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Massachusetts Man Is Both A Lawyer And A Psychic

DNA Test Proves Salvador Dali Not The Father Of Tarot Card Reader Maria Pilar Abel Martinez Who Won Case To Have His Body Exhumed And Tested

Psychic And Her Son Allegedly Scam Elderly Man Out Of $147,000 For “Soul Cleansing”

Spanish Psychic Wins Court Battle To Have The Body Of Surrealist Artist Salvador Dali Exhumed In Paternity Suit

Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry Shares His Advice On How To Spot A Fraudulent Psychic

Court Records Detail How A Psychic From Ohio Named Gina Miller Scammed Her Clients Out Of More Than $1.4 Million Using Scare Tactics

Psychic Accurately Predicted Woman’s $3 Million Lottery Win Years Ago

‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo Had Doctors Test Her Brain During A Channeling To Prove Her Psychic Abilities

Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker Predicted Trump Presidency Win, Nice Attack, Brexit Amongst Many Others Gives His Predictions For 2017

Convicted ‘Psychic’ Rose Marks Who Scammed Several, Including Author Jude Deveraux, Denied Appeal In $17 Million Fraud Case

Denver Police Department Issue Warning About Online Psychic Fraud After Victim Scammed Out Of $10,000

Rhode Island Spirit Medium Helps Loved Ones Communicate With Spirits Of Deceased Loved Ones

Psychic Jennifer Von Behren Leads Missing Man’s Friend To Discover His Body

Pennsylvania Psychic And Clairvoyant Set To Host Night Of Paranormal Activity At Capitol Theatre Center On Halloween Eve

Psychics Help Psychiatrists And Yale Researchers Study Individuals Who Suffer From Schizophrenia And Hear Voices

Failed Australian Stockbroking Firm BBY Chairman Consulted Self-Proclaimed Psychic, Then Went Under Shortly After

New York Psychic Victoria Nicholes Who Went By The Name Psychic Lisa Arrested For Scamming Over $62,000 From Victim For Supposed Demon Removal Work

Fraudulent Psychic Sonia Marks Who Was Arrested Before Gets Busted Again By Oklahoma City Undercover Agents

Miss Cleo’s Psychic Readings Exposed As A Scam By A Junior Television Reporter

Psychic Sisters Suzanne and Jean Vincent Who Helped Solve The Christine Sheddy Murder Case To Be Featured On Television

Elderly Asian Women Being Targeted In New York City By Fraudulent Psychic Scam That Has Conned $500,000 So Far By Making Them Believe There Is A Curse On Their Money

These Fraudulent ‘Psychics’ Have Been Linked To The Maria Duval Empire Of Psychic Scams

Psychic Medium Jennifer Giles Of Santa Cruz California Goes Back Home To Film Television Pilot

Digital Journal Chats With Psychic Jeffrey Wands

$180 Million Maria Duval International ‘Psychic’ Mail Fraud Linked To Hong Kong Firm Finally Shut Down By United States

New Jersey Psychic Arrested For Scamming Woman Out Of More Than $40,000 To ‘Remove Spirits’ From Her Life

Family Of Arrested Psychic Who Scammed Man Out Of More Than $500,000 Kept Giving Readings And Scamming At Parlor While Psychic Was In Jail

The Many Faces Of Toronto’s Fraudulent Street Psychic Victims

Journalists Take A Look Into Toronto’s Fraudulent Psychic Industry

Celebrity Psychic Thomas John Being Sued For Non Payment By PR Firm Who Fixed His Image After His Craigslist Scam Emerged

$200 Million Psychic Scam Targeted The Elderly Leaving Them Broke and Homeless

Psychic Who Was Born Blind Says She Is Thankful For Her Impairment Because It Helps Her Communicate With Spirits

Two Psychics In Times Square New York Who Were Charging $1,000 To Remove ‘Curse’ Busted By Private Investigator Setup

Psychic Who Scammed Lovelorn Man Out Of $550,000 Released From Jail

The Psychic Who Summit Pointe CEO Erv Brinker Paid Out Of Medicaid Funds Related To Marks Family Fortune-Telling Fraud

Michigan Psychic Dianna O’Grady Is In Touch With The Spirit World

Psychic Seeing A Lot Of Business Due To $1.5 Billion Powerball Jackpot

Blind Bulgarian Psychic Known As ‘The Nostradamus From The Balkans’ Foresaw ISIS And Other Scary Events

