Interview with the World Famous Ricky From Psychic Source

Hello Ricky! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions. Our readers have been begging for this interview for quite a while now.

RICKY: You’re welcome Angela, I happy to be here.

ANGELA: I understand you were born a Psychic. Do you feel Psychic ability can be learned by just anyone?

RICKY: I believe that we come into the world with a spark of Psychic abilities in our spiritual DNA. I’ve learned that it varies by degree with each person. It does tend to be a genetic predisposition in my family for at least a few generations that I know of.

ANGELA: How does your family and friends feel about what you do?

RICKY: My in-laws thought it was a bit odd, and every now and then I surprise them.  It’s different when they actually see a demonstration of my gift.  Most of my circle of friends are spiritually minded people, so they are very accepting. Not all of my family embraces it however. They knew I was “different” at four years old. Decades later it, it still “spooks” my step-mother.

ANGELA: You are one of the most talented Psychics I have spoken with at Psychic Source,  do you do anything to develop your Psychic gifts?

RICKY:  Beyond over forty years of practice, especially the last decade or so, I meditate with music. Usually with the piano, and I am active with the Spiritualist church.

ANGELA: Why did you choose to partner with Psychic Source to give readings?

RICKY:  Psychic Source is one of the very few companies that actually TEST their Psychics.  I’ve come to count the people that work there as friends.
They care about the psychics and the clients.  You can’t fake being Psychic or truly caring about people.  (At least not for long.) Psychic Source does more than promote me, they shine far above any other company I’ve known.

ANGELA: When you aren’t helping people, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

RICKY: I spend time with my family, gardening, haunting antique shops, cooking and playing with our companion animals.

ANGELA: Your readings are always spot on, does it take a lot of energy for you to provide readings?

RICKY: I’ve discovered that the more I do it, the more energy I have, the psychic connection between the client and myself is stronger,  which makes for more accurate the predictions.

ANGELA: Do you find it difficult to connect with clients over the phone?

RICKY: Not in the least!  Very often I will sense who I will be speaking to, often as the phone rings.  With a client I’ve consulted with previously, usually I’ll be thinking of them the day before.  I read the energy with the voice, so the telephone is an excellent method.

ANGELA: Its well known that you have thousands of happy clients all over the world. Do you feel like all people are basically the same regardless of nationality?

RICKY:  We are all children of the Divine, regardless of any cultural differences and backgrounds.  No matter where we are from, our needs are universal, to be understood, to heal and grow, and to be loved.

ANGELA: What’s in store for Ricky in the future? What are your goals and aspirations for the future?

RICKY: I need to finish the book I am writing, a cross between Harry Potter and Fried Green Tomatoes, if you can envision such a thing!
It’s really great.  And one day, when our child is an adult, move to Lily Dale, New York, the absolute Mecca of Mediumship.

ANGELA: Thank you Ricky for your time, we know you’re a busy man. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions.

RICKY: Glad I could help Angela, it’s been fun.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Hi, I had a wonderful Phychic in Peterburg , illinois She is well like. Due to sad news has come. Flo died in a car accident. Wednesday evening. She and another lady hit head on with both vehicle. She only charge $35.00 for an half hour. We are very very upset. She gave wonderful reading and didn’t tell anything bad. She said I am phychic. I had three things happen in my life never couldn’t understand. She was comingtohome town nd get together with coffee and meet my idential twin from Peoria, ill. I am scar to go to any phychic. She can’t be beat. Her name was Flo and she was 71 years and live in peterburg, Ill.

  2. Angela I was hoping to get your opinion on were a new reader – psychic that is should look for there first job on line. Been wondering. I am very clear in my readings with dates, times and locations as well as being a medium. Whats your advise please? Joshua

    • Hi Joshua,

      If you’ve never given readings for clients I would recommend trying to get friends and family to give readings to. This will help you get a feel for how a normal reading works. Even better call a few of the psychic lines (using free or cheap minutes) and get a reading from another Psychic. Best Wishes!

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