An Insightful Interview With Hope From Psychic Source

Hello Hope, thank you so much for taking some time to answer some questions for me. I’m a big fan of your readings.

Q: When did you first realize that you were a Psychic?

A:  I was able to see and perceive other realities as a child. It is relatively common for young children to see angelic beings and spirits, up until they get conditioned by adults to not believe what they see. My abilities expanded exponentially at adolescence, which is also not unusual for those who have a natural tendency to be psychic.

There is considerable evidence that neural patterns and the body’s hormone levels, including DMT levels, play a significant role in the opening of psychic perception. Adolescence is when physical hormones surge and many young people begin to experience increased psychic perceptions. For me, this is when the realization came that I was privy to information and insight about which other people around me were not aware. Within a few years, I was using these abilities in my daily life.

Q: I understand you are an ordained minister, do you feel that the teachings of the Bible conflict with your Psychic gifts?

A:  As a non-denominational minister, I am free to think in terms of broader spiritual truths instead of strict and subjective dogmatic interpretations. There are many beliefs about what this Judeao-Christian scripture we call the Bible means, but if one is to examine the Bible without fear and without being directed by someone else to interpret it a certain way, we find story after story about humanity’s constant interface with non-human intelligence. From visitations by angels, to dreams, to paranormal manifestations, to revelations, to visions and spiritual voices, the Bible is a compendium of psychic phenomena in the ancient world.

While the modern-materialist view and contemporary consensus reality claims that spiritual gifts in the Bible are acceptable only in a religious context, and that these human abilities are more myth than fact in today’s world, most people really don’t believe that.  These closet believers–many of whom are church-goers themselves–have had their own experience. I consult with ministers and priests all the time who turn to me for help in their personal lives.

In the mystical traditions that have Biblical connections—Catholic mysticism, Kabala, etc.—we discover that mystical exploration was reserved for the religious elite and that behind the scenes of the “commoners” religion there has been an undercurrent of exploration into spiritual territory that is not talked about in front of mainstream congregations. As for the teachings of Jesus, he encouraged his followers to develop their direct connection to the Divine force. To paraphrase, it was He who said, “As I have done, you can do better.” 

The highest use of psychic ability is simply a direct access to the Creation Consciousness behind the curtain of material reality. When you stop to think about it, why would a loving Creator want to limit access to the guidance we need to live good lives? When Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” he spoke of the infallible inner connection to the Divine that we were all born with…and that’s the connection I utilize professionally to be of service to others.       

Q: I understand you have studied nearly all of the worlds religions, do you find one religion more accepting of Psychic abilities than the others

A:  Aside from the three Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) and their countless sects, there have been thousands of religions and religious beliefs across the planet and over time, many of these have based their beliefs on psychic-type methods of spiritual contact. Currently, the Eastern Religious traditions are the most accepting of psychic abilities. As you probably know, the 14th Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Like all Dalai Lamas before him, he was chosen by high lamas and an appointed oracle that fundamentally use psychic visions and spiritual gifts. And although not a formal religion, Native American shamanism is a spiritual practice that also fully allows for psychic perceptions in its belief system.

Q: How do your family and friends feel about what you do?

A:  They are very supportive.

Q: I know that you help people unlock their own Psychic ability. Do you believe everyone is Psychic?

A:  Absolutely! However, many don’t believe they are psychic because they have a limited idea of what “psychic ability” really means.

Among other things, psychic ability is about having a connection to spiritual reality, whether it’s about guidance or insight about something we aren’t consciously aware of…or about what’s going on behind the scenes. Human beings are eternal, spiritual Souls with physical bodies, and as spiritual souls, we all have an inborn ability to tap into spiritual guidance for our own lives, even if we don’t turn out to be professionals who get insight for others. So in the sense that we all have an ability to get spiritual guidance for ourselves and even our loved ones, we are all psychic. Intuition, gut instinct, and just making a sudden decision to do or not do something that keeps us out of trouble are examples of psychic ability.

The spiritual body is what the physical body is built upon; it’s a Lightbody blueprint for our physical selves. We call it an aura, and because it’s made of light the aura sends and receives constant messages in a non-linear way, and not with words. We can think of our aura as an energetic transmitter and receiver. In our physical experience, this will manifest as an impulse, a hunch, a sudden knowing and we may say, “That was from out-of-the-blue! Where did that come from?” Unless we are psychically trained, these experiences tend to happen at random. Professional psychics have learned how to use their spiritual “transponders” to tap into the differing levels of a vast knowledge base, pretty much on demand. As with art, music, etc., not everyone who seeks to develop their psychic ability will be a world-class seer, but everyone can at least learn the rudimentary basics of getting spiritual guidance. In other words, everyone has psychic ability! And like anything else in life, the more you practice, the better you’ll get!

Q: We all know about your ability to perceive aura’s, do you feel like a persons aura is a “tell all” about them?

