Questions To Ask A Psychic During Your Reading

Did you decide to connect with a psychic but aren’t sure what to ask them? Or have you actually been thinking about what you’re going to ask them for a long time? By the time we get a reading, most of us usually have something specific we want to discuss.

This isn’t always the case though. Sometimes we just feel lost in life and need a little psychic guidance and advice. There’s nothing wrong with seeking spiritual help in times like these.

The most common topics psychics get asked about are love, health, money and happiness. Even if you know what you want to talk about, wording it can be difficult.

Worrying about how to talk about something should be the last thing on your mind before a reading. You have enough on your plate as is and you need the process to be as easy as possible.

This article is meant to serve as a reference guide for asking questions during a psychic reading.

Question Do’s And Don’tsPsychic do's and don'ts


  • Ask open-ended questions that the psychic can elaborate on. This allows them to give you specific advice on your situation. The psychic will want to add relevant and important details and you need to give them the space to do this.
  • Ask your questions in a positive manner versus a negative one. Bringing negativity into the reading is going to affect the whole energy of it in a not-so-good way.


  • Avoid asking the psychic “yes” or “no” questions. You want to get as much guidance as possible during the reading and these types of questions won’t provide much information.
  • Don’t ask the same question in a different way just because you didn’t like the answer the first time. The psychic is giving you the best information they possibly can. This information is in your best interest, even if it’s not what you were hoping to hear. Trust the psychic and their process.

Love psychicMost Popular Questions To Ask A Psychic 

Need ideas for what to ask or discuss? Below are some of the most common questions psychics help people with. Notice how they’re phrased:


What can you tell me about…


  • What is keeping me from finding love?
  • What can I do to meet my soulmate?
  • Where should I go to increase my chances of finding love?
  • Is my current relationship healthy?
  • How can I strengthen the bond between my partner and I?
  • Where will my partner and I be in (blank) amount of years?
  • What can I do to fix my relationship problems and keep from breaking up?


How can I….

  • Bring my family closer together?
  • Balance my work/family life?
  • Divide my time between my partner and the children?
  • Develop a deeper bond and better trust with my children?
  • Get along better with my in-laws?
  • Take some “me time” without constantly worrying about my family?
  • Improve the general energy in my home and make it more positive?


  • Am I in the right job field?
  • How do I decide what job would make me happiest?
  • What can I do to ensure financial security for my future?
  • How do I go about asking for a raise?
  • What should I do to be considered for a promotion?
  • How can I improve the relationship between my boss and I?

Still Not Sure What To Ask?Psychic reading questions

Don’t beat yourself up if you just have waaaay too many thoughts in your head to be able to organize them! It happens and I’ve definitely been there.

Life can get us so down that it’s hard to even think about what the next hour will look like, much less a whole conversation.

Luckily, this isn’t a problem at all. You can still benefit from a general psychic reading. You can go into the reading with nothing but yourself on your mind.

This allows the psychic to guide you in the areas of your life where you have the most fear, confusion, anxiety and doubt.

Be honest with your psychic and let them know exactly how you’re feeling mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Genuine psychics will never judge or criticize you for the way you feel.

It’s ok to be nervous but don’t allow that nervousness to turn into anger or negativity. The psychic is there to help lighten your load and as I mentioned before, negative energy can disrupt a reading.

If you ARE feeling negative during a reading, be sure to let the psychic know upfront so that they can work with that in mind. They can give you a much clearer picture of your life if they understand what your current state-of-mind is.

Be open with your psychic and let them in so you can start receiving guidance and advice on this journey we call life!


Angela Moore started Psychic Review Online in 2008. After being ripped off and deceived by a mother/daughter team and then having her life completely turned around by a real Psychic, she has dedicated herself to helping people avoid fake Psychics. Angela provides tips, psychic reviews, ratings and more on her website Psychic Review Online


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