How To Choose The Right Psychic Advisor For You

Ok, you have decided to have a psychic reading done, or maybe you have sought the advice of a psychic before and want to try it again.

The big question is how do you choose a psychic? You don’t want to get scammed. You’re paying good money to get an insight and the last thing you need is to hear

“You’re stars are not aligned”

“You are looking for something or trying to figure out something in your life”

Pardon me for saying … well DUHHH! That’s why I’m calling you in the first place! The first thing you need to do is a little searching.

Don’t be fooled by smooth talk, some true psychics have expensive websites, some were made by the Psychics themselves.

It’s what the the Psychic says that makes them good or not. Not all Psychics are the same, each one has their own special talents and their own way of giving the reading.

All Psychics are born with the gift, some discovered it early in their lives and others only realized it after a life changing event. Once they discover their ability they can train to better use them.Psychic tools

Some psychics use tarot cards, runes or tea leaves. Some psychics sit quietly and channel information from Spirits.

How they conduct their reading does not matter, what matters is whether you got some answers to your questions.

A real, authentic psychic is always going to be doing a reading for you because they honestly want to help you with your life path.

The majority of genuine psychics aren’t getting filthy rich from giving psychic readings.

Some psychics are better off financially than others but usually this is because of their own investments and not the readings.

Next, be sure to look at testimonials. Yes, I know testimonials could be made up, but that is highly illegal and no good psychic would need to create fake praise.

Websites like Psychic Source allow clients to leave feedback about psychics so you can see how other customers saw them.

You should also read their website. Look for key words and phrases like “nonjudgmental”, “we help you make informed decisions” or “let me help you through your journey.”

If you ever see a psychic that says “I will tell you what to do.” or something similar, run away! You need a psychic that truly wants to help you, and not just help themselves to your money.

Look out for these psychic scam warning signsPsychic scams

  • Beware of anyone that tells you they can solve all your problems. This is a cold faced lie. A real psychic can only guide you to solve your own problems. Even though life may seem overwhelming no one can solve all your problems for you.
  • Beware of any psychic that adds on more charges than what you agreed to pay. I’m not talking about a psychic that charges more for additional time and services, I’m talking about ones that say “I just lit a candle for you, you owe me money.”
  • Beware of any psychic who even mentions “curses.” There is no such thing as a curse. Nothing in your life is out of your control, and a curse preys on the fact that you are powerless to make changes in your life. Psychics that use curses to create fear are only doing one thing … milking you out of all your money.
  • Beware of psychics that tell you that you need regular readings in order to achieve your path. If you choose to accept more guidance that is ok, however a psychic advisor should never tell you that you need to call them before you make any decisions. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, but you need to live your own life. A good psychic does not want their clients to become completely dependent on them for every decision you have to make.
  • Avoid psychics that tell you they know, for sure, what your future holds. Because we all have “free will” your future isn’t determined yet. When a psychic see’s something in your future, either good or bad, you have control over it. You decide whether or not you will let it happen.

The key when looking for a psychic is that you still need to live your own life. You ultimately have to make your own decisions.

Psychics are meant to be guides and helpers, they can not make your decisions for you.

If you have a decision to make a psychic can tell you what the possible outcome of the decision could be. They cannot however tell you which decision you should make, that’s completely up to you.

True psychics want to help you on your journey through life, help make your life easier and give you some insights. Psychics should never scare you with curses, that’s not why God blessed them with their gift.

Take a look at my recommended psychics, and find a psychic advisor that works for your benefit.


