What Is Lucid Dreaming?

There are times when we encounter dreams in which we are still conscious about what we are doing, and that we know that we are just dreaming. In such cases we can take control of our actions until the time we wake up.

These dreams are special, and are known as “lucid dreams.” These dreams don’t really take place frequently, but they can be generated by means of deep concentration of the person who wants them to take place.

One thing that separates a lucid dream from a regular dream is that in a lucid dream, the person can take control of her actions, such as physical activities, decisions and thoughts. These dreams seem to be almost real, instead that the person is conscious about making such actions, even those actions which could not be done in real life.

People in this state are conscious about flying in the air or walking on water, and many other movements. There are those meanwhile who fall asleep in the midst of the dream, and get to experience another dream.

Psychics meanwhile take extra interest of lucid dreams and have much deeper interpretations about them as compared to regular dreams.Lucid dreams

This is because the person who experienced a lucid dream has the power to manipulate her or her actions during the dream.

In most cases, psychics interpret these dreams to be:

Future events which are supposed to take place but were already prevented by the dreamer.

Some dreams foretell the future, and when a person encounters these in her dream and gets to take control of her actions in the dream, chances are these events would no longer take place, as the dreamer already changed the course of action.

Things the dreamer wants to happen in real life.

Some people dream about their ambitions, or the things they want to happen in the near future. When they encounter these things in a lucid dream, they tend to perform the actions they would have done in real life. However, it is not necessary that these dreams would actually come true; they may be an indication of a future event or a sneak peek for the person and see how he would deal about the whole issue once it actually takes place.

Past encounters.

Memory laneLucid dreams also take a walk down memory lane. There are times when the person experiencing a lucid dream goes back to her past, especially the ones which left that person with questions. There he can answer the questions he has or discover things which he was not able to do so at the time they actually took place.

Consulting a psychic to interpret a lucid dream may be helpful especially if you tend to experience them frequently. Experiencing lucid dreams can also be an indication of possessing psychic abilities, and you can ask psychic counselors on how to develop your powers, or if you indeed have powers which involve clairvoyance, empathy and telepathy. Some notable psychics have also discovered their psychic abilities through lucid dreams.

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