How Pet Psychics Help Us Cope With The Death Of A Pet

Losing a beloved pet or having to make the difficult decision to euthanize them in order to end their suffering can be extremely devastating. In addition to the loss of the pet, there is usually also a feeling of confusion and deep heartfelt questions that we ask ourselves.

Fortunately, there is something we can do to help us make some of the more painful choices and answer any doubts we have regarding the passing of our pet, as well as provide comfort to us when our pet does cross the rainbow bridge.

Consulting a pet psychic is one of the best things we can do for ourselves during this difficult time. Gifted pet psychics and animal communicators are available to help both the owner and the pet during this trying time. They offer indispensable help and insight about the spiritual nature of a pet’s consciousness, both here and on the other side.

I have personal experience with this, having lost my precious dog several years ago. During my time of need I consulted two different pet psychics at Psychic Source and their insight was so valuable to me. I thought I would share some of what we spoke about with you.

Knowing When It Is Time
Pet loss

The first psychic I consulted, told me that when pets and animals are ready to pass on to the afterlife, they know for sure that it is going to happen about one to two days before they leave us. Before that time, about two weeks before, they begin to an idea that their time is coming up soon and they give their owners signs that they will soon be leaving us. These are called memory moments.

Because the pet knows how hard their passing will be on their owner, they usually try to distance themselves in order to separate their energy from them in the hope of making it a little bit easier. Even in their final days, our pets are still thinking about our well-being more than themselves.

Since the owner usually isn’t aware of what will happen, they often miss these memory moments. The pet usually does something completely out of character for them that catches their attention. After the pet has passed, the owner can usually think back on those two weeks before and remember this unique moment.

Many times, a dog will sit right in front of their owner and stare into their eyes. The owner can tell that something is different during the 24 to 48 hours before they pass.

Pet lossThe dog draws in their energy during this transition period, and this causes their ears and paws to feel cold. When an animal is ill, you can hold their paw and ask them if they are ready to go. More often than not, you can hear the answer to that question deep within your heart.

The second psychic I consulted told me that there are ways to know if your dog is ready to go or not and how to help them prepare. This is especially helpful if you can tell that your dog is nearing the end of its life and you don’t want to see it suffer, but you also don’t know if you should interfere with humane euthanization or let the illness runs its course and have more time with them.

For my particular case, she suggested that I communicate with my dog as much as possible. That I share as much of my faith and knowledge with them as often as I can. She told me that animals are extremely attuned to the spiritual realm and can easily grasp the reality of afterlife. She also said that pets will distance themselves from us when the time gets closer, as to make it easier for us when they do pass, just like the first psychic told me.

When A Pet’s Death Is Sudden

Life fateThe first psychic I spoke to believes that even sudden deaths are usually planned. It was written in their code as soon as they were born, it was their fate essentially.

He also believed that sometimes sudden deaths can be lessons for the owner in one way or another because pets can be guardian angels that have taken the form of an animal and are here to guide us and teach us.

When asked about sudden deaths, the second psychic said that her experiences with these kinds of passings have been fascinating. “Sometimes a dog will run into traffic that has never done that before- just out of the blue,” she said. “Sometimes what that is- they have a job to do on the other side, often to help someone else cross over.”

Animals Reincarnate Too

A lot of people believe in reincarnation, and the findings of doctors in the scientific field, such as Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Brian Weiss, support this belief. So, if humans can reincarnate, is it possible for your pet to also be able to? Animal psychics all agree that yes, they absolutely can.

Just like with humans, animal reincarnation is about evolution of the soul. The first psychic I spoke to believes that only about 30 to 40 percent of pets reincarnate. He told me that the animals who do reincarnate, have a job to help you and that if they don’t come back, you can be reunited with them in the spirit dimension.

He advised me that when our pets are on the other side, they are still your pet but a mind-only pet, not a physical one. They are part of your soul’s journey and that is why they reincarnate. The reason for their reincarnation is to help you keep learning valuable lessons and to be a part of your soul’s journey moving forward.

