How To Choose The Right Psychic Advisor For You

Ok, you’ve decided to have a psychic reading done, or maybe you have sought the advice of a psychic before and want to try it again. The big question is how do you choose a psychic? You don’t want to get scammed.

You’re paying good money to get insight and the last thing you need is to hear is: “You’re stars are not aligned”. “You are looking for something or trying to figure out something in your life” Pardon me for saying but…DUHHH! That’s why I’m calling you in the first place!

In order to avoid this type of psychic reading, you need to do a little searching. Do your research and don’t be fooled by smooth talk or the promise of a “free” reading. Don’t worry about what the psychic looks like, what gender they are, their age.

The only thing that matters is whether the psychic is truly gifted or not. This is what will make or break your reading.

All Psychics Are Not Created Equal

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All Psychics are born with their gift, some discovered it early in their lives and others only realized it after a life-changing event. Once they discover their abilities they can train to use them better.

Some of the best psychics available have spent a large part of their lives honing their skills. They’ve mastered their gifts and have helped thousands of people find solutions to their problems. Not all Psychics are the same, they all have different talents and ways of giving a reading.

Some psychics use tarot cards, runes or tea leaves. Some use crystal balls, crystals or automatic writing. Others sit quietly and channel information from Spirits. They are known as mediums and have the ability to elevate their frequency to that of the spirit world.

It’s important to note that while all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums. Not every medium was born with this unique skill. Most psychics use their heightened sense of perception, powerful intuition, and powerful instincts to help people.

How a psychic conduct their reading doesn’t matter too much. What matters is whether or not they were able to help you. Whether they were able to answer your deepest questions. If they led you out of the darkness and into the light.

If their guidance and advice helped you find a solution to your problems. Whether or not they were able to help you with that major life decision.

Pay Attention To How Much They’re Charging

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Authentic and trustworthy psychics give readings because this is their life’s calling. This is what they feel a strong desire in their heart to do. How wasted their unique gifts would be if they decided this was too much work and hid it away from the world!

Real psychics honestly want to help people with their lives. They know how confusing life can be and want to enlighten and guide others towards their truth. I know it would be nice if they could do this for free and not charge a penny.

The truth is, most genuine psychics aren’t getting filthy rich from giving psychic readings. Sure, some psychics are better off financially than others but usually, this is because of their own investments and not the readings.

The fact is, aside from their gifts, psychics are regular people like you and me. They still have mortgages, bills, and need to eat and clothe themselves. Why go work somewhere where their gifts are squandered when they could use their skills to make a living while helping others?

If a psychic isn’t part of an online network or psychic site, they might be tempted to charge crazy amounts for their services. This is just one of the reasons I only get my readings from the online psychic sites on my reviews page. They have a pre-set per-minute rate that is set by the network.

This rate is given before the reading even takes place so there are no surprises. They can’t decide to raise the price once the reading has begun. You can calculate how much money you want to spend on the reading and set your timer from there. This saves you from getting blindsided by a huge bill.

Research And Read Up On Them

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Next, be sure to look at testimonials. Yes, I know testimonials could be made up, but that is highly illegal and unethical. Genuine psychics follow a code of ethics and they would get in trouble if they were caught. Besides, no honest psychic would need to create fake praise. Their work speaks for itself. Read reviews, testimonials, and profiles of any psychics you’re interested in.

Websites like Psychic Source allow clients to leave personal feedback about psychics. This allows you to see how other customers saw them. Read the experiences others had with them and decide if they’re right for you. You’d be surprised how many people might have contacted them for the exact reason you’re wanting to. See how they helped them and how satisfied they were.

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You should also read their website. Look for keywords and phrases like “nonjudgmental”, “we help you make informed decisions” or “let me help you through your journey.” If you ever see a psychic that says “I will tell you what to do.” or something similar, run away! You need a psychic that truly wants to help you, and not won’t just boss you around. You need to be a major part of the process and decision-making.

5 Psychic Scam Red Flags


A psychic promising they can solve all your problems.

This is a bold faced lie. A true psychic can only guide you to finding solutions to your own problems. They walk with you throughout the process every step of the way giving guidance the whole time.

Even though life can be overwhelming, no one can solve all your problems for you. Not even the most gifted psychic.

A Psychic who adds extra charges.

I’m not talking about a psychic that charges more for additional time and services. I’m talking about the ones that say “I just lit a candle for you, you owe me money.”

Or the ones that say, if you want me to do this for you, I’m going to need something more valuable from you. Stick to online psychic sites who don’t allow this kind of behavior.

A psychic who mentions “curses” or “spells”.

There is no such thing as a curse. Nothing in your life is out of your control. There are no evil spirits following you around for past actions Karma yes, but not a curse.

Curse prey on the fact that you are powerless to make changes in your life. Psychics that use curses to create fear are only doing one thing- milking you out of all your money.

A Psychic who tells you how often to consult them.

