Does a Group Of Psychics Give A Better Reading?

When a person consults an expert for their opinion on a problem, especially a difficult or important one, it’s natural to want a second opinion to make sure the advice is correct. In the same way, a person who is looking for answers from a psychic may decide instead to consult with a group of psychics rather than a solo practitioner, hoping for advice they can rely on.

But will a group of psychics give a better, more accurate, or more reliable reading?

group of psychics

The answer to that question, as with many questions about psychic power, is intensely personal and depends largely on the individual looking for the reading. Before you decide to consult with a group of psychics, you have to ask yourself what exactly you are hoping for from your psychic reading.

One of the major benefits of the solo psychic reading is the bond between client and psychic. Many people appreciate the intense rapport that develops between them and their psychic, especially if it is someone they have consulted regularly over a period of time.

A solo session may make it easier for a client with deeply personal questions to open up, and ensures that any uncomfortable answers that are revealed in a session are only shared with one person. Psychic intuition often depends upon the openness of the client and their willingness to learn and explore, so it’s vital that the client be comfortable in the session.

If you find yourself nervous speaking in front of small groups, especially about yourself, you may find that a consultation with a group of psychics is just not for you. On the other hand, you may be the sort of person who is energized by talking with a group of people about your questions, and eager for more voices weighing in.

In that case, consulting with a group of psychics may allow you to open up and share more deeply, which will make for a better reading. If you thrive as the center of attention and are looking for several perspectives on your questions, a consultation with a group of psychics may be just the ticket.

Group consultations are going to be more expensive, just as it would be to consult with a panel of doctors or engineers rather than just one, but are likely to produce better results than going to one psychic after another and trying to consult them all individually.

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A Successful Psychic Reading Relies On Connection

Group of Psychics

Because a successful psychic reading relies on rapport and openness, it’s best to find a group of psychics who have worked together and respect each other. As in any field, psychics develop friendships, networks of contacts, and professional rivalries amongst themselves.

If you have a relationship with a psychic already, you may want to arrange a group consultation by asking her if there are other psychics she likes to work with. In that case, the psychic you know can act as the facilitator, helping to schedule the consultation and also serving as your introduction to the other psychics.

If you don’t have a particular psychic in mind, or your usual psychic is not interested in a group consultation, you should look for psychic networks or covens in your areas. Psychics who already know each other and work together are more likely to have a rapport with each other than strangers, and they may have experience already in group consultation.

In order to make the most of your group consultation, before your meeting you should speak with the psychics about what to expect during the session. Some psychic groups may prefer to work in concert, with one member serving as the mouthpiece while the others contribute their energy.

Others will have different psychics contribute their specific talents in different areas to the success of the group reading as a whole. Knowing ahead of time what to expect will prevent you from being disappointed if you expected to hear from many voices and instead hear only from the lead psychic.

Your psychic consultant may also have tips for you on how to prepare for your session. A group psychic consultation is an important event, and you may wish to get ready for it with meditation, ritual cleansing, or simply making sure you are well-rested and completely alert and energetic for the session.

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Remove Negativity

stop negativity

If you are responsible for providing the location for the consultation, you may wish to ritually cleanse the room you’ll be using as well, to ensure greater energy and less negativity. This is important with any sort of psychic consultation, but especially so when a group of people are assembled, with a greater potential for both positive and negative energy.

During the consultation itself, it’s important to remain open and relaxed. Group psychic consultations have the potential to leave a client feeling scrutinized or judged, or simply left out in a room where everyone else is sensing what they cannot. You must try and remain focused on the goal, and on the fact that everyone present is there to help you and teach you.

Different psychics may have different ideas and interpretations of what you say and what they perceive, which is entirely normal. You should look for common themes and patterns that repeat again and again to spot the most important psychic messages.

A good facilitator will help you make sense of what you are hearing, letting you gain a unified perception of the reading as a whole. It may be helpful after a reading to write down anything you heard that seems especially important or relevant.

Don’t feel discouraged if you can’t make a group reading happen, or if you have a group reading and it doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped.

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A Group Psychic Reading Isn’t Better Or Worse

A simultaneous reading from a group of psychics is not better or worse than a solo session, it is merely different. A second try with a different group may give you the results you’d hoped for, or perhaps you are more suited to one on one psychic consultations.

You may even want to try a group reading with several clients and one psychic, simply to experience that different sort of energy. One thing you should probably avoid is serial readings with a group of different psychics, one after another.

Not only is this likely to be more expensive than a group consult, it doesn’t allow for rapport-building for you or for the psychics you speak with. The frustration of relating your questions again and again could even inhibit the psychic’s ability to help you at all, leading to a wasted session.

The best psychic readings are almost always done between psychics and clients who have built familiarity and trust, and with a psychic whom the client feels totally open and comfortable. Whether this is best done with one psychic in a solo session or with a group of psychics in a large session all depends on what you as an individual feel comfortable with.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, and don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions. The job of the psychic is to answer questions and provide insights that teach you about yourself. Part of that is learning how to make the most of your psychic readings. With some boldness, a little creativity, and determination, you’re sure to find the style of reading that suits you best.

Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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