Finding Love This New Year- How To Attract Your True Partner

Even though you feel ready and would love to meet that special someone who completes you- your soulmate- do you find yourself still waiting? If so, it could be the fact that a lot of times, we’re actually our biggest obstacle and get in our own way. So why is that? Why would you be the one keeping yourself from attracting that perfect relationship that can make you happy beyond measure?

One of the biggest reasons this could be is that, subconsciously, you might not feel worthy or deserving of  pure and true love. Past relationships, messages from television and magazine ads, things you might have been told when you were growing up- these are all things that can lead you to believe that you are less than and that “someone like you” doesn’t get a fairy tale ending.Fairy tale ending

You might hear these messages so often that you start to take them as truths. The human mind is so powerful that once it believes something is true, it has a hard time accepting that it’s actually a lie.

Another way you might be sabotaging your chances of attracting true love could be by having certain expectations as to how love should be.

You might be idealizing and glorifying the whole situation when you meet someone and expect so much from them that you become discouraged and deflated when things don’t turn out the way you dreamed they would.

When meeting someone new, it’s important to trust in fate and divine will, but instead most people attempt to control the outcome and try to force things to happen a certain way. A new person that you meet can sniff out desperation, urgency, and anxiety.

This might cause them to feel the weight of expectation that you’re placing on them. It’s easy to forget that, even though having a soulmate in your life can make your life happier, you alone are responsible for your own happiness and you have to be happy with yourself before anyone else can make you happy.

In addition to the two possibilities above, a third way you might be keeping yourself from finding true love might be that you’re sending mixed messages to potential partners. You might be romantically interested in them, but act like you just want to be their friend by playing hard to get.

A lot of women love the idea of a man working hard and going out of their way to win them over, like what they show in movies, but this isn’t the best way to begin a relationship. You need to quit playing mind games and be honest with people when you have feelings for them.Woman playing hard to get

Or if you’re already in a relationship with someone you like, be outright in letting them know what you want from the relationship and what you see for the future of the two of you instead of just throwing out hints or expecting them to read your mind.

This is the quickest way for a relationship to fall apart because not everyone is going to be able to intuitively know what you need from them and you could get frustrated that they aren’t doing things the way you like.

Communication and saying exactly what you’re feeling are crucial in a relationship. If you are unsure of how to interpret your feelings for someone, or are just confused in general about your love life or relationships, give a love psychic a call. Love is their speciality and they can give you valuable insight that can answer the questions your heart is asking.

So, what are some ways that you can attract bring forth an authentic, honest love into your life? Below are a few ways:

Understand And Believe That You Are Worthy Of True Love And Romance

You deserve true love just as much as anyone else, don’t let anyone ever convince you otherwise.

I am worthy of loveIt doesn’t matter that you’ve made mistakes in the past, it doesn’t matter that you don’t have the body of a model, it doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive, or what kind of job you have. The size of your house doesn’t matter, nor does the size of your bank account.

These are all material things that don’t matter when it comes to true love. You may have been told that your self-worth should be tied to these things but that’s not true.

Your self worth should be tied to how you conduct yourself, how you treat others, how pure your heart is. Everything else is irrelevant and if you’re a good person, you deserve to love and be loved.

Remove Toxic People From Your Life

Don’t be afraid to walk away from people who only serve to bring you down. You might feel like the people who are bringing you down are right and that you need to listen to them but the only person you need to listen to is yourself. You and only you should be the judge of you.

Removing toxic people from your lifeDo things that make you proud and lift you up. Never lower your standards or put up with things you don’t agree with just to be accepted. The right people will never make you dislike yourself or be unhappy with your life.

The right people will never make you do things you don’t want to do. Don’t spend time with someone you don’t feel has a beautiful soul just because they are popular and well-liked.

A lot of times people like that thrive off of having people around them that they can take advantage of just to feel better about themselves. Be your own kind of strong and beautiful!

Make Yourself Your Top Priority And Honor Yourself At All Times

No matter what flaws you may have- after all, everyone has flaws even if you can’t see them- don’t let them define you. Learn to be proud of yourself and who you are as a person even in the face of adversity. Stop viewing your flaws as a disability and start viewing them as unique characteristics that make you you.

Perfection is boringWhat a boring world it would be if everyone were perfect! Uniqueness is what makes the world varied and exciting. And what you may view as a flaw, others might see as really cool!

