What Do The Different Landscapes Mean In A Tarot Reading?

As you traverse through your Tarot card reading and the spread, you’ll come across a magical land adorned with symbols that range from standard to abstract.

During a tarot card reading, it may be tempting to focus primarily on the card’s more abstract signs and symbols. Doing so, however, is a sure-fire way to keep you from gaining a complete understanding of your reading.

To get the most out of your tarot card reading, you must pay attention to the images and landscapes in the background.

During a Tarot card reading, a psychic advisor reads the cards and deciphers the symbols that appear. Each suit of the cards is highly symbolic, whether they are wands, coins, swords, or cups. That’s only part of the reading, though.

Every little piece of imagery on the card is essential for a complete understanding. One crucial feature of the Tarot card is the landscape. Some cards show bodies of water; some feature green fields; others show mountains in the distance.

Each card is unique. These scenes hold important meanings that play a part in the message the card is giving you.

What Do Mountains Mean?

the hermit mountain tarot card

Several cards depict mountains in the background. Mountains represent obstacles and challenges you experience in your life. When deciphering the meaning of the mountains, it’s essential to notice all the details.

For example, how many peaks does the mountain have? Are the mountains far off in the distance, or are they up close? Those details hold necessary information that helps you determine whether your challenges are a thing of the past or if they are still coming up in the future.

What Do Rivers and Lakes Mean?

water tarot card meaning

Bodies of water on a Tarot card usually symbolize thoughts and emotions. Rivers, specifically, give you an understanding of the flow of emotions in your life. The state of the water on the card indicates how you’re progressing through your emotional life.

For example, if the water in the river is choppy and chaotic, it implies that your heart and mind are troubled. The water in the river flowing peacefully and calmly indicates a healthy flow of thoughts and emotions.

What Do Oceans Mean?

When standing on land, looking out towards it, an ocean appears never-ending and limitless. It’s hard to tell where the ocean ends and the earth begins. So much life and a significant number of mysteries hide in the ocean’s vast depths.

For that reason, an ocean, sea, or other large body of water on a Tarot card point to mysterious happenings or unknown quantities in life.

What Do Villages or Cities Mean?

villages cities tarot card

A village or a city is an assembly of people and thoughts. If your Tarot card has a city or a town on it, it depicts the thoughts and emotions of the people who surround you. It could also be trying to tell you that if you isolate yourself from others, you won’t be able to succeed at the current task you’re working on.

Paying attention to the conditions and the emotions of the village or city portrayed on the card will help you learn how your current situation is affected by others.

What Do Farms and Pastures Mean?

farms and pastures tarot card

Farms and pastures depict what you sow in your life and what you will reap from it after. For example, green and vibrant fields on the card symbolize growth and fertility, while an image of a neatly plowed field may signify a profitable harvest.

Use this information to reflect on the seeds you’ve planted in your life and how you’re nourishing new relationships or interests. Fields are also a good reminder that you need patience in everything you do in life!

Even though many ignore the landscape on a Tarot card and think of it as no more than a backdrop to the main image, the landscape conveys vital information that a skilled and talented psychic can decipher. The readings become more precise and detailed when you don’t ignore these landscapes.

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