Angela Moore started Psychic Review Online in 2008. After being ripped off and deceived by a mother/daughter team and then having her life completely turned around by a real Psychic, she has dedicated herself to helping people avoid fake Psychics. Angela provides tips, psychic reviews, ratings and more on her website Psychic Review Online


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    nitzalobiance August 21, 2017

    There are Pros and Con’s to both having readings at a large site and Private Psychics.
    A psychic site pays their psychics less, therefore they do in fact stay on much longer than they should, and popular ones very often do not take breaks in-between calls. By far that is not an optimal reading for anyone. At the very least they need to clear the energy.
    There is also a high level of stress put on someone working a site because their next reading depends on the rating they get from “this” reading, and I do have to say that It is at times unfair. While client’s need to know who is real, and good, I feel a five-star rating should be enough. Some of the things said are just irrelevant to the reading they had. The good part is there is always a reader available. There is always a fixed Schedule. Most of the time you can receive your money back if not satisfied, and no matter what time you want a reading, someone will be there. there is a nice feeling of camaraderie you will find on a good and genuine site. I feel the psychic source is one of them.

    If you try an independent Psychic, the downside is they are not always online when you want a reading. You need to make an appt. Usually, someone will recommend them to you so you have a sort of comfortability that they are real. If you aren’t acquainted with them, read their bio, don’t just glance and call. If they said they worked here, or have a show here etc… look it up, ( don’t kill yourself 🙂 but try to see if it adds up. Just as anywhere, your psychic should be able to read you in at least 5 mins or give you something concrete. Most of them use a minute by minute pay. Some use packages with 12, 30, 45, min blocks of time. So, you can try for a 15 min. The good points are: If they are in business for a long time, they have to be pretty good. It means they have been able to remain working independently for years, generating their own clients. They do not ever worry about ratings or comments. The only thing that ever happens is letters from people who loved the readings. Those that didn’t write mean ones. They just don’t come back. SO there isn’t that kind of pressure on the reader. He or She can take as many breaks as they need to make sure they are clear and ready for your reading. They can set their own prices which are usually less than you end up paying at a site because the independent psychic gets all of it. The one working on a site does not. I tend to speak about this a lot on air because I don’t understand the contention between the two. It’s all good. It’s just a matter of what you need at the moment.

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      Angela August 21, 2017

      Great summary! Thank you for sharing that information.

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    Linda Gorman-Bellome October 12, 2017

    This is really a question. I’ve received a mailing from New Hope Emporium and the psychics name is Angela Moore, located in Los Angeles, Calif. She/they are offering a Ritual of the Sacred Flame, Prayer of Protection mass, Eternal Prayer of Miracles all for what seems to be the going rate of $25! I’m guessing now this isn’t you?! Are all of these mailings bull? I also received an email from Christin who was offering a contact using the power of Friday the 13th, this Friday for $20. I’m ashamed to admit that I had tried to purchase it, but, my debit card would not go through. My bank called me to see if I had been the one trying to make a purchase and informed me that it came up as a telemarketing site! I’m glad it didn’t go through! Do you have any listings of online psychics that are safe or unsafe to use? Thanks for any information you can share with me! Linda

    • Avatar
      Angela October 12, 2017

      Hi Linda,

      Its not me, unfortunately this fake Psychic has taken my name in order to dupe people. Fortunately your card didn’t go through! You can see my recommended psychics list for a company that hires legitimate Psychics if you’re interested in a real Psychic reading.

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        Cherry may Zaportiza January 05, 2019

        yes I want to connect a legitimate psychic.

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    Beverly November 03, 2017

    I am being contacted by psychic online named Bethesda. She has been talking about some dates a d the dates do hAve.meaning for me. She keeps trying to sale me talismans to make the good things happen. I fear she us looking my social media. Is she real or a scam.

    • Avatar
      Angela November 06, 2017

      I assume you’re talking about Bethea. She is most definitely a scam Beverly. Stay away!

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    Christy January 30, 2019

    Can you tell me anything else you have heard about a psychic named Marina in Woodbridge besides the article the Star did? Thank you. Doing research on fraudulent psychics in Toronto area. Her name has come up. Wondering what you have heard.

    • Avatar
      Angela February 04, 2019

      Hi Christy,

      I’m sorry I’m not familiar with that Psychic.


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