The 6 Best Crystals For Deepening Your Intuition

Even though humans and animals are born with intuition, this feeling is still misunderstood. Intuition is the “knowing” or understanding of something immediately without having it explained to us or without reasoning behind it.

Society values logic and rationality over abstract ideas and feelings, so it’s hard to understand and listen to your intuition. Those who DO listen to their intuition and follow their instincts might be considered “weird” or “eccentric,” but what’s more natural than listening to your gut feelings and hunches?

From a very young age, we’re taught to ignore our natural instincts and that we should only believe things we can physically see and scientifically explain. Pushing away things you feel deep within yourself because you can only feel them and not logically explain them seems more unnatural if you ask me.

Luckily, not everybody refuses to trust what their body and mind are trying to tell them. This is where psychics, mediums, healers, and readers come in. They know there’s more than meets the eye and are blessed with a deepened sixth sense that can help us.

Even though psychics and seers have existed since the beginning of time, science is finally starting to catch up. We now have more scientists studying this phenomenon, and some realize that intuition, a sixth sense, ESP, and energy healing are possible.

Listening To Your Body Is More Important Than Ever

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein

Even though society has trained you to ignore that feeling in your stomach when you can feel something isn’t right, human intuition is an essential and invaluable part of your life. If you step back from what you’ve been trained to believe and nurture and strengthen this gift instead, you’ll have an excellent tool to help you move through life more easily.

When you listen to your intuition, your choices are more likely to make you happy, your chances of picking the best partner increase, you get more fulfillment out of your job, etc. There are many ways to sharpen your intuition, and crystals are one of the best tools for the job.

Start harnessing and deepening your intuition instead of burying it deeper and deeper until it just disappears! Crystals and gems are Earth’s precious gift to us. They hold so much natural energy and are connected to the Universe in a powerful way.

They are in the Earth, from the Earth, and vibrate at Earth’s frequency which is different than ours.This link allows them to connect our souls to the Universe. Our soul is the powerhouse for intuition and premonition.

Earth provides us with many different kinds of crystals, each with its strengths and weaknesses regarding what they can help you accomplish. The crystals listed below can help you enhance and sharpen your intuition:



amethyst crystal healing

Amethyst vibrates at the same high frequency as the sixth chakra, also known as the Third Eye. The Third Eye is a crucial player in intuition and vibrates at the same frequency as amethyst, creating a strong connection between the two.

This purple crystal also connects with your center of energy, giving it the ability to enable and enhance your intuition. Anytime you try to tap into your intuition, you need to ensure your mind is relaxed and at ease.

Amethyst is known for calming the mind and bringing clarity to your situations. With their hectic and stressful lives, it’s no wonder celebrities love decorating their homes with amethyst crystals!


Shamanic Dream Quartz

Shamanic quartz crystal healing

This crystal is what I consider an underdog. It’s not a very talked-about crystal, but it should be because it’s one of the most powerful. As you might have gathered from the name, shamans used it to allow them to travel through the astral plane.

Even though humans function within all the different dimensions simultaneously, we’re usually only conscious of the physical plane. Traveling through other astral planes allowed shamans to find the root of someone’s sickness or unhappiness on a spiritual level.

When we feel bad, we go to a doctor, and they try to find something physical to blame it on. Sometimes the root is as simple as something physical not working correctly, but not always. Sometimes spiritual distress manifests as poor physical health, which is the symptom modern medicine tries to treat.

However, unless you get to the source of the issue, the problem will only be covered up or stay under control with permanent drug use. The shamanic dream quartz would help the shamans on their vision quests and divination journeys.

It enhances intuition and psychic abilities in all who embrace it. It’s also great to use while gazing, doing journeywork, entering into a trance, and transcending. It’s beneficial when meditating because it can help you reach a whole new dimension during your session and allow you to see deeper into yourself than usual.



Merlinite crystal healing

Merlinite is named after the wizard Merlin and is known as “The Magic Bearer.” People revere this black-and-white stone for its ability to attract magical experiences to those who wear it.

Much like Shamanic Dream Quartz, it is also known for enhancing powerful, intuitive abilities and allowing individuals to access higher spiritual beings in other dimensions. Merlinite can transport you into the deepest parts of yourself that are usually buried deep in your subconscious.

This deep dive allows you to identify which parts of yourself lack attention and need healing. It is a stone of duality, speaking about black and white and light and dark.

Due to its powerful nature, the information can be distressing for some, especially if it reveals things they’ve been trying to ignore or hoped would go away on their own. For those who choose to harness its power, however, it can be constructive on their journey to self-healing.



Selenite crystal healing

The selenite crystal is powerful and full of pure cleansing light. This beautiful white crystal is known for creating a relaxing and serene feeling and helping people tap into their intuition. It has a high vibration that brings about mental clarity, and it does this by cleansing the aura of negative energy buildup, both physically and spiritually.

Selenite can take you to higher realms and activate skills and memories from past lives that are currently inactive. It strongly connects to the Angelic Realm and is an excellent crystal for strengthening clairvoyant and telepathic abilities.


Moss Agate

moss agate crystal healing

Moss agate is the perfect stone for those just beginning their journey with crystals and crystal healing. It is an excellent crystal to use if you want to enhance your intuition without getting in too deep spiritually.

This crystal can uniquely balance the rational mind with the intuitive one. For example, if you can’t get past your analytical mind and can only think in terms of reason and logic, moss agate can help you quiet the rational mind and strengthen the intuitive one so you can see both sides.

It is known for correcting imbalances between the right and left sides of the brain. As you may or may not know, the left side controls logical and rational thought processes, while the right side controls intuition, creativity, and emotions. The more balanced both sides are, the more well-rounded you’ll be.



labradorite crystal healing

People consider this vividly colored crystal a “Stone of Magic” because it encourages self-awareness of the inner spirit, psychic ability, and intuition. It is also highly sought after for its protective powers. Labradorite brings alignment of the etheric and physical bodies to allow access to your spiritual purpose.

It raises consciousness and keeps spiritual energy grounded within the body. Labradorite is best when you’re ready to reach a deeper spiritual consciousness while intention-setting, meditating, and making deep, heartfelt decisions.


All the crystals above can help you hone and enhance your intuition; it’s up to you which one/s you choose. Aside from their ability to raise intuition, each crystal has other therapeutic properties.

If you want to avoid buying several different crystals, choose ones that can help you with more than one thing. Exploring the spiritual side of yourself and resurfacing the feelings you’ve shoved down for so long is going to be a journey, not an overnight trip. Don’t give up after a few days of trying and not seeing results.

Frequent use of the crystals provides the best results; sometimes, results start out subtle. You need to be calm and patient and listen wholeheartedly, not just in your mind. Whether you wear these crystals as jewelry, decorate your spaces with them, put them under your pillow while sleeping, or hold them while meditating, you should feel your intuition deepen and strengthen.

This enhanced intuition can help you with everyday living and making the best decisions. Sometimes we need a little help on our journey to become the best versions of ourselves. Psychics can be a great help for this. I love speaking to them when I can’t seem to get out of a rut or have a hard time deciding.

Sometimes I can’t figure out the solution to a problem, and psychics give me guidance and advice to solve it. There’s nothing wrong with not having all the answers all the time and needing the insight and wisdom of a more intuitive and gifted person.

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