5 Easy Ways To Know Your Spirit Guide Is Trying To Reach You

Have you ever been baffled for days about something and then all of a sudden, a lightbulb goes off in your head that clears it all up? Or have you ever made a decision instinctively, without much thought, almost as if you had someone tell you that this decision was the right one for you?

If you’ve experienced things like this before, a sort of “intuitive knowing,” it could be that your spirit guide or guides were pushing you in the right direction! Your spirit guides can come to you at any point in your life and for any reason.

They especially come to you when they can see that you’re having trouble with something and can use some guidance. They come to you in different forms, including gut feelings, coincidences, intuition, dreams, and more. This article talks about the five most common signs that your spirit guide is trying to talk to you.


You Keep Experiencing Synchronicity 


Synchronicity is one of the most obvious ways that your spirit guide communicates with you. You may be wondering, what even is synchronicity? Synchronicity is the act of two different things falling perfectly into place as one, like puzzle pieces fitting together seamlessly.

Synchronicities are often two separate events that have nothing to do with each other but yet when they happen together, they complement each other perfectly. For example, say you just walked out of a job interview and you were offered the job but you’re not sure if you should take it or not.

You get in your car and start driving away when all of a sudden, a car cuts in front of you and you notice their bumper sticker that says “Just Do It!” Another example would be that it’s Friday night and you’re feeling lonely, then out of the blue and after not having heard from them in years, an old college friend calls you and wants to meet up and catch up with you that night.

It’s important that you take notice of things like this because they can happen randomly. Your spirit guides are trying to help you when you need them the most and making sure you stay on the right track. Numbers are especially meaningful so pay extra attention to them, mainly numbers that keep repeating themselves to you.

A lot of mystics and psychics believe that seeing the numbers 11:11 is a sign that your spirit guides and guardian angels are watching over you.


You Feel Something “Pulling” At You While Meditating

pulling at you

I’ve spoken before about the benefits of spiritual meditation and if you’re one that practices, this one’s for you. More than likely, you quiet your mind and try to turn the world off while you’re meditating, right? Well, did you know that doing this is actually one of the most common ways to communicate with your spirit guide?

During spiritual meditation, your vibrational frequency is raised higher. A higher level of vibrational frequency takes you, both mentally and spiritually, to greater heights. These higher frequencies are also where spirit guides function and when you’re both on the same level, it’s the perfect condition for your spirit guide and you to come across each other.

Next time when you’re meditating, pay extra attention to what you’re feeling- if it feels like something’s “pulling” at you, it could be your spirit guide trying to reach you.


Your Dreams Are Extremely Unusual

weird dreams

Spirit guides love talking to you through your dreams. This is because when you’re dreaming, you’re already in a different, otherworldly dimension. This makes communication with you easier because you’re not in your normal black and white existence and mindset.

They also love contacting you in your dreams because the intensity, brightness and strangeness of dreams lets the guide use more creative ways to reach you with their messages. This is especially true when it comes to lucid dreaming!

They can show you images that they need you to see, such as you in the future, or someone you’re meant to meet at a later date in your life, through your dreams. Never dismiss your dreams because they really are important.

It’s a good idea to keep a dream journal within reach of your bed so you can write down everything you remember about them as soon as you wake up. Take some time every now and then to look through your dream journal- sometimes things make sense at a later date. More than likely, there’s something in your dreams that you can apply directly to your life and that’s meant to guide you.


Your Life Seems To Be One Challenge After Another

Do you often feel like no matter what, you just can’t seem to catch a break? It’s something that happens to everyone honestly, but if you look deeper, you’ll realize that there’s a message for you underneath all the craziness. If rain just keeps pouring and pouring down on you, that could be your spirit guides’ way of telling you that you need to go a different route.

It could also be a way of them telling you that it’s time you change your outlook on life. While it’s true that you get stronger with each challenge you overcome, it’s also true that challenges show you when it’s time to alter your path since the one you’re currently on is full of barriers and obstacles.


You Have Strong Intuition

strong intuition

Spirit guides have the ability to reach you in the form of the feeling we call intuition. Because of this, paying attention to your intuition is a good way to know if your spirit guide is close to you and trying to reach you.

For example, say you met someone and agreed to go on a date with them but for some reason that you can’t explain, things just don’t feel “right.” You have a weird gut feeling that makes you uneasy about the whole thing.

This feeling is the universe trying to let you know that either this isn’t the right person for you, or worse, that this person could be a danger to you. When things feel “off,” your intuition is trying to alert you of possible dangers or threats. This works the other way around also. You may have overlooked something in your life that was positive and your spirit guide can bring it to your attention.

An example of this would be that you’ve been on the hunt for a new job for a while and nothing has really interested you. After weeks of not finding anything that you care to do, all of a sudden, the description of one of those jobs jumps out at you amongst all the others. You reread it and realize you missed some benefits of the job.

You are now drawn to that one over the others and you apply, interview and get hired. The job is way better than you imagined and you make some great friends there. Your spirit guide just wants to help you live your best life- make sure you keep senses sharp and on the lookout for their presence.

The universe is constantly talking to you

universe talking to us

You just need to take time to silence your thoughts and plug into the higher vibrations of the universe and learn the methods your spirit guides use to give you messages. Always be aware of your surroundings and on the lookout for signs that your spirit guide could be using to show you the path and to keep you away from things that aren’t good for you.

Everyone has a spirit guide or guardian angel, to learn the difference between the two, read Spirit Guides And Guardian Angels Explained. If you feel like you’re unable to feel your spirit guide or receive their messages, you could use an online psychic medium to contact them for you.

That will get your relationship started and you can communicate back and forth through the psychic. It could just be that your functioning on a different vibrational frequency than your guide. Psychics have the ability to alter their vibrational frequencies as needed and this makes them the perfect way to reach your spirit guide.



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