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First, let me welcome you to my corner of the Internet. My name is Angela Moore. If you’re like me, you’ve probably searched all over the Internet for a Psychic and ended up with a huge list of names of people claiming to be Psychic.
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These so called psychics are literally everywhere online…

How are you supposed to know who is a real, legitimate psychic? How do you know your psychic isn’t setting you up for a scam? How do you know they are even a real person? More and more of these online psychics are being created by professional scam businesses to separate you from your money!

These scams are becoming even more common today due to the strange times we’re currently living in. It’s sad, but it happens to people every single day. What’s worse is that most people never report it to the police. They’re ashamed that they got taken advantage of and these criminals walk free, looking for their next victim!

I know because I was a victim of a psychic scam​

Several years ago I was in a very tough spot in my life. I was looking for spiritual guidance and a glimpse into the path my future was on. I wanted to understand why my life was the way it was. I needed to make sure the decisions I was making were the right ones and that I was on the right path for a better future.

A mother/daughter con-artist team took advantage of me when I was vulnerable and conned me out of thousands of dollars. It was basically my entire life savings at the time! This all-star scam team was very good at their “job.” They preyed on my fears and emotions. Instead of helping me like I was hoping, they took me to the cleaners!

Thankfully I didn’t stop searching for an authentic psychic

The universe was trying to tell me something, and I just had to know. There had to be a deeper reason why my life was in shambles, a reason other than just “bad luck.” I eventually found a Psychic online that helped me get my life back.

Yes I had to pay her for that help, but she helped me understand why things were happening to me. No scams, no tricks. The lessons learned there convinced me to start this website, Psychic Review Online, over 10 years ago! I wanted to make a place to expose psychic scams and help people find real psychics online. I wanted to keep other people from being scammed like I did.

So how do I know if a psychic is a scam?

Unfortunately you will have to get a reading from them to really tell, especially if they are an experienced con-artist. It’s easy to spot them once you begin speaking with them though. Nearly all psychic scammers use the same basic scams.

Most of these psychic scammers are inexperienced and really greedy so you can usually tell within a few minutes of speaking with them. When their scams don’t work they may threaten you, get angry, or even violent. If this happens, get out of there!

Out of the hundreds of psychic readings I’ve paid for, nearly all of the scammers used one, or all of these tactics.

You’re Cursed!

During your reading, they will claim that you or your family is cursed. This curse may even be very old, perhaps someone in your family hundreds of years ago caused you to be cursed today. Of course they can gladly remove the curse for way more money. You are not cursed, there is no such thing as a curse! They will keep asking for more and more money until you are bankrupt! Don’t fall for it!

Buying Expensive Items

This is the most common psychic scam. At the end of your psychic reading, they want you to buy expensive things from them. It’s to help lift the curse, of course. These are usually very cheap things that they mark up for HUGE profits. Things like candles, stones, jewelry, medallions, or amulets to remove the curse. Sometimes these aren’t so expensive at first, but they will get more and more expensive!

Demons & Evil Spirits

They ask for money to “expel demons” or to protect you or a family member from dangerous spirits. They will pretend to burn or destroy the money. With some basic “slight of hand” magic, they switch out the real money for fake money. They keep your money and you think they just helped you. Don’t fall for it!

Destroying Possessions

They want you to bring your possessions, like jewelry and/or money to them so that they can destroy it to “lift a curse.” They won’t destroy it, they will just steal your keepsakes and cash!

You’re Special, You Won!

This is the opposite of the “curse” scam, but it works the same way. The scam psychic contacts you and claims you have a lot of money coming your way. It’s just there is a problem … there’s an evil spirit or “darkness” you need to eliminate first to get the money. Of course they can do that if you pay them! Since you’re about to have all that extra money, it sounds worth it. Don’t fall for it! You didn’t win any money.

The Cold Reading

The psychic in this scam will ask you a lot of questions. Their answers will sound like vague guesses, like they’re reaching for something. For example, they claim they keep seeing the letter “M” … they’re hoping someone close to you might have “M” in their name.

Since “M” names are so common, and “M” is so vague it usually leads you to give up a family members name. Maybe it’s even “Mom” you’re thinking about? These psychics can never give you straight answers or guidance. At best, what they do is a cheap parlor trick meant to “wow!” an audience. Don’t fall for it!

Fortunately there are real, honest psychics online … but where?

Out of the hundreds of psychic readings I’ve received over the years I’ve only found one way to guarantee you will get a real, honest psychic reading without wasting a bunch of time and money on bad psychics. If you want a guaranteed accurate psychic reading the first time, you need to go through a company that certifies, verifies and background checks their psychic readers. A company that is so sure of their abilities, that they offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

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Psychic Access was founded in 2005, by the a well respected psychic that goes by the nick-name DougC. Even though this company is a smaller boutique service, they have proven that the customer comes first and that is why customers come back to them over and over again. To this day Psychic Access is owned and operated by a true Psychic. Their psychic screening process is on par with much larger psychic services and their prices are excellent.
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MysticSense was founded in 2011 with one goal in mind, to bring quality to the online psychic reading business. The CEO realized (just like I did) that there are a lot of less-than-honest psychics out there, and a lot of bad companies promoting them. To get that quality, he assembled a team of psychics & tarot readers to create MysticSense. In my opinion they have delivered on that goal.
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There are hundreds psychic companies out there that claim they do this, but they don’t all have the same morals, ethics and guarantees you would expect. Most hide all the details in the fine print, so you don’t find out that “Satisfaction Guarantee” isn’t worth the web page its printed on. Some companies even look legitimate, but they are really promoting some of the most prolific psychic scams online! The scammers have gotten so good, it’s honestly hard to tell the difference between the real deal and a scam now.

I want to make it easy to find the best online psychic for you

So that’s my mission here on my little corner of the Internet. To help you find legitimate psychics with a proven history that stand behind their psychic readings with a real guarantee that they actually honor.

To get you the best psychic reading possible, I investigate and expose the latest online psychic scams, so you can easily spot them and avoid them.

I also find the highest rated psychic websites online as well as rate and review them. There’s also a place for you to share own rating, reviews and experiences with their psychics. When you’re ready, checkout exclusive new customer deals to save you money.

So browse around a while, or add me to your favorites for late night reading. If you’re new to all of this, be sure to check out my section on tips for a great psychic reading and my post on the most common psychic scams.

I hope my little corner of the Internet helps you better understand your place in this universe, gives you a little less worry and a lot more peace in your life.

angela moore
Best Wishes,

Angela Moore

Psychic Review Online