Psychic Joy Brisbane Hid Her Psychic Gifts Until Her Skeptic Husband Passed Away And Now She Communicates With Him Daily

An Interview With Certified Psychic Medium Laura Lynne Jackson, School Teacher By Day/Psychic By Night And Author Of ‘The Light Between Us’

Lena Dunham Claims ‘A psychic led me to my boyfriend’

Psychic Operating In New York City Arrested For Scamming $77,000 From Maryland Woman

Fraudulent Psychic Conned Victims Into Giving Her Cars, Cash, Jewelry For More Than 20 Years By Lying To Them And Scaring Them

These High Powered Execs Say Psychics Are Making Them Rich

The Stories Of Two Psychic’s Who Help The Police Solve Cases

The College Of Policing Set Guidelines For Law Enforcement Regarding Psychic Tip-Offs and Clues, Determine They Must Be Considered During Investigations

Animal Psychic Karen Anderson Claims To Have Made Contact With The Deceased Cecil The Lion And Has A Message To Relay For Him

Fraudulent ‘Psychic’ And His Wife Ran Disability Benefits Scam And Must Now Pay Back Over $180,000

Erv Brinkler, Employee Of Mental Health Company Summit Pointe, Accused Of Sending $510,000 Company Money To A Psychic

Psychic Organization ‘International Astrology Foundation’ Agrees To Refund Victims But Continues To Deny Any Wrongdoing

People Gather At Bloomfield Public Library For Psychic Medium Reading With RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello

Scamming Psychics From Palm Beach Arrested In New York City

Psychic Aly Austin Leads Family Members And Police To Location Of Missing Mother Mariola Cudworth’s Body

Woman From Ridgefield Connecticut Pursues Her Calling As Psychic Medium

$7,000 To Be Split Amongst Hundreds Of Iowans In Fraudulent Psychic Settlement

Psychic Donates Her Time and Abilities To Help Fundraiser Raise Money While Healing People At The Same Time

Psychic Mediums On A Mission To Teach Others How To Tap Into Their Own Psychic Abilities

Kansas Commune Leader And Self-Proclaimed “Psychic” Charged With Murder After “Predicting” The Death

Six Of New York Psychic Suzan Saxman’s Most Astounding Predictions That Were Fulfilled

Psychic Medium Pat Bussard Reveals A Darker Side Of The World In Book

Fraudulent Psychic Sonia Marks Arrested After Being On The Run for 14 Years

Milwaukee Psychic Janet T. Adams Charged For Scamming $23,000 From Victim

Psychic Source Celebrity Predictions For 2015

Federal Employee Defense System Seeks Court Orders To Stop Psychic Mail Scams That Have Deceived More Than 200,000 Victims

Renowned Psychic Predicts Plane Crash, Airline Changes Flight Just In Case

Pet Psychic Helps Connect Clients With Lost Pets

Hospital Nurse Kept Seeing Spirits On Ward So Decided To Quit And Answer Her Calling As A Psychic Medium

Spirit Medium Gordon Smith Discovered Psychic Gift Due To Traumatic Childhood Experiences

Psychic Medium From Mt. Pleasant Pennsylvania Chronicles Her Life And Paranormal Experiences In New Book

Winner Of $1.7 Million Lottery Jackpot Ordered To Split Winnings With “Psychic” Employee

“Psychic To The Stars” Kenny Kingston Dies At Age 87

New Mexico Psychic Swindled Thousands Of Dollars From Customers Then Disappeared

As ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo’s Scandal Grows, Psychics Give Their Opinions About Her On Radio Show

Spirit Medium From Tennessee Uses Her Gift To Coach Others, Gets Her Own Reality Show

Do Animals And Humans All Have The Ability To Be Psychic? Scientists Believe We All Have A Collective Consciousness

Scamming Psychic Nancy Marks Files Complaint Against The State For Civil Rights Violations While In Prison

Psychic Brings Peace and Forgiveness To Daughter Of Actor Peter Sellers For Excluding Her From His £5.5 Million Will After His Death

Private Investigator Bob Nygaard Helps Arrest Fraudulent Psychic Readers, Retrieves Swindled Money Back To Victims

