Is Your Child Psychic? Here’s How To Tell

Throughout the world, it is largely believed that many of us are born with psychic ability. This being said, it should come as no surprise if your child has the uncanny ability to predict exactly when the school bus will arrive, or suddenly become fearful of crossing the street just moments before an unseen car barrels down the road.

Despite this fact, psychic ability can vary from person to person – one person may be very in tune with her abilities, while another may have next to no skill. Discovering whether or not your child is psychic is not generally as simple as asking him or her whether or not he can see into the future.

Luckily, there are many personality traits that are often shared amongst those with strong psychic tendencies

psychic creativity

Additionally, there are a few tests that can be utilized to not only discover whether or not your child is psychic, but also to what extent. The first step to discovering whether or not your kid has psychic abilities is to watch for a number of personality traits.

For instance, psychic children are usually extremely creative. This trait by itself is not necessarily an indicator of psychic gifts; however, children who exhibit a lot of creativity in one or more areas are thought to be more in tune with both the physical world and the world beyond.

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Psychic children are also very sensitive to currents of emotional energy

For instance, if you came home absolutely seething after a bad day at work, your child may suddenly begin to “act up,” throwing a tantrum or suddenly bursting into tears for no apparent reason. To go hand in hand with this sensitivity, psychic children also have a strong sense of empathy, often connecting with, and even feeling, the emotional and physical pain of others.

In addition to being sensitive to the moods of others, children with psychic abilities are often sensitive to the personalities of others. For example, say your otherwise friendly and sociable little darling is suddenly reluctant to speak with the seemingly nice woman sitting next to you on the bus.

This small change in demeanor can mean many things; however, unless there is some obvious reason to fear this person, your child may have simply been feeling an unusual “vibe” from her. These vibrations may also extend to places, and you may find that your child becomes suddenly frightened or extremely happy in a location that you personally feel neither here nor there about.

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Psychically gifted children also tend to make unusual friends


They are often extremely fond of animals, and may, in some subtle way, be able to communicate with them. Additionally, they frequently have imaginary friends. In many cases, these invisible people are merely a product of their active and creative minds; however, those who study psychic phenomena believe that children with psychic abilities are capable of seeing and communicating with spirits and angels.

If speaking with spirits is not eerie enough, psychic children may also express memories or personal characteristics that have carried over from past lives. In this case, the child may simply seem mature beyond her years, she may be unusually knowledgeable on certain subjects that she has not been exposed to in her current life, or may refer to past events with a certain amount of historical accuracy.

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Though a combination of personality traits may be indicative of gifts, no single attribute can definitively tell you whether or not your child has psychic abilities.

If after watching your child’s behavior you are still uncertain, there are a few tests that have been created to help make your child’s potential a little clearer. Most in person and computer-based tests consist of a deck of cards or simple images that depict shapes, animals, colors or numbers.

zener cards

In this test, several cards or images are drawn face down from many potential options, and the child is asked to visualize and describe what she thinks is on the other side of the cards. Another test takes on more of a quiz-like format.

This quiz asks a series of questions about psychic and other supernatural experiences that they have had. Despite the fact that these easy tests may be useful to some, many professional psychics feel that they are too limited in scope to be completely accurate, often only checking for telepathic and clairvoyant abilities.

This being the case, if your child does poorly on these tests but you still feel that she bears psychic gifts, there are other things that you can do to gauge her abilities. The first thing to do is become educated on the different types of abilities.

For instance, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience are the arts of psychically seeing, feeling and hearing respectively. Children who can channel are often enveloped by another being for a short period of time in order to transmit messages, while mediums are able to communicate with those who have passed away.

Other psychic activities that your child may experience can include astral projection, energy healing and remote viewing. Once you have established the type of abilities your child has, you may want to keep a diary of psychic events.

This journal will serve many purposes. To begin with, it will help to reinforce your child’s gifts in your own mind. It will also help you to more clearly identify any and all abilities, and may also assist you in encouraging your child as she flourishes into a proficient psychic.

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Once you have discovered that your child is a psychic, then what?

child psychic

Well, there are many ways to help encourage your child and help foster her gifts. To begin with, you may have to make a few shifts in your own perception. Some people are doubtful, or even fearful of psychics, so it is important to never express an obvious sense of uneasiness towards your child’s blossoming abilities, and never show doubt unless there is clear reason to do so.

Giving off these negative feelings can, and often will, stunt their progress. It is important to show them a lot of support and love, even when other family members or friends tease or question them. It is also essential to build trust with your psychic child by encouraging her to tell you of her experiences without judgment.

Encouraging creativity and education are also important when it comes to fostering her psychic abilities. Discover your child’s interests and energy level, and try to enroll her in classes or engage her in activities such as dancing, drawing, yoga or playing an instrument. Broaden her knowledge on both psychic and supernatural phenomena with books, documentaries or even short courses.

Another way to help your child develop her gifts is to engage her in certain types of play. For instance, if your child is clairvoyant, begin by asking her to close her eyes in order to visualize the colors you call out. Once she has a good grasp on how the colors appear in her mind, mention people she is familiar with and ask her to visualize what color aura surrounds this person.

Clairaudient children may easily be engaged in word games where they are asked to focus on another person in the room, and write down what they hear. Clairsentient children may benefit from a similar game, only instead, she may be asked to describe how the other person is feeling.

If you do discover that your child is Psychic, please don’t make them feel abnormal. Encourage them to develop their gifts but remind them that their ability is a gift, not something they should fear.

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