A:  Yes, it is…up to a point. Psychics are most certainly not “gods” and certain information contained in the aura is outside of human comprehension and inaccessible, for a number of reasons. To invade another person’s space and privacy without their consent is frowned upon. The aura of another person must be approached with great respect and restraint, with a good measure of humility and love, and always with consent and just purpose. Otherwise, these abilities will be turned off; let’s say, by the higher powers we all have to account to. It is an enormous privilege to see another person’s sacred life energy; it’s not meant to give the clairvoyant a “psychic advantage” over others… or for “psychic spying.”  An analogy would be that when I  enter someone’s home who’s invited me, I look at what I have permission to see and I’m very respectful…I don’t snoop through their closets or break into their safe. That means my friends trust me because I’ve earned their trust and it’s the same way with Spirit: we are expected to follow spiritual protocol when doing spiritual work and having gained spiritual trust, we become even better clairvoyants.

Q: Your readings focus on the transcendent power of love, do you think “love trumps all”?

A:  In the ultimate reality, love is all there is. And yes, it is the ultimate power. In this dual (and difficult) physical reality, love is so misunderstood by so many that the greatest task at hand is to get people in touch with the genuine love within their own being. This is the source of deep and profound peace spoken about by people who have had Near Death experiences, who return to their bodies to report about the bliss and encompassing love they felt on the Other Side. Such is the realm that we originate from.

It’s here on Earth that we have to struggle to remember love. When we get in touch with that, we can overcome anything. In fact, with life’s greatest challenges, love is often the only way to rise up from the various destructions people face in their lives. It is the proverbial Phoenix principle, the rising up from the ashes into a new life, and is the source of all heroism and true greatness in the human condition. William James said, “Life is a grindstone, and whether it grinds a person down or polishes them up, depends on the stuff they are made of.” We are made of love, which is THE Divine energy, and when we realize that, nothing can take us down for good. Like that Energizer Bunny, when we’re charged up with the love of our Being, we can  keep on going, to fulfill our important, unique, and divine purpose in life.

Q: Why do you think that love is such a powerful energy force?

A:  This is a really deep question. I know that love is the most powerful force in the Universe because I’ve seen what it does every day. It is the ultimate healer.

To understand why love is so powerful, you have to know what definition of love we’re talking about, because there are many ideas about what love is. Most people don’t know it is Divine energy. Most of us think of love in terms of a strong liking, as in “I love chocolate!” or in the romantic and familial term, or in the sense of ownership over something. In that vein, we encounter great anguish when we experience the loss of love, that “something” we felt belonged to us but has been “taken away.” When our definition of love is so limited, we are devastated to lose a relationship or a situation. And this is because human beings long for love… and need to give love. We were made that way, and in fact as I’ve already said, love is the energy we are made of.

So when you understand love as the Creative Force that gives rise to all life, you can see how we are the proverbial person who runs around looking frantically for his hat…when it’s been on top of his head the whole time. We cannot be separated from love because we carry it within us and that’s where most people come up short. They don’t get that because this is just not taught to them. But there is a distinction between love as an energy and love as a human emotion, definitely.

On the collective human level, feelings of love pull us outside of our ego-centric ourselves, gives us unshakable purpose and makes us stronger than the circumstances that beset us. It engenders truthfulness, compassion, service, problem-solving, cooperation, peace, joy, happiness, beauty, balance, good health, and more. We need massive amounts of love in this world today to heal the human condition.

On the cosmic level, the energy of love is the Creative Principle of the Universe and is the First and Constant Reality. It has a frequency…an energetic signature…that can blast through all other frequencies. In higher love, all things are possible. Love is the power of Creation itself. What greater power is there? Think “God is love.” Think “Big Bang” and the unspeakable power of infinite suns. Wow. Now that’s real power!

Q: Anyone who has had a reading with you knows you are extremely compassionate with an uncanny ability to know exactly what someone is feeling. Does this ability distract you in everyday life? Can you tune it out?

A:  At times it can be difficult. We are all connected in the Greater Reality and so whether we’re aware of it or not, other people’s suffering affects all of us in one way or another. I just experience this in a more intimate way than most. But with years of experience behind me, I’ve learned to handle it professionally…most of the time!.

Q: Why did you choose to partner with Psychic Source to give readings?

A:   At last! An easy question! And an easy answer! Honesty. Integrity. Professionalism. Experience. Great psychics. Great company, doing good work to help my fellow human beings from all walks of life. I am deeply thankful for such a quality venue to offer my services and it’s a good time to thank Psychic Source for being there for so many people who depend on the very important services they provide!

Thank you so much for your time Hope, I really appreciate it! As always you have been insightful and honest. You’re a fantastic Psychic advisor!


Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Angela, Thank You for your website & interview with HOPE of Psychic Source. It has helped me to understand Myself, Better.
    I was born Adolf Kruger (u-2 dots over it) on Dec. 25, 1939, in Deutschland-Germany. On Aug. 18, 1952, we dropped the 2 dots in Canada. My Evolution as a being has been going on since my Birth. On Feb. 9,1995 at 03:46, I took back 1 dots and became AdlerWolf Krieger = EagleWolf Warrior, a Warrior of the SOUL, SPIRIT, ESSENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS & COMPASSION. I AM an EMPATH.
    I Believe in a government OF the People, BY the People, FOR the People & FOR All LIFE. I Fight for TRUTH, LIBERTY & JUSTICE. I AM a German-Canadian-TERRAN Citizen.
    Ich Liebe Alles Leben. LEBEN Geben. Ich Liebe Dich.
    All My LOVE. AdlerWolf Krieger

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