What Are The 3 Stages Of Psychic Development?

Do you wish you were psychic? Indeed all of us are born with some natural psychic abilities, but only a few realize these powers to their fullest potential. Many of us tend to lose the connection with our psychic selves once exposed to different talents, skills, and other social environments.

Losing this part of ourselves weakens our focus and attention span. Becoming psychic isn’t easy. You have to learn how to wake up your abilities and use them according to your will. There are also different stages of using them to the fullest.

In addition, the learning process may take a long time to develop. Below are the three basic stages of psychic development:

Psychic Development Stage 1: Testing The Waters

Tarot card deck

Psychic abilities are sometimes awakened consciously by trying to test the waters. Indeed, all of us are born with different psychic powers, as I mentioned earlier. Whether they’re aware of their abilities or not, those interested in becoming psychics try to play with different objects and instruments involved in the craft.

These include Ouija boards, tarot cardsrunes, and books that introduce them to the world of psychic powers. Some schools train individuals to become psychic. They start by learning esoteric vocabulary to familiarize themselves with the basics of the practice.

Psychic Development Stage 2: Realizing The Existence Of Your Powers

Ouija board

Not all who have played with Ouija boards and tarot cards get to realize their psychic abilities. Neither do those who have tried to summon spirits just for the sake of experience.

However, some get past these games and become aware of the existence of their powers. Those are then on the road to realizing their full potential. These individuals become capable of “reading the field” or seeing through a person’s mind and relaying it back.

Psychics who have reached this stage can now control some of their gifts, but not to the fullest yet. Many working psychics are currently on this stage, as they can read through their clients quite well.

Psychic Development Stage 3: Grasping The ‘Higher’ Energy

Spirit mediums

Most of today’s reliable psychics are in Stage 3. They have more capabilities than those in Stage 2 and can control their powers as they wish. These psychics have already attained divination and are no longer dependent on objects and instruments to make their predictions.

They can see through their clients’ minds. These psychics not only tell them what they’re thinking; they also provide sound advice on what their clients should do about the issue they saw. Because they are more capable of handling their powers, they are eligible to become psychic counselors, teachers, and guides.

They are beneficial to individuals who are new to the craft and want to learn about using their psychic gifts. Call one of the psychics on my review page if you want to discover your psychic abilities!

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