Why Do Two Different Psychics Have Different Predictions?

If you have been lucky enough to enjoy a medium reading then you may have found the experience uplifting, enlightening and informative. So much so, you may have decided to go for another reading. After the second reading, you may have been confused that the messages you were given were different to the first reading.

You may be worried you have misinterpreted something wrong or that one of the psychics is a fake. However, there are various reasons why your readings might have been conflicting in their messages.

A psychics tools

Psychic tools

The tools that a medium uses, such as tarot cards, pendulums, stones and crystals are directed by other forces. You may have also visited a tarot reader. The tarot reader has a specific connection with their cards unlike anyone else.

The patterns in which the cards are drawn is specific to both the deck and to you. You should only visit one tarot reader as different tarot readers will have misinformation and jumps in their readings. This may be one reason your reading conflicted with another.

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The psychic medium may be inexperienced

Phone psychic reading

A psychic medium should be chosen carefully. Do not jump into the decision on a chance meeting. Instead, do your research and find the right psychic medium for you.

If you find a medium who is new to the field, they may not have honed their gift properly yet. They may not know how to interpret messages and therefore given you an incorrect reading.

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Your connection to the psychic is weak


Like many relationships in life, sometimes people just do not bond. The medium needs a link to you and if they do not sense a proper connection then their interpretations may be off.

It is in this case when the medium should come forward, be truthful, and state that they cannot give you a proper reading.

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Your last psychic reading is interfering

Psychic reading tools

If you only leave a couple of days between readings, then you will have the last medium reading fresh in your mind. You might therefore phrase questions in certain ways as a result of your prior knowledge. This can throw a medium off.

Where as your mind was open to messages in the first reading, in the second you will be looking for a confirmation of your previous experience. This puts a shadow over the second reading.

What you should do if you are interested in having another reading is to leave it a few weeks before readings or try being more open in your second reading. You should be open in your mind, spirit and physical presence to allow the medium to conduct a thorough and accurate reading on you.

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Extreme Grief


You might also be struggling if you have recently experienced a trauma. A death of a loved one is difficult for anyone to deal with. Having medium reading after medium reading can be conflicting because you are sending out such strong messages of hurt, regret or anger.

These feelings can often cloud a psychic’s judgement to make a true reading, because there is too much emotional energy in the way. Try and clear your mind, get over your trauma, and then visit a medium again.

Article Courtesy of: Pure Psychic Insight

Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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    Expert Shego RolePlayer September 11, 2017 at 12:49 am

    Because they are only tapping into Potential/Probable futures. They do not know the future. Only probabilities and potentials. Agreed upon by both the psychics and clients subconscious and conscious ahead of schedule to boot too.

  2. I regularly consult several Psychics on the same subject. Most of the time they all agree but every so often I get 1 or 2 that are the complete opposite. Either way I love having different opinions and sometimes the 1 or 2 that are different were right! Just like a doctor or a lawyer or any profession I always get a second opinion.

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