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Psychic Source has the absolute best psychics available anywhere. Their rigorous screening process means that Psychic Source only accepts only 1 out of 200 psychics that apply. The screening process is very thorough and rigorous.

It involves a background check, multiple interviews, and they must give live psychic readings to several experienced and certified psychics in order to test their abilities. This is why Psychic Source has been in business for over 30 years and is the most respected psychic website online. It’s no wonder Psychic Source has been rated #1 by Psychic Review Online readers since 2009!

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About Psychic Source

Psychic Source has the best Psychics I have spoken with. They have been providing customers with honest, accurate psychic readings for over 30 years! Their exceptional psychic screening process ensures you’re only speaking with an authentic, genuine psychic. Each psychic undergoes a in-depth background check, and their abilities are verified with multiple psychics to ensure they are genuine.

Because of this very thorough screening process their psychics have a huge list of reviews, ratings and testimonials from very satisfied customers. They always provide accurate psychic readings and I never felt like they were setting me up for a scam.

Everything, including the prices, are shown up front. You pre-pay for your psychic readings, so you never get surprise credit card charges or extra fees on your phone bill. Add how much ever you want into your account, and that’s all you will be charged.

Over 30 years ago Psychic Source delivered its first psychic readings by telephone phone, and they were one of the first websites to give psychic readings over the Internet. Now they offer telephone psychic readings, instant message / chat readings and even live video psychic readings.

If you’re looking for a real psychic that provides an accurate look into your future, the psychics at Psychic Source should be your first stop.

Psychic Source’s successful small business is built on a few simple principles:

  • Only work with authentic and skilled psychic readers with genuine psychic gifts
  • Treat every customer with dignity, fairness and with respect at all times
  • Respect and guard every customers privacy like it was your own

Current Deals For New Psychic Source Customers

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Exclusive Deal: Get 33 Minutes For Only $19.80!

Psychic Review Online readers can get 30 minutes 1-on-1 with a certified Psychic reader for under $20!

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Psychic Review Online readers can get 13 minutes 1-on-1 with a certified Psychic reader for only $10

Psychic Source Psychics

Psychic Source has the absolute best psychic screening process out of all the psychic services I’ve used. Roughly 1 out of 200 psychics that apply to Psychic Source are allowed to work with them. The screening process is rigorous and involves a background check, multiple interviews, and they must give multiple live psychic readings with a current certified psychic reader who tests their abilities.

Because of this process you can nearly guarantee only the best Psychics in the world work with them. Psychics who partner with Psychic Source aren’t allowed to give readings on other services, so all of their psychics are exclusive to them. This helps attract the best psychic readers from all over the world.

All of their psychics work from their personal studio or home so they have psychics from lots of different countries, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds. I personally love this because it means you can find a psychic that really understands you, your life and speaks your language.

When you have shared roots you establish a much deeper connection, quickly. That means you’re going to get a much more meaningful and accurate psychic reading from the beginning.

Psychic Source Website

The Psychic Source website is really great. It’s fast, its extremely easy to use, and well laid out with all the options you could ever need. Finding a psychic that fits your needs is easy too. If you know who you want to speak with you can search them by name or phone extension to quickly find their profile.

Each psychics profile shows their schedule, what type of readings they provide and so much more great information. From there you can schedule a reading at a time that’s more convenient to you. Many psychics will make “private” appointments if you schedule it on their profile page.

If you don’t know which psychic you want to speak to, their sorting and filtering system is wonderful. You can sort all of their psychics by their availability, their psychic gifts, their psychic reading style, what tools they use, customer ratings and so much more. It’s really as easy as shopping for anything else online.

Psychic Source Customer Service

Customer service is where Psychic Source really outdoes everyone else. Psychic Source starts by offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee. The guarantee basically says if you aren’t completely satisfied with your psychic reader, or the reading they gave, call them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they will give you a full refund or help you find a psychic reader that you better connect with.

This is the best satisfaction guarantee and customer service available anywhere. They provide phone and email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Their customer support team is available around the clock and they are based out of the United States.

I found their customer service to be professional, courteous, and they made me feel like they cared about the few minor issues I was having. They went above and beyond to make me happy no matter what it took. I also love that their customer support team is extremely knowledgeable about each psychic.

Their staff is familiar with each psychic, so they can suggest a few psychics that fit with your individual vibe. This personalized “small business” experience is what sets Psychic Source apart. If this is your first Psychic reading that can save you a lot of time and money trying to choose the right psychic reader.

Psychic Source Review Summary

Overall Psychic Source is the premier website to find an experienced, verified psychic. Their exceptional screening process for psychics and top notch 24 x 7 customer service should make them your first stop. If that’s not reason enough their new customer deal is one of the best, especially if you go for the 33 minutes for $19.80 package. This is a bargain for under $20.

The diversity of their psychics is wonderful to see, but it’s also great for you. No matter where you’re from, what you believe in, or where you want to go, you will find a psychic that understands you at your very core. All of this means Psychic Source offers the best psychic readings anywhere.

Their website is fast, well laid out, and easy to use. It works on every device I have and it looks great on the desktop, tablet or mobile phones. It just works without getting the way. Just like it should be. Everything you could ever need to do can easily be done via the “My Account” page once your a member. Get help, add minutes, request a refund on your balance, it’s all a simple click or tap away.

A solid 100% money back guarantee, around the clock help, and the most accurate psychics in the business. That’s why Psychic Source has been rated #1 by Psychic Review Online readers since 2009.

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  1. Petra

    Amy is very good. I like talking to her and she is pretty accurate with timing and great with details.

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  2. Tamara Johnson

    Psychic source is one of my favorite places to go for advice too. I love talking to Myer, he knows so much!

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