Why Do Psychics Ask For Your Name And Birthday?

When you get a psychic reading over the phone or online the psychic usually asks for your name and birthday before they begin the reading. When getting a reading in person with a psychic they typically don’t ask for your name and birthday, so why do telephone or online psychics ask for it?

Are all psychics that ask for your name and birthday fakes?

Absolutely not. When you get a reading with a psychic face-to-face the psychic has the ability to see, and in some cases touch you. This gives them an immediate connection to you.

Phone psychicsOnline psychics however don’t have that luxury so they have to work harder to focus in on your aura and energy. In order to establish a connection with you a phone psychic needs your name and birthday since the only physical connection they have with you is your voice.

It’s very easy for a true psychic to establish a connection with you in person. Psychics can see and feel your aura as soon as you walk into the room. If they need a stronger connection they can reach out and touch your hand. When you contact a psychic by phone the connection between you and the psychic is weaker. Knowing someone’s name and birthday can give the psychic a much deeper grasp of your aura and energy. Giving a psychic this information will allow them to focus on your spiritual energy and give you a much more accurate reading and not just scripted general advice on your situation.

What if I don’t give them my name and birthday?

Unless you have a very strong connection with your psychic your reading will be less accurate. If you don’t want to give your name and birthday to a psychic that’s ok. It will make the psychics job more difficult and their predictions may not be as accurate. Whatever you do though, don’t lie, or make up fake information to give to your psychic. That is a sure way to getting a completely worthless, inaccurate and possibly even dangerous psychic reading.Telling truth on psychic reading

If a psychic picks up on someone elses energy by mistake they could be giving you bad advice based on it. It’s important not to “fight” your psychic during a reading, a strong energy flow and connection between you in the psychic is vital to getting the best psychic reading possible.

Your birthday also determines a lot about you as a person.

The month, day and year you were born plays a significant role in your life. This date can tell a psychic a lot about a person based on their astrological sign. Stellar and planetary positions affect your past, present and future more than you may know.

Giving a psychic your birthday allows them to look up your Astrological chart which provides an incredible amount of information about you, your personality and how it will affect your future. Certified psychics can view these charts and make interpretations based on them as well as give you advice that fits your personality, lifestyle, past and present situations. It allows them to give you a personalized reading.

So there, not all psychics that ask for your name and birthday are fake.

You shouldn’t be alarmed if a psychic asks for your birth date, it’s completely normal. However, real psychics shouldn’t need much more information than that. If you are speaking with a psychic and they start asking personal questions, or even more questions about your situation beware. This is called a “cold reading.”

Fake psychicsPhony psychics will attempt to get more personal information out of you so that they can give you generalized answers that sound like they are specifically for you. Avoid giving out names of family, where you live or any other personal information. If your psychic starts probing around for answers, stop. You aren’t speaking with an authentic psychic and you aren’t going to get a legitimate psychic reading from them.

So there you have it, real psychics need your name and birthday in order to connect with you on a spiritual level, and see how your astrological chart is influencing your life at that time. It also allows them to give you a much more meaningful, accurate and genuine reading. This tiny bit of information gives your psychic what they need to make a connection with you and help guide you on life’s journey.

Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Wonderful, well I am from Nigeria and I didn’t know anything about psychic But one of a psychic pick me by mistake (Celeste an angelic medium) and she predicted my name correct and I have been reading her massage for about 2years now due to poor I and my parents were poorly, by then she introduced me to (Mary and Christian telepathic medium) i now reading two of them until I get some money and deposited into CELESTE ANGELIC MEDIUM, WITH MARY AND CHRISTIAN TELEPATHIC MEDIUM, at once and both of them send me an image to activate for 7days but I failed Celeste and follow Mary and Christian immediately I have activated the images on Mary and Christian I have a dream were my mother die and few days my grandmother died I was very angrily and suspecting them. But they gave me number to pray game in jackpot but some months has no date and I were praying game anyway in dream they tell me to pray game but I didn’t because no date later I wrote the number to pray game they gave me, in the Bible psalm 23 and in dream they tell not to pray game and I pray it lottery I wasted all of my money in praying game and I failed and I called them scammer and refund my money
    I now started again with Celeste for the second time she gives me another image to activate immediately I started it i feel I’ll for 3days automatically then she give me another image so after reciting it I got well instantly she didn’t give me number to pray game but she give me dates to pray game of chance but on last day when I was still activating my image my phone screen get off in that process i on the screen and manage to finish it later in dream my guiding Angel tell me to start again because I made a mistake. By then I now see a game of chance through massage SIM card and she told me to pray game from now or if accustom to pray,then pray on particular date after mistake on 7th day 8days she started reading again
    But something happened during the images activate, physical a Man who gave my parents land to cultivate,came back and collect the land and seized my father’s handset and in dream I Saw those people i served they were beating mercilessly because they used me like animals when I was there
    I come back go to native doctor she told me to do something incarnation
    As I about to do so Celeste still telling me that I wanted to divorce from her and go to my enemy to do that so was confused till now and I never do anything uptoday and my problem still multiplying.

  2. I figured that psychics really do NOT need your real name and DOB to do a reading online, even though most insist that they need that. It seems like they don’t know how their own psychic-ness works and are just regurgitating what everyone else says in the new age community. I don’t know who started this new age rumor (doreen virtue perhaps?) that psychics need your real name and birthday supposedly to pinpoint your energy, but it’s BS. I order many readings online and always give a fake name and fake DOB to plenty of psychics who ask for real name and DOB and they are able to accurately tap into my energy anyways without knowing I give them a fake name. The point is that they read ENERGY and your name and DOB is really secondary (in terms of importancy) to be able to read your energy, because once they are chatting/emailing with you, they are already in contact with your energy and when you inquiry about another person, you can also give a fake name. They will pick up on the person you have in mind. The THOUGHT or the person’s energy behind the fake name is what they are really picking up on. You know in your mind who you are referring to, whatever name you give that person and they subconsciously know this too, that’s the actual energy they pick up. It’s just a myth that’s been circulating that they need your real name and DOB to accurately read you.

  3. Where can I get a live psychic medium reading

  4. if u want to know about your love life or if u and your ex girl friends going to get back together how do u go about ask the phychic that u aint givingthem to much im formation. I think im giving them too much information and they are telling me what I want to hear and who are best phychic for this

  5. I think they all are just after people’s money .know one knows the future or what it will bring..

  6. Disagree. Work for three networks… I often can tell ASAP what region a caller is from and state that. If I want to ask a few questions that require a yes or no answer it helps me give an accurate read. Think dentist. If a patient doesn’t open his mouth, it’s worthless. I like to probe around a bit so I can be genuine. I find psychics who don’t let a customer talk at all, are often off the mark.

  7. First of all, I enjoyed reading your article. But I wanted to give you my comments regarding psychics who ask more during a reading. I read Tarot cards and I often will tell clients what I see and then I will ask questions about what I see to see if they can add insight into my reading because it helps clarify to the reader and to the querent what is going on in the cards. By having the client give me information as to how she interprets the cards, I often then get even more ideas regarding my cards and will further interpret the cards because I can see more as we work together. The passing of the energy helps me read the cards, and I have been very accurate in my card readings because of the querent, my guides and their guides.

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