Beware of psychics that tell you that you need regular readings in order to achieve your path. If you choose to accept more guidance, that’s totally fine. However, a psychic advisor should never be dictating to you how many times a week to talk to them.

They should also never make you think you need to call them before you make any and all decisions. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, but you need to decide when and how often you need it. A psychic who tries to control your sessions is trying to make you dependent on them and you should run.

A Psychic who claims to know what your future holds.

Anyone who promises to know your exact future is lying to you. Your future isn’t pre-determined because you have “free will”. If a psychic senses something in your future, whether it’s good or bad, you still have control over it.

You can decide if you want to let it happen or not. You can always make decisions that alter your future. Don’t fall for a psychic that tells you it’s set in stone.

The main thing when choosing a psychic is finding one who wants you to live your life. One that helps you in making decisions but doesn’t try to make them for you. You ultimately have to decide what’s right for you. Psychics are meant to be guides and helpers, not bosses or rulers. If you have a decision to make a psychic can use their skills to help you make the best decision possible.

They can help you see how each option will play out and then you can decide which one you prefer. They should not be trying to force you to do anything. True psychics want to help you on your journey through life, help make your life easier and give you valuable insights.

Trustworthy psychics will never use scare tactics on you. They won’t threaten you with curses or bad luck. They won’t give you one price and then turn around and charge you another. They’ll never try to schedule themselves into your calendar.

You’ll know when you found the right psychic by the way they’ll make you feel. You should feel comfortable, open, and not judged during the reading. Afterward, you will feel a lot more at peace than you did before. You will feel enlightened and ready to tackle your obstacles. You’ll feel confident in the decision they helped you make.

Take a look at my recommended psychics below for help finding the best psychic advisor for you.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. There are Pros and Con’s to both having readings at a large site and Private Psychics.
    A psychic site pays their psychics less, therefore they do in fact stay on much longer than they should, and popular ones very often do not take breaks in-between calls. By far that is not an optimal reading for anyone. At the very least they need to clear the energy.
    There is also a high level of stress put on someone working a site because their next reading depends on the rating they get from “this” reading, and I do have to say that It is at times unfair. While client’s need to know who is real, and good, I feel a five-star rating should be enough. Some of the things said are just irrelevant to the reading they had. The good part is there is always a reader available. There is always a fixed Schedule. Most of the time you can receive your money back if not satisfied, and no matter what time you want a reading, someone will be there. there is a nice feeling of camaraderie you will find on a good and genuine site. I feel the psychic source is one of them.

    If you try an independent Psychic, the downside is they are not always online when you want a reading. You need to make an appt. Usually, someone will recommend them to you so you have a sort of comfortability that they are real. If you aren’t acquainted with them, read their bio, don’t just glance and call. If they said they worked here, or have a show here etc… look it up, ( don’t kill yourself 🙂 but try to see if it adds up. Just as anywhere, your psychic should be able to read you in at least 5 mins or give you something concrete. Most of them use a minute by minute pay. Some use packages with 12, 30, 45, min blocks of time. So, you can try for a 15 min. The good points are: If they are in business for a long time, they have to be pretty good. It means they have been able to remain working independently for years, generating their own clients. They do not ever worry about ratings or comments. The only thing that ever happens is letters from people who loved the readings. Those that didn’t write mean ones. They just don’t come back. SO there isn’t that kind of pressure on the reader. He or She can take as many breaks as they need to make sure they are clear and ready for your reading. They can set their own prices which are usually less than you end up paying at a site because the independent psychic gets all of it. The one working on a site does not. I tend to speak about this a lot on air because I don’t understand the contention between the two. It’s all good. It’s just a matter of what you need at the moment.

  2. Reply
    Linda Gorman-Bellome October 12, 2017 at 6:04 am

    This is really a question. I’ve received a mailing from New Hope Emporium and the psychics name is Angela Moore, located in Los Angeles, Calif. She/they are offering a Ritual of the Sacred Flame, Prayer of Protection mass, Eternal Prayer of Miracles all for what seems to be the going rate of $25! I’m guessing now this isn’t you?! Are all of these mailings bull? I also received an email from Christin who was offering a contact using the power of Friday the 13th, this Friday for $20. I’m ashamed to admit that I had tried to purchase it, but, my debit card would not go through. My bank called me to see if I had been the one trying to make a purchase and informed me that it came up as a telemarketing site! I’m glad it didn’t go through! Do you have any listings of online psychics that are safe or unsafe to use? Thanks for any information you can share with me! Linda

  3. I am being contacted by psychic online named Bethesda. She has been talking about some dates a d the dates do hAve.meaning for me. She keeps trying to sale me talismans to make the good things happen. I fear she us looking my social media. Is she real or a scam.

  4. Hello
    Can you tell me anything else you have heard about a psychic named Marina in Woodbridge besides the article the Star did? Thank you. Doing research on fraudulent psychics in Toronto area. Her name has come up. Wondering what you have heard.

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