Are We All Just Big Psychic Energy Sponges?

A recent study that looked into mirror neurones in humans has concluded that we are all a bit like psychic sponges. By this we mean that as humans we are often able to ‘feel’ the energies and emotions of another person or someone close to us. This is because emotions that we experience such as happiness or sadness are shared with people we are close with.

So that if one person is feeling particularly happy or sad that day, our friends and people around us will eventually have this feeling transferred to them too.

In more extreme circumstances, a person who is particularly sensitive to others energies and emotions can be referred to as “empathic” and many psychics describe themselves as intuitive empaths.

Empath’s Feel Other Peoples Energy

be empathetic

The study outlined above shows the true fluidity of human emotions. However, this is not always a good thing and many people struggle to deal with this. People who are empathic often find it hard to cope with their gift, typically experiencing symptoms of anxiety or being labelled as ‘over-sensitive’ or ‘moody’.

Empathy can be felt both emotionally and physically, but for this article we will focus on the emotional feelings that we, as ‘psychic sponges’ can pick up on and what we can do to prevent these kind of excess emotions.

As psychic sponges, if our next door neighbor becomes unhappy, in time this may well rub off onto you, making you angry and unhappy yourself. Psychic Mediums would say there are certain ways to protect yourself from this kind of emotional overload. Some tips include:

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Rid yourself of your emotional baggage every now and again

Carrying around a large amount of negative emotion and allowing it to build up, one thing on top of another, can only be a bad thing, not just for others around you but for yourself as well. Research has shown that negative and unhappy emotions can have a large effect on your health and well being.

To prevent a build up of negative emotions, it can help to open up often to people you trust and let people know how you are feeling. They say a problem shared is a problem halved, and this is very true.

As soon as you have off set some of this emotional waste you will begin to feel happier in yourself which inevitably makes others around you happier, too.

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Relax your body and mind


A psychic medium said, “Try and relax yourself and this will soon allow those unwanted emotions to fritter away”. Relaxing means different things for different people. For some, having a night in watching the TV is very relaxing and calming.

For others, total escape is required- perhaps at a spa or other sanctuary. Simply being away from the stress of everyday life and setting some time to focus on yourself can have a positive effect on a person’s emotions.

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Take a break from work

Breaking up for different reasons

Being around a lot of people all day every day is not good for people, it can eventually take its toll on our emotions and psychic space is needed. Of course, being around other people can in some cases be a good thing.

It can help with feelings of reassurance and support and with humans being social beings you should aim not to spend too long away from other people as this can also have a negative effect on us as psychic sponges.

Essentially looking after your psychic self is just as important as looking after your physical body. It takes time and effort and you need to read the signals its giving off to do what it best for it. This, research says, will make us all happier and healthier people

This article courtesy of: Wishing Moon Clairvoyants

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