“Journey Of Self Discovery” 9-Week Program Offered By Psychic Source Free Of Charge In Celebration Of Their 25th Anniversary

Psychic Angela McGhee Speaks Of MH370 Flight And Missing Person Madeleine McCann

World Famous Psychic Uri Geller Asked For Assistance In Unraveling Vanished Malaysian Airline Jet Mystery

US Government At One Point Attempted To Put Together A Psychic Spy Team

Torture Victims’ Mother Claims Psychic Medium Told Her That Psycho’s Mutilated Her Daughters Body

Psychic Medium Pat Bussard Connects People To Spirits On The Other Side

Noreen Reiner, Psychic Detective, Helps Police Find Puzzling Clues

2014 Astrology Forecast For Horses States That Romance Along With Stress Are In Store For Them

Psychic Source Predicts Broncos To Win Super Bowl 2014

Psychic Astrologer Denise Guzzardo Makes 2014 Predictions

Los Angeles Psychic Who Scammed $1 Million From Victim Arrested

New Study Shows That Long-Distance Relationships Might Actually Work Out Better Than Traditional Relationships

Fraudulent Psychics Targeting Victorians, Scamming Thousands Of Dollars From Them

Best Selling Author And Highly Famed Psychic Sylvia Browne Dies at Age 77

Policy Say Florida Psychic Allegedly Scammed Victim Out of More Than $100,000

Family Of Deceased Hockey Player Ruslan Salei Enlists Russian TV Psychic To Contact His Spirit

Fatima’s Psychic Studio Granted License Renewal Despite Numerous Complaints

Ghosts And Spirits Are Nothing To Be Afraid Of Says Psychic Medium Cindi Sansone-Braff

Psychic Source Psychics Say “Spiritual Connections Are Easier To Obtain On Halloween”

Fatima’s Psychic Studio In Salem, MA Accused Of Taking $16,000 Payment To Remove Curse

Jury Finds Psychic Rose Marks Guilty In $25 Million Fraud Case

Retired Teacher From Boynton Beach Accuses Psychic Of Putting Her In A Trance And Scamming Her Out Of $150,000

Police Say Alleged Psychic Scammed Two Victims Out Of $35K

Studies Show That Belief In Psychics Gives People More Of A “Sense Of Self Control”

Linda Lauren Says New Royal Baby Is “Intuitive, Sensitive And He’ll Probably Talk Early.” See What This 4th Generation Psychic Says About His Personality.

Rihanna Reportedly Consulting Psychic Because She Is “Paranoid About Losing Her Fame”

Florida Psychic Being Extradited To California To Face Charges In Psychic Scam

Proof That Some Psychics Can Be Valuable In Criminal Investigations

Psychic’s Visions Led Police To Terry DeWayne Smith Jr.’s Body, Detective Says

Wantagh Fortune Teller Arrested For Alleged $5,000 Scam To “Remove Curse”

Customers Say That Their Psychic Didn’t Honor Their Money Back Guarantee

British Columbia Psychic Arrested On Theft Charges… AGAIN!

Texas Psychic Ordered To Pay $7 Million For False “Mass Grave” Claims

Pet Psychics Can Help Us Communicate Better With Man’s Best Friend

Four Suspects Found Guilty Of Swindling The Elderly In “Blessing Scam”

Issaquah, WA Psychic Pleads Not Guilty To Robbing Clients

Jose Laparra Allegedly Broke Into Psychic’s Home To Get Back Over $200,000 On Failed Love Spell

Fraudulent “Psychic” Guilty Of Stealing $650,000 For “Cleansing”

Psychic Steals Woman’s Life Savings To “Repair Her Aura” And Protect Her From “Terrible Things”

Amanda Berry Found Alive! Psychic That Predicted Her Death Is Now Silent.

St. Louis Looks To End 100 Year Old Ban On Fortune Tellers

Psychic Realtors? Psychics Say Homeowners Are Using Their Services To Sell Their Homes

Michael Jackson Delivers Message To La Toya From The Grave Via Spiritual Medium

Loveland, CO. Woman Scammed Out Of $100,000 By Fake Psychic. Alleged Psychic Under Arrest.

