5 Interesting Facts About Tarot Cards

Tarot cards and tarot card readings have been helping people make sense of their life for thousands of years. The cards are believed to have originated in northern Italy in the 14th or 15th century. The oldest known set in existence is called the Visconti-Sforza deck and it was created in 1440 for the Duke of Milan’s family.

Tarot cards have become a valuable tool used by psychics to give people guidance and advice. Keep reading to learn five interesting and lesser-known facts about the tarot!


Tarot Cards Are The Most Popular Form Of Divination 

Tarot card deck

Psychics use several objects for divination, like crystal balls, tea leaves, wands, palms, and divination rods. Out of all the available tools, tarot cards are the most popular. Because the cards themselves don’t possess any power, psychics use their own gifts and abilities to decipher them.

They use the cards to channel and divine their own powers. The tarot provides the most direction and are easier to use and understand. That’s one of the biggest reasons tarot cards are the most popular tool among psychics and seers.


They Have Nothing To Do With Evil Or Black Magic

black magic voodoo doll

Tarot readers are sometimes portrayed as being wicked or unholy. Because of that, some people falsely believe that tarot cards are associated with the occult. This isn’t true at all. The majority of psychics are actually very spiritual and religious.

Authentic psychics do not believe in black magic, spells, or curses. Psychics and tarot card readers are people who look and live like everyone else but who happen to have unique abilities. They are gifted with sharpened intuition, they vibrate on higher frequencies, and they possess ESP, or extrasensory perception.

Tarot cards and their readers were only linked to magic and sorcery by an occultist named Jean-Baptiste Alliette. He popularized tarot divination to wide audiences in 1785 and made a living from it. He added his own dark flair to the tarot and people have been associating the cards with the occult ever since.


They Are A Lot Like Regular Playing Cards

queen playing cards

Tarot cards looks very similar to some of the earliest playing cards. They both have similar images, such as figures, kings, queens and jacks.

In fact, tarot cards started as traditional playing cards for games like Italian taroccini, Austrian Konigrufen and French tarot. Some of these games are still played around the world today.

Alliette and another man named Antoine Court took tarot cards from a traditional card game to something supernatural. They were able to use these symbolic cards to see things beyond what the normal eye can see.

Tarot cards became famous for this purpose and psychics have been learning and teaching each other this special art since then.


None Of The Cards In The Tarot Deck Are Bad

Death tarot card

A lot of people are afraid of having their tarot cards read because they’re scared they’ll get dealt a “bad” card. This shouldn’t be a concern for anyone however because a tarot deck really doesn’t contain any “bad” cards. Cards like the ‘devil’ or ‘death’ might seem sinister and scary and but they actually aren’t.

Psychics are able to tap into their own intuition when they give you a tarot card reading and oftentimes these cards mean anything but bad luck. When drawn upright, the devil card represents your darker side and the negative forces that are holding you down and keeping you from being the best version of yourself you can be.

This could mean that you are being greatly affected by dependencies, bad habits, toxic relationships, negative thoughts, etc. An upside-down devil card appears in your reading when you’re on the verge of a breakthrough but need to let go of any unhealthy attachments or beliefs first.

As scary as the death card may seem, it doesn’t represent actual physical death. It usually signifies change or the end of a relationship or job. Tarot cards are incredibly fascinating and the more you read up on them, the less afraid of them you’ll be.


The Original Tarot Cards Didn’t Have Any Numbers On Them

Tarot card deck

The original tarot cards in the 1400s from Italy didn’t include any numbers. They just showed pictures and symbols. The games people played with the cards before they became used for divination were much simpler and they just had to remember what the pictures meant.

The majority of people didn’t know how to count at the time so numbers were unnecessary. They were added much later when the average user became more familiar with numbers. Interested in learning more about how tarot cards can help you or what they can reveal about your life? Don’t hesitate to reach out to a genuine psychic for a tarot card reading.

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