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Keen is the largest Psychic service online and has the largest selection of Psychics anywhere. They have virtually no screening process for their Psychics. While there are a lot of Psychics to choose from, the quality is hit or miss.

They do show you how long a psychic has been with Keen, how many readings they’ve done as well as reviews from previous customers, which does help finding a real psychic. Their new customer promotional offer is also one of the best deals available right now.

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About Keen Psychics

Keen is the largest Psychic service online and has the largest selection of Psychics anywhere. They have virtually no screening process for their Psychics. While there are a lot of Psychics to choose from, the quality is hit or miss.

They do show you how long a psychic has been with Keen, how many readings they’ve done as well as reviews and ratings from previous customers which does help finding a real psychic. They have the best new customer deal I’ve seen. You get a 10 minute reading for only $1.99.

Not all psychics on Keen will honor this deal but there are a LOT that will. This is perfect if its your first psychic reading so you can try it out for a few bucks. Keen’s large selection of psychics can be attributed to their extremely lax screening process for psychics. They basically have none, anyone can sign up and start giving psychic readings on

Years ago Keen was full of scams and frauds but they have made a great effort lately to clean up the riff-raff. I hope this means they institute a more strict screening process. Overall Keen is one of the top websites to find a qualified psychic reader and you shouldn’t pass it up in your search, just be sure to read lots of reviews on whichever psychic you choose on their service.

Keen’s Current Deals For New Customers

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Keen’s Psychics

The new and improved Keen has really made strides improving the screening process for Psychics. Just about anyone can sign up and become a Psychic at Keen, but now they do have some sort of screening process.

I have found that there are still some less than honest psychics working there, but they are far fewer now compared to a couple of years ago. I commend for clearing out the scams, I hope this trend continues. While their screening process is much more lax than say Psychic Source or Asknow, it’s improving and you can tell. Website

Keen’s website has been improved dramatically over the last few years. I personally like the new design and layout. It’s much easier to find psychics, read reviews, and schedule readings. You can sort psychics by their rating, skills, types of readings they give and more. You can schedule a reading with a specific Psychic if they aren’t online at the same time as you are.

Some Psychics at Keen offer both chat and phone readings but not all of them offer both. Their website does make it easy to see what a psychic offers however. I also really liked that they showed how long a reader has been a member of as well as the number of readings they have given during their time with Keen. It really helps find an experienced psychic reader and it’s something that other Psychic websites don’t offer.

You prepay up front for your readings so you don’t get any unexpected credit card charges. They also offer a service called “seamless” pay that automatically adds more money to your account so your psychic readings don’t get interrupted. Fortunately its optional and you have to enable it before you can use it.

It is a nice feature that will top up your account automatically if you don’t want to be cut off right in the middle of your psychic reading. Just use it with caution so you aren’t surprised when the bill comes next month. I personally leave it turned off because it’s so easy to lose track of time during a psychic reading.

Keen’s Customer Service

One area where the new and improved has been making progress is customer service. They’ve gotten a lot better. They do offer 24/7 support via email but telephone customer support is only available during the day. While this is a great improvement I’d really like to see them offer 24/7/365 telephone support like Psychic Source.

Once you’re a member your “My Account” page will allow you to solve most problems. You can even submit a request for a credit if you weren’t happy with your psychic reading for some reason.

When I couldn’t get the answer to my problem there, I found that the email support team replied fairly quickly (within a few hours). In reality, you should only have to call them if there’s a really big problem that can’t be resolved via email or your personal account page.

Keen Live Telephone Customer Service Hours
Mon-Fri6am-6pm PST
Sat-Sun8am-4:30pm PST

Keen Psychics Review Summary

While Keen was overrun with scams just a few years ago, they have made great strides to clean up the service. I still feel like it needs some more improvement, however. Customer service is adequate, but it’s not on par with the top 3 highest rated psychic websites here at Psychic Review Online. I do like the improvements they’ve made so far though, so I hope they keep working on it.

Their new customer promotion is one of the best currently running, but it’s unfortunate some of the psychics on the service won’t honor it. There are still hundreds of experienced, qualified psychics that will, so not all is lost.

Regardless, it’s a great deal and an inexpensive way to get a one-on-one live psychic reading. Keen has the largest selections of psychics anywhere, at any point thousands could be online. While this might seem overwhelming at first, their website does make it easy to narrow down exactly what type of psychic you’re looking for.

They also give you a lot of good information upfront so you can make an informed choice. Because their website is so easy to use, you quickly get over that overwhelmed feeling.

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  1. Amber

    I am emabrassed to say that I did try a number of so-called “advisors” over the course of about two years and all proved to be frauds. The site is unethical and allows scammers a platform from which to seperate people from their money.

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  2. Paul Behnke

    The best psychic they ever featured on this site was Marlene from Caribbean Psychics. No questions, no guessing and no nonsense. Just bullseye accuracy. Good luck with the rest.

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  3. Liz

    Keen is a safe and professionally run website. I would highly recommend it to anyone. You may have to try a few readers before you find one whose style you like. Not every reader is perfect and many are very good.

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  4. loo

    One reader had excellent feedback. I called. He read tarot cards. Read off name of card, what it meant per tarot book and said based upon cards, x would happen, which I found stupid. I gave good feedback anyway, as he seemed kind, that he was trying but hung up, having wasted $10. He sent me free minutes. Another lady was horrible too — two minutes of silence and pause at beginning of call, and then repeated herself about thinking positively, all will work out, blah blah empty platitudes..

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  5. Sharon Prestberg

    I talked with a wonderful psychic named Gaia , she was very accurate , symphatic and all that see said ended up true . But .. On my credit statement I realized keen was charging me more than a double than what I atourtized on my funds . Luckily I noticed that early and was able to claim refund from my credit company . When I contacted keens customer service telling them about the mistake and asking for a refund I got in return a bullshite mail that claims that I did add the funds to my account .
    My advise is not to use this web site , and if you do be careful and read your credit statements

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  6. Stephanie

    I spoke with WENDYJENAE 7 times over 4 months. She made 3 predictions, each proved wrong with time. When I called to hold her accountable she made a 4th prediction conveniently timed after the feedback period would expire. She then sent me an email laced with insults and blocked me. Keen refunded me less than 10% of the moneys I paid WENDYJENAE and has removed this feedback from Keen's site.

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  7. Frances

    Deziree on point and straight forward. Made me feel important.

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  8. morgan

    Read with Cindyjoy over a 3 month period- nothing she predicted ever came to pass- I think this website is scamming people….

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  9. gingerlioves

    For the past year I have been talking to the readers at keen. I just found out everything they told me was the truth, was all lies. Nothing that they said was true. I had weeded out all the bad ones (I thought) and just used the ones with the 300+ ratings to talk with. It is these readers I am talking about. Nothing Nothing at all was true. All a made up story to get you to continue calling them. I have spent a ton of money on these people and all they do is take you money. Beware

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  10. SuziQ

    CONTINUING WITH MY PREVIOUS COMMENT…You get what you pay for. I have found out that I have gotten very good/accurate answers from the lower priced readers. I feel they are there to give service and not take your money. Also if customer feedback is listed check it out. There will be some people who do not like the answer they get so they will leave a bad feedback because they wanted it THEIR way. But the honest answers these lower $ readers give you have more truth than higher $ ones!

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    Keen Psychics Review
    Keen Psychics Review

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