Members Of Marks Family Plead Guilty To Stealing $25 Million In Fraudulent Psychic Scheme

Psychics Called In To Help Find Missing Skier

Well Known Psychic Makes Accurate Predictions In Missing Persons Case

Lindsay Lohan Acquitted Of Assault Charges In Case Of Punching Psychic

Spiritual Psychic Tammy Adams Predicts 2013 March Madness Winners

Majority of Brits Surveyed Believe in the Paranormal and Psychics

Kenner, LA psychic arrested on charges that she stole $10,000 from local woman to remove ‘curse’

Fraudulent ‘Sexual healer’ and Reiki master who conned vulnerable patients sentenced to 16 years in prison.

An Insightful Interview With Hope From Psychic Source

Woman Calls On Psychic To Help Find Stolen Bonsai Tree Containing Human Ashes

Yahoo! Movies Consults A Psychic For Academy Awards Predictions

Former Model Sally-Ann Jones Sues Restaurant Over Fire That Was Foretold By A Psychic

Police Warn Monterey Park Residents of “Psychic Healer” Crime Ring

Greenwich Village Psychic Arrested In $128,000 Scam. Psychic Claimed She Could Rid Woman of Her “Bad Spirits”

10 Hot Tips To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Did You Know Mark Twain Was Blessed With Psychic Gifts?

Psychic Reveals Who Will Win Super Bowl

California Psychic Cindy Uwanawich Arrested For Embezzlement Of $3,000

Nurse With Psychic Ability Decides Work As A Psychic Is More Fulfilling

Anybody Can Fall For Fake Psychic Scams — Everyone Is Vulnerable, Even You

“Worlds Greatest Psychic” Beat Out 70,000 Psychics But Still Hasn’t Received Her Prize Money

Fake Psychics In Canada Still In Full Swing Despite Hundred-Year-Old Law To Protect People

Toronto Man Tricked Out Of Thousands By Fake Psychic. Too Embarrassed To Go To The Police

Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer, And A Psychic, Think Lindsay May Not Face Assault Charges

Psychic Vicki Monroe of Maine Offers Her Predictions For 2013

Did Unknown Psychic Ability Save Logan Dryer From The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, Or Just A Coincidence?

Craven Vaughn of Towanda PA Hires Hitman To Kill Psychic Mediums, Plot Foiled By Police

Volunteer Psychic Group Helps Locate Jack Culolias

Fake Psychics Scam Over $200,000 From Elderly Women

Psychic Susie Stevens Puts 2012 Doomsday Predictions To Rest

John Marks Jr. Sentenced 56 Years To Life In Murder And Sexual Assault Of Psychic Kay

Virginia Psychic Fights To Keep Her Business Location

Fraudulent Psychic Sued For False “Visions” Of Texas Massacre

Local Psychic Volunteers To Help Find Jack Culolias, Missing Arizona State University Student

Michael Marks, of the Psychic Fraud Family, Pleads Guilty

Jason Sams, Psychic Reverend, Pleads Guilty to Sexual Battery

Interview with the Psychologist Psychic Andrew From Psychic Source

A Look Into The Life Of Gordon Smith, The Psychic Barber

Lindsay Lohan Arrested After Allegedly Punching a Psychic Reader in the Face

Canadian Psychologist Jumps Head First Into the Psychic World

Interview with the World Famous Ricky From Psychic Source

Brazilian Psychic Mediums Used To Study The Effect Of Trances On The Brain

Woman Claims Fraudulent Psychic Scammed Her Out Of Nearly $200,000! Psychic Still Operating!

Psychic Nurse Helps People Cope with Death and Saves Her Own Life By Losing 240lbs

Three Acclaimed Psychics Predict Gloomy Future For Facebook

Venus Stewart’s mother to appear on Dr. Phil with famed Psychic

X-Factor star Simon Cowell hires Psychic to remove evil spirits from his Los Angeles home

Psychic Helen Mayor of Norton, OH serves God by helping others using her gifts

Psychic claims to have contacted Steve Jobs in the afterlife; Jobs struggles to get out of “his man-made hell”

Christine Sheddy’s murder solved with assistance of Psychic sisters

Graham Bishop, TV Psychic, Pleads Not Guilty In Court. Sent to Isolation In a Psychiatric Hospital.

