My Psychic Was Wrong, Does That Mean They’re a Fake Psychic?

There are many reasons why your psychic may have made an inaccurate prediction. The least likely of these reasons is that your psychic is not genuine. Skepticism of anything supernatural is so rampant today that it is more profitable for charlatans to beg on street corners than pose as psychic advisers.

Only those that truly feel a calling to do this work stay in business for long. The best of those will have a regular clientele from which they will generate lots of word-of-mouth referrals that keep them in business.

Free Will: The Most Common Cause of Inaccurate Psychic Readings

free will

What would be the point of peering into the future if you were still helpless to bend destiny to your will? Most inaccurate psychic predictions are a result of changing circumstances and free will. Suppose, for example, that you had worked incredibly hard to impress your boss and gain an important promotion at your job.

Your psychic advised you that the coveted position would be yours. You breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the promotion is in the bag and slack off at work. Three months later the promotion is awarded to one of your co-workers. You wonder how your psychic could have made such a grievous error.

Not all such inaccurate predictions end in unhappiness. Suppose your psychic warned you that your spouse was unhappy in marriage and was seeking an affair. Concerned for the sake of your marriage, you sought marital counseling and the prediction never came true.

Inaccurate predictions like the one are not the goal of every psychic. Psychic advisers are like sailors that sat in the Crow’s Nest of old ships centuries ago. They see rocks in the waters ahead and issue the pilot a warning to change his course. When the pilot changes his course to avoid the rocks, does it make the sailor in the Crow’s Nest blind, wrong or just a liar because the ship didn’t crash? Of course not.

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How Negativity Affects Psychic Readings

stop negativity

Disbelief or skepticism about the supernatural in general can send you tumbling headlong into a spiral of inaccurate readings and ever increasing skepticism. The only way to approach a psychic reading is with an open heart, an open mind and with childlike trust that the supernatural is indeed very real.

If you cannot bring this much to the table, even the most talented and genuine of psychics will not be able to accurately divine your future. This effect is comparable to the “self fulfilling prophecy”, whereby certain actions lead to an outcome perceived to be inevitable.

It is like telling yourself that there is no point in studying for an important math test because you are awful at math and you know you are going to fail the test miserably anyway. Then, of course, when you take that math test you fail it because you did not study.

Your failure may further reinforce your belief that you are bad at math. The truth, that you are just as capable of passing the test as anyone else in the classroom, is irrelevant. You have already made up your mind that you are going to fail. Psychics are extremely sensitive to this sort of negativity.

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Long Psychic Readings Are More Accurate

Love psychic

If you only had five minutes to skim a novel, how much would you be able to tell someone about it later? Probably not very much. Likewise, a good psychic reading takes time. Your life, past, present and future, is far more complex than any novel ever written. To put this into perspective, most quick readings are only 10 minutes in length.

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You can increase the accuracy of your psychic readings by meeting with your adviser regularly

meet psychic

You will develop a relationship with your adviser through these regular meetings that allows your psychic to tune in more quickly and see more clearly. Skipping from one adviser to another, looking for a “real” psychic, is counter productive.

You will likely never get a highly accurate reading that way. If you find an adviser you really click with and stick with him or her regularly, in no time at all you will find yourself telling all of your friends how eerily accurate your last reading was.

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How to Find a Real Psychic Adviser

psychic scams

Everyone, even you, has some latent psychic ability. Some are just naturally better at tapping into their abilities and others have learned to compensate through years of training, meditation and practice.

That said, finding a real psychic adviser is no challenge at all. The trick is in finding an adviser that works well with you as an individual. The following five tips will help you select a psychic adviser.

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Read Psychic Reviews On The Web

psychic reviews

Sites like mine that let you read customer ratings and reviews before you call a psychic are an invaluable resource. I only wish something like this was available when I first started consulting psychics. Be sure to read the customer reviews left on my site, this will help you find a good psychic the first time around.

Doing a simple search on Bing, Yahoo or Google will give you an idea of how good a psychic is. If you don’t find any information at all about your Psychic reader it may not be a bad thing but it’s an indication they haven’t been giving readings long. Experienced readers should have a lot of comments posted online about them.

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Put Aside Your Skepticism


You do not have to become an unquestioning automaton to get an accurate psychic reading. However, you do have to believe in the supernatural and have faith that psychics can, in general, give accurate readings. If you find yourself doubting one particular psychic, keep looking until you find one that you can believe in.

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Ask Friends for Recommendations


Your friends are an excellent source of referrals for local psychics. They can provide first-hand accounts detailing how psychic advice has saved relationships, helped them find ways to improve job performance and stopped them from investing in bad business deals. You might be surprised to find how many of your friends will not make major life-altering decisions without first consulting their psychic adviser.

