Interview with the Psychologist Psychic Andrew From Psychic Source

Angela: First I want to thank you for taking the time to sit down with us to answer a few questions.

Andrew: My pleasure.

Angela: When did you first realize you were more gifted than most people?

Andrew: As a child I could feel the presence of spirit, and it would frighten me.  The nervous energy flowed through me and upset my stomach to no end.  One day, spirit whispered into my ear—catching me off guard; it was a foreign yet familiar voice, and it initially froze me in a cold sweat. But the fear and trembling soon melted away, and I was left with burning compassion. The next day I could sense, with great detail, the problems that people around me were having, and I knew that I wanted to ease their suffering. I became vividly aware that I was different from others thereafter.

Angela: How do your family and friends feel about what you do? Are they supportive?

Andrew: My friends and family are extremely supportive of what I do. My grandmother was a healer, as was my great-grandmother; so, my parents have always encouraged me to develop my intuition and to be of service to others. My friends say that I help them make better decisions, and that’s extremely satisfying.

Angela: I understand you have lived all over the world, do you feel your multicultural background has helped you develop your gifts?

Andrew: Absolutely! My exposure to diverse cultures has made me acutely aware of the many ways that people all over the world make sense of reality. I have introduced myself to people from all walks of life, and that experience has now made it easier for me to connect with anyone—right away!

Angela: Clients rave about your dream interpretations, why do you suppose dreams hold the keys to so many of life’s mysteries?

Andrew: Our dreams reveal to us hidden fears and desires. Our dreams can indicate that something’s wrong with the life we are living. They supply us with a rich tapestry of symbolism and insight that, with the help of a skilled interpreter like me, our dreams can point us in the right direction. Dreams can also be precognitive, meaning that they can be foretelling what’s coming… Well, I can help you understand what that future is.

Angela: Do you find that your degree in Psychology helps you help your clients better?

Andrew: My Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and my Master’s degree in Psychology both compliment my gifts as a Psychic by allowing me to give my clients holistic readings. So, for example, if I detect that your energy is vulnerable because of the immense stress that you are dealing with, I can help you get that stress under control immediately so that we can focus on achieving clarity for you. Whether it’s a confusing relationship or an exhausting boss that has got you feeling drained, by controlling the stress and by gaining understanding, we will be able to see clearly what’s going on—we will be able to change the way you feel right away!

Angela: Some people feel Psychics can’t make a good connection over the telephone, do you feel the same?

Andrew: Not at all. In fact, quite the contrary; I believe that the voice reveals to us more truth than any other human behavior. When I used to work as a… well, basically as a human-lie-detector, I relied heavily on the voice in order to ascertain truth. The vibration that I get from the voice allows me to connect with the clients’ energy immediately. Voice is such an important aspect of my approach that I even use it in order to get into a meditative state prior to doing readings, either through singing or chanting.

Angela: Why did you choose to partner with Psychic Source to give readings?

Andrew: Psychic Source is the ideal partner for a Psychic that wants to do real good in the world. The clientele that Psychic Source connects me with never ceases to impress me; our clients are highly intuitive and open-minded, two attributes which allow for stronger and more profound connections. I chose to partner with Psychic Source because I have high standards, and Psychic Source has exceeded those expectations.

Angela: Where is Andrew going in life? Do you have any dreams you’d like to follow?

Andrew: Well, let’s see… I am very excited about continuing my journey with Psychic Source and making long-lasting connections with our awesome clients. I am also involved with an Animal Rights group, and we will soon be expanding our advocacy work. A dream of mine is to be an author one day, and since I’m psychic I already know that dream will reach fruition soon enough ☺

Angela: Thank you Andrew for your time, we look forward to speaking with you again!

Andrew: I look forward to it Angela.

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