5 Things You Need To Know Before You Call A Psychic

Since more and more people are discovering the life changing benefits of consulting and getting readings from psychics, the paranormal, spirit medium and psychic field are booming now more than ever.

This is especially true in the month of October, when people consult mediums in order to connect with their deceased loved ones. As someone who has had her life changed for the better with the help of psychics, I wanted to share some tips for anyone thinking about getting a psychic reading.

Don’t Go In Expecting Specific Answers

It makes sense to want very detailed and specific questions answered by a psychic during a reading. You might be wondering about one thing and one thing only when you consult them, and psychics are very open to any questions that they are asked. However, this isn’t always the best idea.

Psychic informationYou shouldn’t only want a psychic reading if you’re trying to get a definitive answer to something very specific. Expecting this from your consult could result in a letdown.

This is because a genuine, talented psychic doesn’t give you information that comes from INSIDE them, they can only give you information that comes THROUGH them.

This makes it to where the psychic can’t control what they’re being spiritually guided to pass on to you and means that they may not be able to answer your exact question.

They only have the ability to give you the answers you NEED, not the answers you WANT, and the two can be completely different things. The good news is, whatever information they convey to you is going to be very important and transformative.

Allow The Psychic To Do Their Job And Lead The SessionPsychic guide

The fact is, you’re hiring a professional psychic for their time and spiritual energy. You need to let them do their job and let them guide the conversation in the direction that it needs to go.

A gifted psychic should be the one doing the majority of the talking and only asking you to confirm and verify the information they are being given about you.

If you use the reading as an emotional outlet to rant about your life story, vent about your problems, or just giving them any sort of personal overload, you will more than likely frustrate the psychic.

This is only true though if the psychic is authentic. If the psychic is a fraud, then you’ll only be making it easier for them to scam you by giving them way too much personal information. They can use all these personal details that you’ve given them to their advantage and be able to manipulate you and the reading. Let the psychic use his or her intuition and gifts to tell you what you need to hear.

Listen For Details That Only You Would Know

A genuine psychic will be able to provide you with random bits of information throughout the reading. These are usually strange and unique statements, phrases, or words that only you would know. This helps you confirm that the psychic is in fact making a good connection with you. Don’t go in to the reading expecting to hear exact “secret code words” or phrases that you and your deceased loved ones used to share.

Listen to psychicThe information that psychics receive might not be exactly what you were expecting, and sometimes it can even be the last thing you were expecting to hear from them.

For example, one time during a psychic reading, the psychic told me that she was connecting with my cousin who had passed away when we were both teenagers. I didn’t know what to believe until she told me that she kept getting images in her mind that revolved around trees.

A boy jumping out a tree, a boy inside a tree house, a boy climbing up a tree, etc. and it made sense because my cousin and I spent a lot of time together and his favorite thing was to scare the heck outta me by catching me off guard and jumping out of trees at me.

It would startle me so much every time and I never got used to it. This was a weird thing for the psychic to know and only confirmed everything else she told me during the reading.

It’s important to keep an open mind during a psychic consult and pay close attention to what they’re telling you. Some of it won’t make sense at the time because of something called “psychic amnesia”. This is a phrase used to describe not being able to remember a certain experience they are telling you about until afterwards.Memories

Memories come and go and your brain has to decide which ones are important enough to keep. Your brain may have erased a certain memory because it wasn’t a big deal for you, but it could have been a bigger deal to the person trying to reach you and meant more to them.

A lot of times, once you’re done with the reading and have had some time to decompress and process everything you heard, your memories will begin to resurface and you’ll understand afterwards what the psychic was referring to.

This is perfectly normal so don’t be surprised if something doesn’t make sense at the time of the reading.

Know The Difference Between A Psychic And A Psychic Medium

The basic rule of thumb here is that all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. A lot of people get the two confused and think they are one and the same. A medium is a psychic who has also been gifted with the ability to make contact with the spirits of those who have passed on. They can make a connection with them and communicate messages back and forth with them.

A psychic isn’t able to speak with the deceased, they only specialize in giving you information they receive intuitively about your life, your relationships, and what’s best for you on your Earthly journey. It’s a good idea to do your research in advance and learn whether the professional you’ll be having a reading with is a psychic medium or just a psychic.Psychics and psychic mediums

This will help you know what to expect, and will keep you from consulting a regular psychic if you’re trying to contact a loved one who has crossed over.

It’s also important to note that even if you schedule with a psychic medium in the hopes of contacting someone in particular, you need to keep an open-mind. You may end up receiving messages from someone totally different who you weren’t wanting to hear from.

It’s possible for an abusive stepparent or family member to come through instead of the person you were hoping for. Things like this usually happen for a reason, and it’s possible that you needed to hear from this abusive stepparent at this exact moment in your life to help you heal and move forward in your life.

Maybe they can’t rest because they feel horrible for how they treated you when they were alive and they want your forgiveness. Be open to this and consider accepting their apology, it can help you more than you know.