A mind-only pet is a pet spirit and guardian angel who is going to be with you for the rest of your life, guiding you.Pet guardian angel

When pets reincarnate, they can reincarnate in the same life and more than once. When the first psychic I spoke to sees a pet moving onto the other side, they tell him whether or not they will reincarnate and if so, when they will do so.

He said they are very specific with the details of their reincarnation, even describing markings and colorings they will have in their new form. He told me that people and their pets can reincarnate with each other in different lives as well, thanks to the soul-to-soul connection they have with each other.

The second psychic I spoke to has dedicated a large portion of her psychic gifts helping people find their reincarnated pet in some astonishing ways. She does however caution her clients on the importance of letting go of the past. “In terms of people who are mourning their dog, reincarnation is tricky in the grieving process because you have to let the past go- you have to realize that it’s a different life, it’s not seamless,” she told me.

She said that the reincarnation process can take longer for people who are desperate to be reunited with their pet, people who tell her things like “I NEED [so and so] back in my life’. She believes that for them, the delay in reincarnation is the universe’s way of telling them that they need to move on.

However, she does say that there are exceptions sometimes. She has had clients contact her who are experiencing great pain and are desperate to connect with their dog again and she has been able to contact their dog in the spirit world.Pet reincarnation

The dog will give her the name of a city or a landmark where a shelter or adoption event is happening and when the client follows those leads, they are able to find their reincarnated pet very quickly. Everything falls into place perfectly for them.

Sometimes a reincarnated pet will look exactly like its former self, and sometimes it will look nothing like it. They will however, always show some sort of proof that supports that feeling that you just “know” it’s them. Some examples of this are that the pet will have similar behavioral traits, similar personality, the same quirky habits, or settle in to your home abnormally fast.

The Moment A Pet Passes 

Both psychics told me that pets are okay as soon as they travel from the physical plane to the spiritual one. The minute they pass to the other side, they are free of pain and feel calm and at peace. They are here with us in spirit as soon as they leave the body behind.

Signs Your Pet Is Giving You From The Other Side

Pet spiritMost people have heard stories, or even experienced it themselves, of receiving signs of communication from family or friends who have passed. Just like human spirits, our pets can send us signs as well.

Our pet can come to us in the form of a spirit that we can’t see but that we can feel. They do this to comfort us. They have different ways of letting us know they are with us.

Maybe we hear the sounds they used to make, such as purring and barking, or their little dream noises they used to make while sleeping. Perhaps we hear the clinking of their collar, or the rattling of their food bowl. We might tell ourselves that we are just imagining this but that isn’t the case.

Your pet is trying to show you that their spirit is still there with you. Sometimes they come to us in our dreams or we cross paths with objects that are directly related to our late pet.

Maybe their name comes up in random and unexpected ways, or all of a sudden, you keep seeing other dogs wearing the same exact sweater you loved putting on your dog- one that you never used to see other dogs wearing before.

A lot of times we can feel them beside us, and we can sense that they are with us. They send us signs and are right there with us as soon as they pass into the afterlife, we just have to be receptive of them.

The Two Most Common Questions We Ask After Loss Of A PetPet heaven

The pet psychics both told me that people who loved their pets dearly usually have two main questions when their pet passes: Was their pet in pain and are they okay where they are now?

Both psychics assured me that the answers are always the same- No, they did not experience pain as they travelled from the physical plane to the afterlife, and yes, they are okay- better than okay as a matter of fact since they are pain free and at peace.

Why Should I Consult A Pet Psychic?

Pet psychics and animal mediums have the unique ability of being able to communicate with animals and helping both owner and pet go through the transition process. They can also shed light on why your pet is sick, when it is time for them to leave us on the physical plane, and the various reasons for a sudden passing.

Knowing these things and having guidance makes the transition easier and allows us to better cope with the death and move forward. In a heartbreaking situation like this, we can use all the help we can get. Do not be afraid to seek emotional guidance from a trusted psychic, you owe it to your pet to heal and be happy learn to be happy again- it’s what they would have wanted for you.



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