Psychic Fortune Teller Charged With Fraud Allowed To Work With A Psychic Service

Boulder, CO Psychic classes help children develop their psychic gifts

British TV Psychic Graham Bishop attempts to kill his twin 4 year old daughters

Interview with Rheda the Ordained Minister from Psychic Source

Candid Interview with funny man Arthur from Psychic Source

Interview with Psychic Omara from Psychic Source

Interview with Psychic Source Psychic Kimberle

Karl Lang, “Pervert Psychic”, convicted on all 12 counts, sentenced to 2 years in prison

True Psychic turns a non-believer into a believer in just a few hours – The true Psychic power

Police drag their feet on the case of the Psychic Nurse

Barrenhaven Couple Hires Psychic To Help Find Their Missing Son

Hingham Fraud Psychic’s Property Now Up For Rent

Paula Lee’s Lawyer Defends Her Psychic “Service”

My Psychic Made Me Perform Sexual Acts To Contact My Dead Father!

Fraud Psychic Paula Lee Arrested On Theft Charges and Tax Evasion. Over $300,000 Stolen From Former Clients

Floral Astrology, Which Flowers Appeal To Your Sign?

1500 Astrologers Descend On New Orleans To Make Predictions For 2012 and Beyond

Successful financial Astrologer charts the course for the stock market

Burnley U.K. Psychic Medium still searching for missing Madeleine McCann

Scientific Study Shows Psychedelic Drugs May Enhance Psychic Ability

Psychic shop owner tells everyone that the previous “Psychic” occupant was a fraud

Psychic Gifts: What Is Telekensis?

Five Astrologers Choose Obama over Romney For Next U.S. President

Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants and… Neuroscience !?

Lisa Debbie Adams, Fraud Psychic Steals $200k in false “curse” scam, CAUGHT!

Psychic and Investigative reporter turn up no new clues in Hailey Dunn case, searchers still inspired

Psychic uses Facebook to con woman out of thousands

Scientific Study Of Telepathy And Remote Viewing

Fraudulent San Jose Psychic gets 5 years in prison

Family of Psychic frauds reaches out to celebrities to help pay for legal expenses

Psychic pig to make Euro World Cup tips

Psychic workshop helps participants get in touch with themselves

The Second Suspect In Hingham, MA Psychic Scam Finally Turns Herself In To Police

Fraudulent Hingham, MA Psychic Arrested After Allegedly Scamming An Elderly Woman Out Of $7000

What’s The Significance In The Way Tarot Cards Face?

Can a Psychic Be a Devout Christian?

My Psychic Was Wrong, Does That Mean They’re a Fake Psychic?

Are Psychics Satanic or Evil In Nature?

What’s The Difference Between A Psychic And a Fortune Teller?

Choices, Choices! Phone, Online or In Person Psychic Readings?

Can a Love Psychic Get Your Ex Back?

Why Do Psychics Ask For Your Name And Birthday?

Are We All Just Big Psychic Energy Sponges?

Why Do Two Different Psychics Have Different Predictions?

The Tarot “Death Card” Isn’t A Bad Thing

Losing Weight The Psychic Way

If Psychics Can See The Future Why Can’t They Win The Lottery?

What Do The Cards In The Major Arcana Tarot Deck Mean?

The 3 Basic Stages Of Psychic Development

What Do The Cards In The Minor Arcana Tarot Deck Mean?

Hypnosis As a Psychic Tool: Does It Really Work?

What Is Numerology?

Real, Honest Psychics Aren’t World Famous

Is Your Child Psychic? Here’s How To Tell

How Do Psychics Help Police Fight Crime?

Does a Group Of Psychics Give A Better Reading?

What To Expect From A Tarot Card Reading

What Is An Aura And How Does It Affect Your Connection With A Psychic?

Can Psychics Really Read Your Mind?

Do I Follow My Heart Or My Psychics Advice?

The 12 Different Zodiac Signs And The Meanings Behind Them

Is a Love Psychic Better Than a Relationship Therapist?

The History Behind The Crystal Ball

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Why Curses and Spells Aren’t Real

I Don’t Believe In Psychics, Why Should I Still Call One?

Psychic Networks Are Better Than Independent Psychics; Here’s Why

Do Psychics Have a Code Of Ethics To Follow?

How Does Free Will Affect Psychic Readings?

The Difference Between Intuition And Psychic Ability

Questions You Should Never Ask A Psychic

Have You Had a Past Life? Here’s How To Tell

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