angela mooreFirst, let me welcome you to my corner of the Internet. My name is Angela Moore. If you're like me, you've probably searched all over the Internet for Psychic readings and ended up with a huge list of supposed Psychics online. These so called clairvoyant "Psychics" are literally everywhere, but how do you know who is a real legitimate Psychic? A Psychic that is actually going to help you, and provide solid advice and guidance?

No matter what anyone tells you, Psychic ability can not be learned. You're either born with the gift or you aren't. Ask any genuine Psychic and they will tell you the same thing.

That hasn't stopped the con-men and women from stealing peoples hard earned money! It seems like every day there is another news story about someone getting conned out of their life savings by scam artists pretending to be true Psychic mediums. Its sad, but it happens every day. Most people never report it to the Police because they are ashamed that they let someone take advantage of them.

I know because I've been there. A few years ago I was conned out of thousands of dollars, basically my entire life savings, by a mom and daughter con artist team! I was in a very rough spot in my life and I was looking for accurate psychic advice and they took advantage of me. Fortunately I did find a honest, accurate Psychic online that helped me turn my life around. That's why I started this website.. to help people looking for real legitimate Psychic readers online.

"OK Angela, how do I get a real Psychic reading?"

Over the last decade I've talked to hundreds of different Psychics. I've tried them all, the TV Psychics, online psychics, independent Psychics, telephone Psychics and even the palm readers you see in the little buildings and shops on the side of the road. I have used them all, and to be honest it's a little scary some of the advice these so called "Psychics" gave me. What's even scarier is how many just wanted to rob me blind during my time of need.

Here's how you can spot a fake Psychic a mile away:

  • If your Psychic readings always end with you giving them more money for things they haven't done yet. For example they need your money to buy expensive candles or medallions to help you, or to lift a curse.

  • If they ask for money to "expel demons" or to protect you or a family member from dangerous spirits. This is very dishonest and a lie!

  • If they want you to bring all your possessions and money to them so that they can destroy it to "lift a curse." They won't destroy it, they will just laugh all the way to the bank!

  • If they tell you that your family is cursed or has been cursed for 100's of years, but they can remove the curse for more money. You are not cursed, there is no such thing as a curse!

  • If a Psychic contacts you via email, phone or in person and claims you have a lot of money coming your way but there is a curse or "darkness" you need to eliminate first to get the money. You are not cursed, they will want more and more money from you to remove the curse until you are flat broke!

  • If the Psychic asks you a lot of questions. This is called a cold reading and it is never accurate. A true Psychic should never have to ask you more than your name and birthday to give you a real psychic reading.

Fortunately there are real, honest psychics... you just have to know where to find them.

Out of the hundreds of Psychic readings I've paid for, I've only found one way to be sure that you are getting a Psychic you can trust. If you want the best psychic reading you need to go through a company that certifies and screens their Psychic readers. You need a company that guarantees your privacy, and verifies that their Psychics are authentic. A company that backs it up with a satisfaction guarantee in case you aren't happy with your reading.

The highest rated Psychic company online by far is Psychic Source. They've been in business over 30 years and they only hire the most authentic, legitimate and proven Psychics online. Because of their rigorous screening and background checks only 1 out of 200 Psychics that apply are given the chance to work there. Simply put, they only hire the best Psychics online. Don't take my word for it, read my reviews of the top 3 Psychic sites online and decide for yourself.

Best Wishes,

Recommended Online Psychics

psychic source website #1 Rated since 2009!

If you can't decide which Psychic to get a reading from, you can call the toll free number and a representative will help you choose the right Psychic for you and help you set up your Psychic Source account. You prepay for your readings so you never get surprise charges showing up on your credit card.

They do live psychic telephone readings, chat readings and even video readings. If you're looking for real guidance on your future love life, career, money or anything else, the psychics at Psychic Source are definitely worth checking out.

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asknow website Best Prices!

they will refund your money no questions asked. Currently Ask Now is offering 15 minutes for $10, plus you get an additional 5 free minutes with one of their Master Psychics! The Master Psychic minutes are an extremely valuable bonus, and easily make this the best Psychic reading deal available online.

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path forward website readings as low as $5!

Rather than predicting the future they tell you what path in your life will provide the results you want. They guide you along your path in life and provide solid advice for your career path, love & relationship path and just your general life path.

They do offer telephone based readings but their easy to use chat connection to Psychics is what really sets them apart. They have some of the best psychic readers from all over the world and a fantastic screening process to keep the frauds out.

I believe they are on the right path (no pun intended) with this service. They screen their Psychics very well and you can get a reading for as low as $5 to try them out. They are a new Psychic network so right now they are offering $5 in bonus credits (with purchase) which is an amazing deal. After the introductory price their prices were affordable and I felt they were worth every penny.

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