Scars show that we’ve experienced hurt and pain and were able to tell the tale and rise above it. You’re still alive, you still exist- that is a beautiful thing!

If you’re overweight, don’t compare yourself to others who aren’t. Instead of being upset about it, use that anger and energy into something productive and challenge yourself to make healthier choices.

Overcoming personal challenges that you set for yourself gives you an amazing sense of pride. Remember that you only have this one body- worship and take care of it!

Follow The Law of Attraction And Remember That “Like Attracts Like”Like attracts like

If you’re a positive and confident person, you’ll be more likely to attract positive and confident people into your life. Likewise, if you’re a negative and insecure person, you’re going to attract the same and you’ll both be in the same sinking ship.

An upbeat person doesn’t want to be brought down by a pessimist, they want to associate themselves with others who have a zest for life and love themselves. Someone with whom they can build each other up higher and higher.

You deserve the same, don’t surround yourself with people who don’t want them best for you or themselves. Think of all the things you enjoy and engage with people doing the same things.

Love reading? Join a reading club. Love running? Join a running club. Love dancing? Join a dance team. By putting yourself out there, you’ll not only be meeting like-minded individuals but you’ll also gain confidence as you get better and better at the activities you love. 

Work To Overcome Any Jealousy Issues You May Have

Jealousy is a very strong feeling and can take over your mind quite easily so it’s ok if struggle with it. What isn’t ok though, is being ok with struggling with it and not wanting to do anything to change it. It can be a hard thing to overcome but it is worth putting in the work to do away with it. A lot of times, jealousy stems from feelings of insecurity or from being cheated on in the past.

overcoming jealousyIf you’ve been hurt and lied to before, your mind is going to put a large trust wall in an attempt to protect you but it could actually end up hurting you. When you’re a jealous type, you’re more likely to create scenarios that don’t exist and your imagination can get the best of you.

This pushes partners away because they feel like you’ll never fully trust them and you can’t have a relationship without trust. At least not an easy one.

If  you’re jealousy issues stem from a past relationship and you don’t deal with them, they can send shockwaves through any relationships you have afterwards. They are a powerful psychic force that needs to be put out.

Don’t punish new relationships for what was done to you in a past relationship. If your jealousy stems from insecurities, work on loving and accepting yourself. Raise your self-esteem and self confidence and remember what I said in the first tip!

Take Advantage Of The Power Of Affirmations

When said repeatedly and with intention, affirmations slowly begin to replace your old, negative thoughts with new, positive ones. Affirmations are positive statements that that help you achieve your dreams and goals when repeated and believed in.

Just as your subconscious has believed all the negative things its been told, it can also believe any positive things that you go out of your way to tell it. Repeating uplifting words and phrases reprograms your mind to act according to what it’s being told. Your mind may resist you at first because it’s so used to hearing otherwise, but with patience and practice, it will start to work with you.Using affirmations

Next time you find yourself saying something negative about yourself or your life, stop yourself and flip the script. For example, if you’re looking in the mirror and find yourself criticizing yourself, stop and begin complementing the things you do like about yourself.

Don’t just say affirmations in a hurried and bored way though, choose and repeat each affirmation with intent. Using healing crystals while repeating affirmations helps magnify the affirmations, so this is a good time to bring them out. One of my favorite affirmations is:

“I  deserve love and I open my heart to it.

I attract healthy relationships.

I trust in the process of life.

I can conquer anything and am at peace.”

Cleansing your body and mind of all the false thoughts and ideas you’ve been told and have believed about yourself will not be easy. Just as jealousy takes a lot of work to do away with, so does replacing these negative things you’ve taken as truths with new, positive ones, but it is the best thing you can do for yourself if you really want to find your Prince Charming.

Mind powerAlso remember to set realistic expectations and always be honest and upfront when sending messages to people you’re interested in. Every new year gives you the opportunity to improve yourself and when people think of new goals or resolutions, they usually think about getting their bodies healthier but I like to start by making my mind healthier.

If you feel like you need to make some changes in your life but don’t know where to start or what to do, don’t be afraid to get some advice from a talented psychic. Getting regular psychic readings has helped me achieve such amazing and positive changes within myself. Life can be confusing, let’s use all the help we can get to live our best one possible!



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