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Ask About the Psychic’s Spiritual Beliefs

christian psychics

Psychics come from all walks of life. Many are Christian or Pagan. Some practice Judaism or Islam. These different faiths have their own individual outlooks on divination, the afterlife and other issues that may arise during a psychic reading. You may find it comforting if your psychic adviser shares your spiritual beliefs.

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Ask for a Short 10-Minute Sample Reading

A brief 10-minute sample reading is useful in determining whether or not you click with a psychic adviser on a personality level. For reasons explained elsewhere in this article, this brief reading should not be used to gauge the legitimacy of the psychic. Some psychic advisers may be willing to offer this brief reading free of charge. Most will expect to be compensated for their time.

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Trust Your Own Intuition to Guide You

Your intuition will rarely fail you if you learn to listen and act upon it. If you are searching for a psychic adviser with an open heart and an open mind, you will know when you have found the right one.

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No Psychic Adviser is 100% Accurate

perfect psychic

Is the cashier at the grocery store any less a cashier because she makes an error in tallying your bill? What about the actress who must occasionally be prompted for her lines. Is she any less an actress because her memory is just as fallible as anyone elses?

No psychic reader, even the best psychics, are ever accurate 100% of the time. Psychics, like everyone else, have their bad days and will give the occasional off reading. I

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Just because your Psychic was wrong, or their predictions didn’t come true doesn’t mean they are fake

Many times predictions don’t come true because of outside events. Remember your future isn’t written in stone, Psychics see your future based on the path you’re currently taking in life. You have the ability to change that path at any time.

It’s one of God’s great gifts to man, free will. It’s such an amazing gift that Satan himself became jealous of man’s free will and was cast from heaven because of it. Sometimes you need to take a step back and ask yourself: “What did I do to change this prediction?”

Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Psychic Source is indeed a great conglomeration of psychics. But I tried California Psychics today (wanted the $10 ten minute reading for first timers…) and the psychic was awesome…at least as good than P.S. (I only say that because she dove straight into my problem and advised who to see for help). She said it sounded like I have ADHD.

    The only thing: she said I would ‘probably not’ be bumping into the man who obsessed over me/and now I obsess over him. Psychic Source, every one of them, said that he will reappear in my future…and I feel this way too. It makes sense that he would seek me out, if only to discuss what happened and why on the job. He was interested in me before, and I think this interest is still there but he does not understand it…and neither do I !

    Also it would be to his karmic benefit to look me up. He will be retiring in a few months. Whether he can reach me by my work email, home email, or ‘casually arrange’ a bump-into…I believe we both need to get together to talk it all over. It will cleanse our souls and our minds.

    Perhaps this psychic at California Psychics (Meredith) did not want to offset or upset me by telling me what she really saw in the future between he and I.

    Barbara and Mandy from Psychic Source both said I would definitely see him…circumstances changed on this end (work site) so the time frame for this get-together changed. Since I am no longer at the work site but may re-enter in late Oct/early Nov., Barbara, also from PSYCHIC SOURCE, said this would occur in November (as he is not ready yet).

    Believe and it will occur. Ask and you shall receive. Use these wonderful affirmations of faith and the Universe and all it has in abundance will enter your life!

  2. I just found this page while searching for honest and clear explanantions for people who question and block psychics. I have to say your explanations are top notch! Thank you for posting these for others to understand and open up to their own readings.
    Love and Light!

  3. I love your article! I personally like skepticism. It’s healthy. But saying you don’t believe in me? Why Did you call? To harass? I am a seer, some say psychic and have not read online, in some time, due to some really hard situations, I read, (child abuse) plus I was feeling crummy from the negative aspects of being psychic with people who hurt others and call themselves psychic. It feels embarrassing to be associated with people like this. Tension from people who are negative is extremely stressful. I get very upset when people call or ask me to prove who I am. And because of anger, I get tense. Who goes into a restaurant and asks a waitress to prove it.? My best readings have been when I am relaxed. I am one who can’t start getting good clear visions of you until you ask me questions plus need validation to ensure I’m picking YOU up. I don’t need your info, so much. But I do need to know your questions. I’ve started several other people with beautiful abilities, on to helping people as well. Please absorb this article, especially where it states you should not be expected to get extra money for having a curse removed or something else. These people are taking advantage of you. (We are not talking about $3-$10, to light a candle. ) and they will continue to ask for an increased amount. I’ve heard a lot of stories. The person you want is honest, kind in how they deliver news, and wants to help you improve in your life . I personally love when people don’t feel they have to call frequently to ask me how to live on a daily basis. Some will call every day or hour, yes I said hour. Live your life! Don’t be a slave to the advice. Let the advice work for you. At the same time balance your calls because situations can change.

    • Thanks Kelley. I tell people all the time you get out of a psychic reading what you put into it. Fear, anger, skepticism all negatively affect your reading.

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