Don’t Be Afraid To End A Reading That Feels Wrong

You need to know that a genuine and trustworthy psychic will NEVER predict a tragedy, foretell your death, or promise you the winning lottery numbers. A reputable psychic will also never tell you that you have a curse placed upon you or someone you know and that the only way to remove it is to keep consulting with them and paying them money.

Psychic curse scamAlso, if a psychic starts charging you more and more each time you speak with them, hang up or run away fast, as this is a sign of a fraudulent psychic. Same goes for if they try to tell you that in order to fix your problems, you have to purchase additional tools and supplies on a consistent basis.

Examples of this would be, them wanting you to give them money so they can buy expensive candles, talismans, pendulums, or rare jewels and jewelry.

If at any point something about the psychic just doesn’t feel right or genuine- don’t be afraid to stop communication with them asap. You should also know that there are times when no matter what, the psychic just can’t make a good connection with you and your energy.

This happens for a number of reasons but the psychic should recognize that it just isn’t going to happen and should offer to end the session at no cost to you, or give you credit so that you can speak with a different psychic who might connect with your energy on a better level. If you can tell that a psychic isn’t on your same wavelength and can’t give you information about yourself, don’t let them fake their way through the reading just so they can keep charging you.Ending a fake psychic reading

It’s hard to explain in words, but you’ll know what it feels like if it ever happens to you. Don’t be afraid of calling their bluff and telling them you’re done with the session.

There are more things that are helpful to know before getting a psychic reading, but these are a good start. Always do your research and make sure that you are only contacting genuine, reputable online psychics.

I made mistakes in the past when I didn’t know what to look for and I have since learned a lot. I prefer to go with trustworthy psychic networks, such as these because they are verified and guaranteed. They never employ fraudulent psychics and all of the psychics’ work speaks for itself. I have referred several of my friends and family members and they have all had nothing but good things to say about their experience.


Angela Moore started Psychic Review Online in 2008. After being ripped off and deceived by a mother/daughter team and then having her life completely turned around by a real Psychic, she has dedicated herself to helping people avoid fake Psychics. Angela provides tips, psychic reviews, ratings and more on her website Psychic Review Online


  1. Avatar
    Willard B Bartels July 24, 2020

    I was scammed by a psychic who took almost $600 from my checking account. We talked about jazz musicians which I can
    do any day of the week for free here where I live. When I complained the organization had a supervisor talk to me. He sai he iistened to our conversation and it was legit and the charges would stand. SCAM! A psychic about jazz musicians! I don’t know who the group is only that I talked to Siren Rose. I am
    embarrassed to admit I was taken advantage of. Many would wonder what I was doing talking to a psychic in the first place.
    Hocus Pocus! I’ll never see that money.

  2. Avatar
    Still feeling cursed. April 02, 2021

    Hello Angela, Ross here. I found your website as I found that after I clicked on the ad on YouTube – who is your guardian angel – because I’d always secretly wanted to believe that there was such a thing. What I found there was Padre guardian angel and Angela guardian angel and Christin medium, offering a free reading etc. and sent to my email address fantastic predictions about my future… but then was told- after many emails- and ever increasing fees that I was cursed and that only by purchasing their products – at escalating fees – would be able to cure me, see when I was very young someone sent my family a small piece of stone that they ” stole ” from a sacred Australian Aboriginal site – Uluru or Ayers rock- probably the most sacred site on the continent and most likely had been protected by all manner of magic spells and curses on anyone who desecrated this special place. After this ” friend ” of the family posted this small piece of sandstone souvenir to us our lives started to be plagued by the most life life trashing stuff that followed us from place to place as we tried to escape this ” curse! ” ( in this country there is many others that have been ” victims ” of this ” powerful bad magic ” by similarly desecrating this place. Anyway… I’ve – many times ” said to my self ” what other explanation could there be for such weird and logic defying bad ” coincidences ? Enough that there was no way that I was ever going to pass my genes on- or my brother. So when the employees of sesame told me that I was the victim of a ” family curse ” ( I never mentioned it ) , I wanted to believe that they could ” cure me ” – clutching at straws here… but it went on and on getting more and more bizarre and costing more and more ( 2 K now… ) before I ” woke up ‘ to ” reality ” and realised that they were totally screwing with my head. It all happened in such an insidiously cunning and utterly ruthless fashion and that their business model redefines corruption in the sickest of ways.

    • Avatar
      Angela April 02, 2021

      Sorry to hear that Ross. They are exceedingly good at their craft, so don’t blame yourself too much. I’ve been in your same shoes. I’m happy to hear you finally saw through the whole fraud before they completely bankrupted you.

      I wrote some reviews about the Padre Messenger scam here as well as Angel Medium here. The worst part is, there are more and more of these scams popping up everyday.

  3. Avatar
    Ross. April 02, 2021

    Thank you for taking the time/effort to reply,Angela. Feel a bit less alone in this first time online scammed…yea, a 131 emails in 37 days!. ‘ product cost from $59. to $345. so yea, $1785. with $230. “owing”! Thank you again.

    • Avatar
      Angela April 06, 2021

      Expensive, but lesson learned. I’m happy I could help in some way Ross.


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