argue and fight fairly.

It’s so important that you resolve conflicts and arguments with care and respect, this is what allows your relationship to grow and evolve. You can’t get anywhere by name calling and being purposely hurtful.

Take a step back and rethink your relationship if you seem to always think and say the worst things possible when arguing with your partner. If your goal is to hurt them as much as possible when you’re mad then you can either have personal anger issues, or it could be that you’ve fallen out of love with them.

You Show Interest In Each Other’s Lives

Couples in healthy relationships ask each other about their lives. They genuinely want to know what they have going on at the moment, how they’re feeling, what they’re dealing with, how work is going for them, how their family is doing, etc. They want to hear about each other’s experiences, achievements, and problems.

You can tell that your relationship is a healthy one when there’s interest shown in one another. If you only seem to talk about yourself when you’re with your partner, or you find that you’re just not that interested in their life outside of you, this could be a sign that they’re not the one for you and you should reevaluate your relationship.  The same goes for if your partner is the one that never seems to be interested in your life or care how things outside of the relationship are going for you.Couple interested in each other

Affection, understanding, unconditional love, and trust are all parts of a healthy relationship, as well as desire for growth and improvement. Any relationship has the chance to develop stronger bonds and flourish as long as love, care and dedication are present. Don’t be afraid if you feel like yours can stand to be better and needs some improvement.

It’s normal to question your relationship every now and then, but if you constantly feel like things just aren’t right, or you always have a bad feeling about it deep in your gut, you need to look into your concerns sooner rather than later.

9 times out of 10 your gut is right when it’s trying to tell you something, but if you don’t know how to listen to it, or are having a hard time making sense of it all and don’t know whether to stay or to leave, you may want to consider getting a love reading done by a professional, genuine online psychic. They can help you make sense of your feelings and can guide you in the direction that’s best for you and your love life. They’re knowledge and insight can help you make more informed decisions.



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